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Love cures people,  both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. ~ Karl A. Menninger


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You are invited to reawaken into the Mystic Realms of Ancient Egypt. Your guides in this adventure will be Marla Maples,Tara Sutphen, Dick Sutphen and Andrea Smith.  You will be exploring Past Life Regression and Life Force Activation in the Great Pyramid of Giza. And we have special permission to visit in the paws of the Sphinx. We will help connect you psychically to your past, present and future possibilities through the Temples of Isis, Hathor, Horus, Ramses II, the Valley of the Kings and other sites. You will go through healing exercises, psychometry, and learn to sorce in magical places of time immemorial. We will stay in 5 Star hotels and be taken on a 5 star cruise along the Nile. May 11-22, 2011 -Price is $3900. excluding airfare and some meals.




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November 2010

13* Scorpio New Moon

13* Scorpio New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

13* Scorpio New Moon (no moon – starry dark sky, the time of dreaming), culminating November 6, 2010. This Scorpio New Moon is about communicating on a deeper level, a time to convey thoughts into meaningful words. Thinking deeply doesn’t always give way to articulation. We can do an awful lot of talking without necessarily creating a constructive flow. All talking including chatter to your inner you or to others should be constructive in nature, not destructive. Are you harboring personal secrets, misleading yourself of what you want or fooling yourself. What dynamics or issues are within your love life, family, friendships, career or health, this may be a chance to come face to face with your needs. Why not free your mind and voice to find your power within. Keeping effective counsel in your dreaming, speaking and functioning is a way to create positive thoughts, words and deeds. Make changes to alleviate some of the stress you experience. What is your inner dialogue, in your mind or under your breath, are you listening to what “you say”.
Sometimes we find others having a certain hold on us, and we may feel they keep us from achieving our full potential. In actuality, we cannot blame others for our lack of success in any area of life. We can wonder how we found ourselves on rollercoaster loop to loop’s, but do we know when we should get off the ride? It might be time for an attitude adjustment and maybe even a physical change. Our viewpoints come into focus when we are thinking more clearly and precisely. We may have expectations that everyone will someday click into deeper reasoning. That is not necessarily so. And the sooner you concentrate on your abundant self worth and your inner beauty. True consciousness will come to light. For finding the resplendence within gives you the ability to shine for others. Hold your inner counsel.

Journal Questions:
Describe dialogue to yourself on these subjects: Go ahead and be critical if you want. -For your eyes only-
1-7 sentences describing how well you do in these areas or not.
• Exercise
• Meditation
• arguing
• ignoring
• processing
• dialogue with others
• Counseling
• Unsettled behavior
• Over reactions
• Under reactions
• Busy errands
• Crying
• Irrational
• Realistic
• Steps to solve
• Dilemma
• Home
• Inner
• Outer
• Personal
• Secret
• Love
• Health
• Work
• Career
• Success
• Friendship
• Family
• Sexual
• Overweight
• Bad habit
• Alcohol
• Drugs
• Learning
• Self esteem
• Confidence
• Money
• Anxiousness
• Frustration
• Overwrought
• Grief
• Non issue but making a dilemma
• Boredom
• Panic
• Out of control situation
• Holding on
• Letting go
Are you doing every constructive criticism you made for yourself?
Give yourself 1 -10 – 1 being least effort , 10 being greatest effort

“Honor is the inner garment of the Soul; the first thing put on by it with the flesh, and the last it layeth down at its separation from it.”
~Akhenaton quotes (King of Egypt, 14th century BC)

Yenunduh Wuy-Wuy Waddy

Australia is calling, and excitedly Cheyenne and I board a plane for Sydney. Richard is coming too. We are featured speakers at the MindBodySpirit Festival held at Darling Harbor. I am conducting Native American meditations, while Richard will be helping his group find ‘Answers from Spirit’. Cheyenne is going through the troubling teen years. As a mother I am aware of her need to be doted on and I take the opportunity to arrange a ‘kid trip’. I book the Oz Experience Bus. Here is their advertising: The Oz experience bus travels by day because you came to see ALL of Australia!  There’s a stack of included activities en route; learn to surf, barefoot bowling, bush walking, outback experience, mini-goat rodeos, beaches…

Years have gone by of this experience, but the magic of this time is still present in my life now. I want to share it with you.


It is one thing to be in Australia’s lovely cities and quite another to venture out into a land that has deadly creatures. Richard has read me bits and pieces of Bill Bryson’s “A Sun-Burned Country” and although comical, the fear factor is strong. And on our first day we experience a locust swarm. The bugs splat against the windshield and there aren’t just a few, there are millions. Our poor young driver is having a heck of a time seeing out the bus windshield. We are in the middle of a bug storm that lasts hours.  Somber, we all watch and give the driver gentle confidence. Luckily getting out of the bug zone, we continue to a farm on the edge of the outback that borders the location to the biggest telescope in the world. We decide to take a walk before dinner. Many Kangaroo are starting to come out to feed. They stop to stare as deer would do.  I send pink light from my third eye. They in turn send me a spiraling vibration.  At dinner I ask the farmer if Kangaroo ever get bit by ‘Brown Snakes’ and he say’s “No”. At that moment I realize that Kangaroo have an ancient way of letting the snakes know they are not food or danger.



