Tara Sutphen’s
Abenda Channeling

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In 1983, Tara began channeling her spirit guide Abenda via automatic writing. Upon first exploring the technique, she drew upon a natural ability to obtain a theta-level trance and remain there for hours at time. As a result, she quickly refined her ability to receive spirit-world communications. In her "Cause & Effect" magazine column in Soaring Spirit and her book Blame It On Your Past Lives, Tara calls upon Abenda to answer the questions of troubled seekers who write to her for help.

To obtain information about why someone is suffering, Tara uses the letter as a psychic touchstone, then goes into an altered state of consciousness and contacts her spirit guide. Abenda finds someone on the other side that knows the letter writer or a loving entity who is aware of the problem -- often the person's spirit guide, a deceased loved one, or friends from past lives. Under Abenda's carefully orchestrated conditions, that soul controls Tara's hand and the response is received via automatic writing. Tara also perceives the soul visually while this is transpiring.

Among the replies, you will find inspiration and wisdom that can be applied to your own situation. Some will make you smile, many will bring tears to your eyes. The communications will help you better understand the long-term karmic effects of your own problems.

From 1983 to 1991, Abenda's communications related only to metaphysical concepts and the Sutphen family and friends. In September 1991, Tara wrote her first magazine column, answering questions personally with Abenda's help behind the scenes. This soon changed and Tara introduced Abenda's communications to the 150,000 readers of Master of Life Winners, which evolved into Soaring Spirit magazine. The following is her introduction to that column:

September 1991: "The volume of mail I receive has increased a great deal since I've been conducting the psychic seminars with Richard. Although I've tried to answer these letters, my first concerns are my three children, my husband and running our household. Add interaction with both sides of the family, a social schedule with friends, regular tennis, our business commitments as well as work on a new book ... and life is bus-s-s-s-y!

"I know, it's the story of your life too.

"Observing my state of overwhelm, our friend and corporate manager, Jan Hale said, 'Why don't you do a column like Richard? Let people know that you can't answer the letters personally, but you'll respond in the magazine.'

"Good idea, Jan.

"Richard's mail usually consists of letters asking philosophical and technical questions, and because he is pretty direct and outspoken, some readers like to ask challenging questions, some simply for the sake of challenge. Women don't write him asking, 'How do I find my soulmate?' They ask me instead.

"So here I go. I'm new at this, so please bear with me."

Tara's Automatic Writing Meditation: In her "Cause & Effect" column, Tara uses automatic writing to make to contact with the other side. Now you can experience this powerful process on your own. You'll go into the meditation sitting up, with a pen in your hand and paper in your lap. Once in deep meditation, you'll do your own automatic writing. CD version is $20. To order: Valley of the Sun.

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