Siding Spring Observatory — Oz’s foremost optical astronomy research center sends over an astronomer during the evening for a lecture on stars and space. Afterwards we are sent to our luxurious cinderblock cement floor rooms, the bathrooms are at the end of the building. Cheyenne is bunking with some of the other young travelers to make some friends. I dream.

I begin this lucid dream where I am just west of the farm, a rounded mountain is off to my left. An old Aboriginal Shaman is smiling into my face, dressed in a maroon tunic and has a black and yellow staff.  He draws a circle in the dirt and takes my hand and places me in the circle, we are facing west and he looks into my face and then points west. Oh, and I get it right away, he wants me to travel further west into the outback. And I laugh saying, ‘oh I don’t know about that’.  And he smiles at me, again pointing me west.

I awaken and open my door to seven kangaroo. Why are they only at my door? I realize they are waiting for the pink light. I walk down to the bathroom, they are still waiting for me when I re-emerge, wanting more of the pink light. At the processed breakfast, down to the instant granule coffee, I ask the farmer to tell me about the rounded mountain off to the left of the farm. “It’s an Aborigine Sacred Mountain. The region is called Warrumbungle National Park.”


Later I am playing with teal colored crawfish.  Richard shouts as the bus prepares to leave. Off for days of traveling, we are headed to watering holes to swim, hikes, sights to see and to horseback ride. On the ride there is an option to wear your bathing suit, we are given Standardbreds off the racetrack, I let my horse out at his full pace. The smoothness is heavenly. Cautiously we swim with the horses in the river. Our guides don’t seem to be bothered.  “No worries, the crocs are in Queensland”. We are only a short distance away from the border.


We arrive into Bryon Bay at dusk, what a sweet sight to see the Ocean and experience this little town which reminds me of what Maui must’ve been like in the 1970’s. We again are whisked into sleeping with a load of other folks and we decide it might be time to consider our Oz Experience over and find another hotel. We step into a nice place off the sea.  The hotel’s bathroom is black and white stone, Cheyenne lies on the floor moaning in bliss at having a real bathroom. I’m elated as well, we have amenities.

On the ‘to do’ board, there is an ad of an Aboriginal didgeridoo maker who will teach you to make one for $175.00 Australian dollars. Cheyenne says she’d like this, I start tracking this man down before the sun sets. I have her starting the next morning making her own didgeridoo. They will create the instrument from total scratch and the process will take 5 days. Her teacher Ken Dickson asks if we’d like to go into the outback with him to gather more didgeridoo wood. He’ll charge us $500.00 Australian for the three of us to accompany him. Going over and over in my mind is the Shamanic dream I had, pointing me westward. I talk it over with Richard and Cheyenne, who of course consider the idea insane. I tell them I’ll be back in a few days, as I know I have to go. There is no question for me, I’ve been called to go to a holy place or meet a holy person.


The next morning, the three of us check out of the hotel and climb into Ken’s newly acquired vehicle. He has wood in the back that I have to sit on riding over to his house. I feel I could have the heebie-jeebies as the spiders are god-awful in Australia but I am calm and trusting in the process. We are less than a few miles down the road when we run out of gasoline. Ken walks off into the distance to find petrol. Richard looks at me and says ‘this can’t be a good omen’ as he knows my whole existence is reading signs. I tell him to look up at the hawk, as it’s shadow casts over my body. I say, “you can go back to town and stay, but I must go”. Ken comes back with his gas can.  Did I mention there is no air conditioning in his vehicle? Soon again on the road, we’re heading out into the outback with our chain-smoking Aboriginal guide.


Along the way, Ken lets us know that he’ll have his friend joining our convoy. At 11pm we stop into a roadside diner and meet up with Ken’s friend, Howie.  Ken would like to ride with Howie so Richard takes over driving. We still have the windows down, it’s December and the summer season. Joining us are lots of ‘Christmas Bugs’ – black spider looking flying bugs. They are incredibly ugly but don’t bite. Richard flicks one off the windshield and it lands on my bare legs where the coffee I am holding goes flying. Richard’s even more upset as he’s now in the middle of Australia not knowing where he is going and for what reason. To make matters more intense, whenever you see the “Road-Trains” coming, you must move immediately to the side of the road and stop. They can easily cause you to lose control of your vehicle as they haul 2-6 container trailers at a time.


At 2am we come to a little motel and head to our rooms. We are off again at 8am  to beat the heat. At noon we stop for a few minutes and I decide to ride with Howie.  After all, he has a brand new Mitsubishi 4-wheel drive with air conditioning. I ask Richard and Cheyenne to join me, but they are content driving with all the windows open even though the sun is scorching. I haven’t met our co-guide yet and find myself in deep metaphysical conversation very fast. He didn’t know he was going to meet us. He reaches in the back seat and pulls out a book. “This is for you, I ran back into the house to retrieve this before I left”. The book’s title “When you see the Emu in the Sky” Elizabeth Fuller, an American woman’s experience with the Aboriginal people.  Howie is kind and articulate. He tells me of his work, and that the most magnificent sight I will see in the outback will be the sky at night.

Boy, Howie is right.  As I stand in the middle of the darkness, the sky becomes a planetarium as though I can reach and almost touch the stars. They are 360 degrees around me, rising from the ground in front of me to the outer reaches of space.  I spend hours every night in wonder. The peacefulness of it all gives me nights of deep restful sleep.

We settle into a trailer encampment they regard as a motel. It’s on the edge of flat desert type land, and in the town of Hebel. The next little station or town is many miles away. We are in what they call a tin box. There is a small pub where we can make sandwiches and barbeque at night. Ken has made a deal with a sweet family for wood on their land, they have an opal mine. The owner pours opals into Cheyenne’s hands for her to keep. In return all their friends of the area come over to have palms read by me. News travels fast in a place where you think no one lives. I am asking the locals if there are any holy places or holy people to meet. They all look at me rather blankly in this respect. In the meantime, Howie and I talk. He tells me about his tribe affiliations and that he owns a didgeridoo and Aboriginal souvenir shop in Byron Bay. I tell him that we were in it, and that I found it to be one of the most beautiful shops I’ve seen. He seems pleased.


Ken wants to put the didge wood into Howie’s car and have us ride in his car, but I take matters in the planning department and say we are riding in the air-conditioned vehicle. It is 107*-113* every day and although we are fairing the heat very well, I decide we don’t need to stay in Ken’s car. Especially as he chain smokes, though he is nice as peach. The didgeridoo wood is hollowed out by termites and their mounds are everywhere. I don’t know if we’re carrying back any of the little bugs back into civilization. I am happy for the switch.

Howie as he drives along answers my questions, he tells me stories of holy men and women of the Aborigine. I’m a little worried that I still haven’t had a real epiphany or contact with said holy person or place. But as we are driving, there is a spotted cat dead on the side of the road. The fur is magnificent and Howie turns to me in the back seat and says he’s never seen one before. It is a very rare cat and is the fourth animal of his personal ancestry. He turns to me again, and says I now know I am to tell you. He turns his attention back to his driving and begins to tell us that he is being groomed to represent all the tribes of Australia as a great Shaman.

 I have been with my holy person the whole time. May Howie’s genuineness and humanity always rest gently in my heart. I then ask him his tribal name. It is Yenunduh Wuy-Wuy Waddy.

We said our good-byes, but Howie and I remain in contact.

I regard Howie as effortlessly powerful. We came together for those brief days just to stir each other’s energy into greater accomplishment and harmony. His Shamanic power changed my life, and Cheyenne’s. She went on to become Valedictorian of High School.  After she came home from the Australia trip she decided she really liked to study and her whole life opened up to experience love, beauty, learning and happiness. Howie cleared our paths, even though clearing can be a bit painful at times. I continue to honor his ability from across the whole world. He is someone I had to know this life….

And Howie allows me to share a message he wrote to me:

Hi Tara, How you doing there sweetie?

You know, I think about you and your family fairly regularly. You have burnt a permanent spot inside of my spirit all in a good way.

So how has life been treating you? How are your seminars etc going?

I still have not yet managed to get away over to the States, but this year coming is my launching off all over the show, so you will definitely be seeing and hearing from me for sure.

I have been going on a fair amount of spiritual journeys since having met you. It was like the doors opened up for me – like you were the usher to this new wonderful world that I am now receiving and experiencing.

I have been doing “Sundance Ceremonies” in New Zealand over the past couple of years and that has just been amazing.

I would dearly love to see you again. Spirit has been placing on my heart that you are thinking of a return to Australia. If this is what is happening please let me know so that I can support your journey/stay here.

If you were intending to run some seminars/workshops etc, I can certainly help you with venues, advertising etc in the Byron Bay region, as well as other Australian cities etc.

Hope that all is well with you and the family and I look forward to seeing and hearing from you.

Loads of love to you,

Howie xoxox —Yenunduh Wuy-Wuy Waddy

If you are interested in Howie and his work, he’s on facebook –!/profile.php?id=702482590

I feel the generation of light family gatherings to be, becoming more and more increased. It is great to be connecting with light beings from around the globe that are sharing similar visions and pathways. The time is right here for all of us to embrace and take a hold of the intention that we possess individually in our contribution to the “Whole”.  ~Yenunduh Wuy-Wuy Wadd

October 2010

Full Hunter’s Moon 
By Tara Sutphen 

The Hunter’s Moon at 29* Aries will culminate October 22, 2010 6:38pm pdt/ 9:38pm edt (almanac). Last full moon was to get our body up and moving, repositioning our attitude to the wonder of a new day. And this Full Moon we are asked to begin to master our destiny. Stop putting off what could be done today. Be proactive every moment of your life. Don’t just dream or speak what you want, but move into slow and sure action. It’s not about change, it’s about enhancing. We are to radiate our whole lives to create grace with this multi complex life we find ourselves. If you close your eyes, what comes into your mind. And if it’s your problems, nix those. Come into daydreaming, Success, Happiness, Love, Places, People and Things. Or do you daydream about escapism, beer, socializing, events, shopping and more problems. Our energy goes where our thoughts flow. There is no escape, this is your life. There are blocks and karma, but we can be armed with steadfast assertiveness. And this isn’t about other’s, it’s about you and your epiphanies. 
You can’t necessarily incite other people around you and ask them to listen to misconceptions, fears and attributes. Our fears are not others, when they are troubled it is in our best interest to show them mercy, wisdom and love. We look into others lives very easily and can see what we think is best for them, but it really comes back to what is good for you. You can be concentrating outside of yourself and keep missing your own boat. Can you be your own appraiser. Doing a critique on yourself, is not being your worst enemy. It’s only laying a little groundwork to follow. Stop justifying peoples bad moods or bad habits, or your own bad behavior. Time to walk our talk and talk our walk. Our family and friends are to be meaningful, our work is to create fulfillment, our being is to shine. We don’t have to be like anyone else, only ourselves, doing the best we can.     
Journal Questions: 
Enhancing Destiny 
·         Physical level 
·         Emotional level 
·         Intellectual level 
·         Spiritual level 
Who enhances your life? 
·         Parents 
·         Children 
·         Lovers 
·         Spouses 
·         Friendships 
·         People 
·         Places 
·         Career Choices 
How can you sidestep their idiosyncrasies to create a more perfect life for yourself? 
·         Parents 
·         Children 
·         Lovers 
·         Spouses 
·         Friendships 
·         People 
·         Places 
·         Career Choices 
10 sentences or more. 
What is your spiritual worth? 
What is your emotional worth? 
What is your physical worth? Not financial… 
You are to have self worth and self love. What areas are you hard on yourself? 
3 – 10 sentences 
·         Love 
·         Money 
·         Wellness 
·         Happiness 
·         Playfulness 
·         Wisdom 
·         Contentment 
What could enhance your destiny? Simple pleasures or complex issues? What’s the fear of leaving complexity behind? 
·         3-10 sentences each question. 
Critique 5 people in your family or friends 
·         5 building blocks 
·         5 mistakes they are making 
·         5 building blocks for yourself 
·         5 mistakes you are making 
·         Resolutions to the mistakes 
We will be called many times in life to step onto the boat of risk. Will you take a step forward or take a step backward – think of those times and how your life might’ve changed? Are you confused and overworked, or over wrought by our society and your family? It’s time to leave the stress behind. Live life on your terms. Look into the mirror and smile or acknowledge yourself, if you’ve been ignoring yourself….please don’t anymore. 
“Taking him by the hand, the Lord and Master merges into Himself that person, upon whose forehead such destiny is written.” 
 ~Sri Guru Granth Sahib 



14* Libra New Moon

By Tara Sutphen

15* Libra New Moon (no moon – starry dark sky, the time of dreaming), culminating October 7, 2010. This Libra New Moon is about taking action and paying attention to you. Assessing your sensibilities and needs, what inner work do you need to do on you. Are you being nice to yourself, I mean really nice. We can get caught up with a lot of busy activity and not focus on clearing up our frustrations or anxiousness. Where do we need to re-stabilize, and bring harmony into depth of being. We can remain a mystery even to ourselves unless we tune in. Tuning in instead of tuning out, why is it that we can see into others problems but sometimes we just can’t seem to fix our self. The stress that accumulates in our lives needs to be set free. How do we leave behind everything that holds us locked up and unable to function, or interact the way we want things to turn out. Are there simple tricks and anecdotes or will it be grueling hard work that will take years to accomplish a sense of rightness and peace. And what does it matter. We see plenty of people that don’t work on their inner child or their inner adult. They seem to meander and make a lot of mistakes and sometimes we think they get along just fine with all the problems. We see plenty of others who have never awakened to a spiritual connection, they do what they do. But why are you compelled to know more, dig deeper, is it to access the knowledge that this vast universe may hold. Basically I do think we know when we leave this existence we will carry thoughts, sentiments, and any unrest. We will carry our feelings and love. For this new moon, you’re going to focus on the real you, the truth that lies deep within. To balance the outer and the inner you is to be in wellness, striving for clear thinking and oneness with body, mind and spirit. To flow in your environment and everyday life. Letting burdens of the modern world slip away. Breathing in harmony and exhaling chaos, going deep within and opening your mind. Recognizing your soul and it’s callings and resplendence.


Journal Questions:

Describe the ‘Inner You’?

Are you tuning into yourself too much or too little?

How many times a week are you releasing stress? In what way do you release stress?

·         Exercise,

·         inner dialogue

·         meditation

·         arguing

·         ignoring

·         processing

·         dialogue with others

Can you take advice well? Why or why not? Do you need to learn the hard way and why?

What person, place or thing brings you the most contentment?  Why?

What activity makes you feel peaceful?

How do you feel you escape your problems?

Do you intellectualize your problems?

Do you feel too much or too little about the important issues in your life?

How are you working them out?

·         Meditation

·         Counseling

·         Unsettled behavior

·         Over reactions

·         Under reactions

·         Busy errands

·         Crying

·         Irrational

·         Realistic

·         Steps to solve

If you are taking steps to solve your problems or issues.

What steps are you taking

Step 1 – 10

It can start with panic, but should end in balance and a realistic ending.


·         Home

·         Inner

·         Outer

·         Personal

·         Secret

·         Love

·         Health

·         Work

·         Career

·         Success

·         Friendship

·         Family

·         Sexual

·         Overweight

·         Bad habit

·         Exercise

·         Alcohol

·         Drugs

·         Learning

·         Self esteem

·         Confidence

·         Money

·         Anxiousness

·         Frustration

·         Overwrought

·         Grief

·         Non issue but making a dilemma

·         Boredom

·         Panic

·         Out of control situation

·         Holding on

·         Letting go


Confidently write down why you deserve:

·         Love

·         Money

·         Wellness

·         Happiness

·         Playfulness

·         Wisdom

·         Contentment

“You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self. Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them.”

 ~ Richard Bach (American Writer)


September 2010

15* Virgo New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

15* Virgo New Moon (no moon – starry dark sky, the time of dreaming), culminating September 8, 2010. This Virgo New Moon is about taking action toward your dreams, your romances, children and creativity using detail with earthly practicality. If you want something you can no longer be a dreamer, you must step into the material world of reality. Remember it only takes one small step and then another. And let’s look at your birth pre-plan…..brave, taking on too much physically and emotionally. Are you in control or have you lost that. Have you forgotten how to love, how to dream, how to create your reality. Are you watching as you walk forward or are you still entranced in the past.
Real life didn’t promise to be anything but perceptible. We will all lose and we will all gain. Sometimes we lose our footing due to not having enough energy to deal with circumstances and must gently strive at wellness and wholeness. Work at being strong enough to live life on your terms. We know many that suffer and it is our mercy and wisdom to help them along also. It’s hard to help others unless you are in a position to offer thus. Create health, genuine love and exploring your talents and ideas. It’s never too late.
Journal Questions:
What needs to be created again in your life? Write 3-5 sentences on each category.
How can you enhance ______?
• Love
• Money
• Wellness
• Happiness
• Playfulness
• Wisdom
• Contentment
Do you believe in yourself? Do/Did your parents believe in you? Who has believed in you?
Who do you believe in?
What needs to be changed in your health routine? Write out advice if it was for someone else. 
What are you proud of yourself for?
List your talents: Extensively
List your ideas: extensively
Create a story of your perfect health.
Create a story of your perfect love.
Create a story of your perfect reality.
Make a daily record, grocery note and add a goal to that list.
(example: enhance my love life, I’d like to learn to paint – slot it into your schedule)
Life stares us down, tries to run us over, and people bump into us. We can be dazed and confused until we awaken and take our lives back and continue on the way, tapping into our depth of being and full consciousness. Stepping into our personal power and creating the life we are meant to live.
"Most people would succeed in small things if they were not troubled with great ambitions.”
 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (American Poet in the 19th century, 1807-1882)

August 2010





Full Sturgeon Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Sturgeon Moon at 1* Pisces will culminate August 24, 2010 10:05 pdt/1:05pm edt (almanac). This moon is a powerful and spiritual occasion.  A gift, we don’t have aspects like this every day. A time to intercede logic and try to understand our deeper mind and motives. Where have we come from. What are we doing on earth. Why have we come into being. As a recollection we speculate we have been on a search starting long ago for soul recognition in the darkest regions of earth and space. Our subconscious mind knows where we come from but our conscious mind is wiped clean of pre-birth memories. As we study other’s past theories, we may come to conclusions and think we know. We may study our whole life to gain a well spring of belief and yet only reveal idealogies. In daily life we may have it figured out what we want on an intellectual and/or physical basis. But to research the soul’s agenda, it is hidden. We are here on earth stumbling around, trying to do our best or maybe our worst. How do we ignore our self, pamper our spirit or should we fill it with dogma. Are we lost, ever roaming the universe going from one reality to another. Lost is only a state of mind. The opportunity may be to open your mind and be present with the oneness of all. You have been given this individual journey, the wondrous sanctity of life. Recognize where your feet are this moment. Start thinking and doing what enhances your life instead of what breaks it. Make the connection between the cosmos, your soul and your breath.



Journal Questions:


Describe your personal theory on what is your soul. Is it matter? Try not to use anyone else’s preconceived concepts. Create your own story. Make it 5 sentences or more.


If you had a soul agenda, what would it be?

Would you be doing something differently than you are now?


Rate your Strengths 1 lowest-10 highest


·         Knowledgable

·         Likable

·         Lovable

·         Organized

·         Even tempered

·         Thoughtful

·         Congenial

·         Knows boundaries

·         Conscious

·         Understanding

·         Helpful

·         Supportive

·         Approachable

·         Unafraid

·         Brave

·         Adventurous

·         Enterprising

·         Honorable

·         Polite

·         Sympathetic

·         Professional

·         Qualified

·         Skillful

·         Accomplished

·         Gifted

·         Capable


Make a list of bad traits or habits in others?


Do you cast judgment or compassion?


What are your bad traits and habits?


What’s the remedy to change them. List each one and give yourself a quick fix. Can you be good to yourself?


In the process of creation, the union is sparked by feelings of love and chemistry. Remember to love yourself.


What do people like about you?


What do you like about yourself?



Have compassion for your soul’s journey. Gain courage, potency and wellness. You know your spirit is strong. Your mind and brain are strong. Your body is strong. So it is…………….


   “I have but shadowed forth my intense longing to lose myself in the Eternal and become merely a lump of clay in the Potter's divine hands so that my service may become more certain because uninterrupted by the baser self in me.” ~ Mohandas Gandhi

July 2010



Full Buck Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Full Buck Moon at 2* Aquarius will culminate July 25, 2010 9:37pm pdt/July 26 12:37am edt (almanac). This enchanting summer moon is a time to make plans for the future. To sit under the moonlight pondering, closing your eyes and making wishes. And in our inner knowing, it is time to become like the butterfly. In our lifetime will we become the butterfly instead of the caterpillar.  Look at the caterpillar with it’s 3 sets of legs and 8 eyes, it leisurely slinks along the ground, drags the earth and slowly gets to where it wants to go until it uses it’s ability to transform. Once in the cocoon, growing, deep in thought and plans for the change. Emerging brand new, forming beauty and wonder, flying and no longer crawling. The butterfly flies with grace and easily lands on soft flowers instead of dirt. The metaphor is much like us as humans, we go slowly and deliberately feeling half blind at times with narrow ideas and untried measures until we soon get tired of not taking some steps to right our lives. Knowing that we must change into our best and highest selves, we must strive toward securing our lives. And once we are a butterfly to spread light and love to anyone in our path. We all need assurance and the will to accomplish. To try new things. A butterfly tastes with it’s feet. How do we get to butterfly status. You don’t want to wait till you die to know, you want it now…on earth.


When you dream, daydream or hope about anything that could be a possibility in the world, easily let yourself be free. Your mind is a powerful tool. There are times when you will only see colorful illusions, but allow for some intervals of rest and play. When you sorce and pray, let your vision be for real things upon the earth. Your intentions become your world.


Journal Questions:

Write in your journal for the full moon and throughout the month.



·         Do you remember your night time dreams?

·         Do you pay attention to your daydreams?

·         Do you have wishful thinking?

·         Do you have expectations?

·         Do others have expectations of you?



Are you someone who moves your wishes into action?


·         Do you feel you create a plan and easily bring those plans into fruition?

·         How do you do it?

·         How do you feel when you accomplish what you want?


What areas do you feel accomplishment?

(write a sentence, paragraph or more)



·         Money

·         Love

·         Friendship

·         Family

·         Happiness

·         Wisdom

·         Knowledge

·         Exercising

·         Eating well

·         Good Health

·         Fun

·         Beauty


What is your first impression about yourself in these areas?

(write a sentence, paragraph or more)


·         Money

·         Love

·         Friendship

·         Family

·         Happiness

·         Wisdom

·         Knowledge

·         Exercising

·         Eating well

·         Good Health

·         Fun

·         Beauty



Dreaming and Wishing doesn’t mean we’ll get what we want, but it certainly can’t hurt to create a mindset for goals . With all the changes that happen around us, we want to change into our best selves. To become the butterfly…


“I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man” ~ Chuang Tzu (The most significant of China's early interpreters of Taoism, 389-286 BC)



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19* Cancer  New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

19* Cancer  New Moon this month (no moon – the time of dreaming), culminating July 11, 2010. There is also a Total Solar Eclipse 12:40pm pdt/3:40 edt.  The eclipse will only be visible through the South Pacific and it will be intense lasting over five minutes. Eclipses are about change or letting go, it can be to bring something exciting or illuminating into your life. This Cancer New Moon is about your emotions and finding balance in your home life. How might we use the eclipse to change our personal world to the one we really want to be in. By using your instincts to center yourself, balance your needs, and to recognize where you belong. When your instincts are in a quandary, you might find yourself irrational and irritable. Let us come back to solid ground. Your life starts at home — your wellness starts from the home, your beauty starts from the home, your success starts from the home. And your spirituality starts from the home. This is why it’s important to create a sanctuary and wholesome life. What you walk out your door with every day is “structure” to get you to your next level of wellness, happiness, success, and love.  Inner formation of strength and vitality renews your spirit to conquer an outer world.

You may not live in a castle, you may not be near to living in a place of your dreams, let alone with the people who surround you or the city or town you find yourself in, so what will you do. You could complain and become overly anxious, we must ask for a certain amount of help to gain help. But complaints can lead to whining and disapproval, people can shut off instead of being supportive. Often seen in the eyes of our elders we must be reasonable or have something to trade. Be it time and energy to an actual craft. We must stay open, tuning into our primal survival instinct and our conscious motives. We must conform to what is good for us, helping us sustain our home life and feelings of emotional stability. If everything is going wrong for you, what is going right for you. Where are you not listening to the inner workings of your heart, of your wants, your mind, your goals and your treaties. Those compromises you’ve made to be living the life you are living right now. You’ve made choices and now find yourself where you are. Is it what you want or do you need a correction. Look at your feet…where do you stand. Look in the mirror…who are you. Look at your hands…what do you do.

Journal Questions

Natural Behavior:

List a positive and a negative trait you posses with each word

  • Attainment
  • Circumstances
  • Conduct
  • Development
  • Enjoyment
  • Enlightenment
  • Growth
  • Happiness
  • Human condition
  • Journey
  • Knowledge
  • Lifestyle,
  • Participation
  • Personality
  • Realization
  • Suffering
  • Trials

and tribulations

  • Way

of life

Natural  Instincts:

  • Killer Instinct – Hunger (luckily we have grocery stores)
    • Could you hunt for food or grow a garden?
  • Sex Instinct – the other hunger – Perpetuation of Humans

  • Are you hungry for love and fulfillment? You know when you feel right about things or feel wrong. Tune into your inner knowing again. It takes some practice. It will help you overcome moving too fast or too slow or stalling when you should be acting.

We often say we are confused and don’t know what we want, but it may be that we don’t know how to get what we want. So we settle…

  • What home would you like to have?
  • What “home life” would you like to have?
  • Are you living in the right place?
  • Why if so or if not.
  • What type of land do you like?

Make a fantasy of a house, what kind of land it’s on, what it looks like on the outside, what it looks like in the inside.

  • How many bedrooms?
  • Do you allow guests?
  • What are your electronics?
  • What are your toys?
  • Pets?
  • Friends?
  • Relatives?
  • Children?
  • List anything that would make for a happy home.

When you are faced with problems, do you freeze, crumble or go into action?

Life’s Details, Actions & Results

How are you going into action on your problems right now?

  • Make a list and write a solution.  (No killer instincts)

Are you happy with the results so far in your life?

  • When were you happy?
  • What were you doing then?
  • How can you readjust to a happier now for the same result?

Are you making the most of where you live?

  • Home
  • Environment
  • City or Town
  • Country

Look at your Feet…

Stories:  7 sentences or more

  • Where are your feet?
  • Create a fantasy on where your feet should be.
  • Make a realistic scenario where your feet should be.

“Try to put your happiness before anyone else’s, because you may never have done so in your entire life, if you really think about it, if you are really honest with yourself. ~Margaret Cho (American Comedian, b.1968)

June 2010



Full Strawberry Moon
By Tara Sutphen


The Full Strawberry Moon at 4* Capricorn will culminate June 26, 2010 1:31 am pdt/4:31am edt (almanac). There will also be a Partial Lunar Eclipse. This is when the moon will cross through the southern portion of Earth's shadow and will be visible to those in western and central North America. The Umbral shadow will cover 54 percent of the moon's surface. Eclipse's are about change or letting go, it can be to bring something exciting or illuminating into your life. Especially true this month as there is extra ‘jet fuel’ coming from Pluto. When we have such big events happening in the sky, it might stir up not only our personal worlds but the planet itself. It could be a time to joggle us awake.

The meaning of this full moon is about our homes, places we conduct business and how we offer ourselves to the betterment of mankind. You don’t have to do major things in the world to help out, it’s the little things that sometimes matter, the support we receive close to home. What are your giving traits, spiritually, emotionally and physically. As earthlings we act in our self interest. Healthy self interest that flow into talents, ideas, and service allows a person to have something to share. We see when people go overboard with being greedy, jealous, hateful or angry. Why does this happen? Where is the perspective to keep it real. And what is real?  If we look into the sky, and stretch our minds eye to go farther out away from the world into space and now past our solar system and turn ourselves around to look back at earth. Where are we? What are we? We are a human speckle. We deem ourselves as important speckles on missions. As a speck we want to create something worthwhile for ourselves. At our end, we’ll have wanted to share a few hugs and helped do a little something here or there. We know we’re exceptional. What makes for a meaningful life? What is your mission?

Journal Questions:

Write in your journal for the full moon and throughout the month.

10 areas of life or chores you need help with?

10 Ways in how you can help others?

List your self-less traits

How do you give?

·         How do you give spiritually?

·         How do you give emotionally?

·         How do you give physically?

How are you feeling ‘lack’?

·         Do you have family issues with people and lack?

·         Do you have friend issues with people and lack?

·         Do you have business issues with people and lack?

·         Do you have success issues with lack?

·         Do you have health issues and connect them to lack?

Where do you trade or exchange with people as in your job… in your home….with your family…… with your friends? 

·         What are your goals?

·         What is your personal goal?

·         What is your business goal?

·         What is your success goal?

·         What is your happiness goal?

·         What is your health goal?

·         What is your World goal?


What do you feel is a meaningful life?

What do you feel is your mission?


Selfless actions and thoughts actually bring a person more satisfaction and contentment. Sometimes we aren’t acknowledged or feel appreciated. At least your effort was for the right reasons to bring something good to another. You will give many times and it won’t be returned from the same source. You may crave the same sentimental attitude that you offered to another. Or what was given would be returned in an even exchange. But that is not truly giving, that would be manipulating. In your heart and minds eye, visualize your open hands to receive. Staying accessible in mind, heart and body will bring many rewards. Seek emotional simplicity and value. Your true mission will soon be clear.


He was no martyr. He was no hero. But in the last two years, selfishness gave way to selflessness, lies gave way to truth and indulgence gave way to spirituality, and anyone watching that couldn't help but be moved by it.”- Lex Lasry

Summer  Solstice, Midsummer, Litha

By Tara Sutphen

21st June

“In the world’s audience hall, the simple blade of grass sits on the same carpet with the sunbeams, and the stars of midnight” - Rabindranath Tagore (Indian Poet, Playwright and Essayist, Won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913, 1861-1941)

Summer Solstice marks the end of the waxing year.  And the rays of the sun directly strike one of the two tropical latitude lines.  June 21 marks the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere, as  winter begins in the southern hemisphere. On this day, the earth’s “circle of luminescence” will be from the Arctic Circle to the Antarctic Circle. The equator receives twelve hours of daylight, as there will be 24 hours of daylight at the North Pole and 24 hours of darkness at the South Pole. All over the world people honor this day as an important reminder of the apex of light and to cast away evil and their problems. Northern Hemisphere inhabitants use June 21 as the day of celebration, but the splendor of light lasts from new moon to full moon.

Worshipping the Sun’s great power, all cultures celebrate in some way. Celts and Slavs dance around bonfires while Chinese marked the day honoring Li, the Goddess of Light. The celebrants of modern and ancient ceremonies tune in that life comes from the sun. It is life giving and life supporting.  We’ve recently had the good fortune to have electricity, greenhouses, and shipment suppliers. How will you celebrate? We all may not get a chance to dance around the bonfire but it’s a time to bask in the light, sit in the sun, cast our worries away and awaken to our lives.


Cucumber Salad

  • 1/2 cup sour cream
    2 tablespoons chopped parsley
    2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
    1 tablespoon granulated sugar
    1 tablespoon chopped chives
    3 small cucumbers, thinly sliced
  • Directions…
    1. Combine the sour cream, parsley, vinegar, sugar, and chives.
    2. Gently fold in cucumbers

Spinach-Strawberry Salad

  • Yield: 4 to 6 servings
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 2 tablespoons sesame seeds
  • 1 tablespoon poppy seeds
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons minced onion
  • 1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/4 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 1/4 cup cider vinegar
  • 1 bag (10 ounces) fresh spinach
  • 1 pint strawberries, sliced thin

In a blender, combine the sugar, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, Worcestershire sauce, paprika, oil, and vinegar. Blend well. If the dressing seems thick, add a few drops of water.

Remove the stems from the spinach and tear the leaves into bite-size pieces. Arrange them on individual salad plates or in a salad bowl. Arrange the strawberries on top. Drizzle the dressing over the strawberries and serve.

Bonnie Brae Strawberry Pie

A mixture of cooked and fresh berries helped make this pie a family favorite.

  • 1 quart strawberries or 1 large package frozen strawberries, thawed and drained
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 4 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 cup sliced berries, fresh or frozen, thawed and drained
  • whipped cream
  • whole berries for garnish

Combine strawberries and water in saucepan. Cook until just softened, about 4 or 5 minutes. (Let frozen berries thaw; heat but don’t cook them.) Mix together cornstarch, sugar, and water until smooth; add to hot berries. Cook over medium heat until clear. Add lemon juice; immediately remove from heat and let cool. Place sliced berries in cooked pie shell. To assemble pie, pour cooked mixture over berries, top with whipped cream, and garnish with whole berries.

Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Wedding Cake

Yield: Makes 12 to 16 servings.

  • 1 cup (2 sticks) butter or margarine, softened
  • 3 cups sugar
  • 4 cups cake flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups buttermilk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon butter flavoring
  • 1/2 teaspoon almond extract
  • 6 egg whites

Preheat over to 350° F. Grease and flour three 9-inch round cake pans. In a large mixing bowl, cream the butter and sugar until fluffy. Add flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. Pour in buttermilk and begin mixing slowly. Continue to mix until well blended. Add flavorings and stir. In another bowl, beat egg whites until stiff. Fold the egg whites into the cake batter. Divide the batter evenly among the prepared pans. Bake for 20 minutes at 350° F, then lower heat to 300°F and bake for about 25 minutes longer, until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. Remove cakes from oven and cool on racks. After 10 minutes, remove from pans and continue cooling on racks.

Cream Cheese Frosting

  • 8 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 3 cups confectioners’ sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

No wedding needed to have this cake

Other food /drink ideas –

  • mint iced teas, dandelion salads, strawberry shortcakes, geranium leaf sorbet, berry pies


The Druids celebrated with “The Wedding of Heaven and Earth”.

  • Two people represent Mother Earth and the Sun King. Create a Bonfire, dancers adorned in garlands and flowers, and young men jumping through the tall flames. A time of cleansing and renewal. The participants playing Mother Earth and the Sun King go to each participant, and speak to each person as though planting seeds of growth, imparting words of love, wisdom, thankfulness and prosperity.

Candle or Bonfire Ritual

  • With a candle or your bonfire – Give blessings in the 4 directions. Cast a blessing for yourself, a blessing for the harvest, a blessing for your loved ones, and a blessing for the earth.  (make this blessing 3-5 sentences long for each subject)

A Call to Love

  • Single women are to sleep with 4 flowers under their pillow


  • Flowers blooming in your area, also daisies, roses, lilyof the valley, calendulas, marigolds


  • daisy chains, lavender wreaths, rosemary garlands

Head wreath

  • Circle base, thin gauge wire, or vines and tie or wire on flowers of your choice


  • Fire to celebrate the power of the sun, Sun Wheels, Medicine Wheels, Stone Circles, Candle Circles, Mother Goddess, Ripening fruits, Sun Dials, Feathers, and Swords/Blades.


  • Green & Blue representing the earth
  • White representing God light

21* Gemini New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

21* Gemini New Moon this month (no moon – the time of dreaming), culminating June 12, 2010. This Gemini New Moon is about communicating and finding balance through your vocal skills, your internal process of sending and receiving. A part of good communication is a willingness to be a listener. What or who are you willing to listen to, are you growing or learning or just going through the motions of babble and criticism. How have you established your connection with your higher purpose. When you converse are you able to convey thoughtfully or are you too busy trying to be liked.  We start learning from childhood, and the remarks of others stay deep within our subconscious and conscious mind. We’ve all had someone tell us that we couldn’t achieve this or that, or we weren’t good enough, smart enough, or worthy enough. Did you go ahead and bulldoze through those self esteem busters or were you held back and down by comments of the fearful. And sometimes they were from well meaning loved ones, but we have our internal source of what is right for our individual lives and being worthy should be at the top of your list. There are people who feel free to find fault or point out the negative in situations. The key though is where your judgment comes into play to find a solution. Break down concepts of what are right or wrong for you. With every criticism is a bridge to improvement. With every stumbling block, there is a stepping stone.

Lets visit the concept of being liked by others and going along with conversations that are out of our character, such as hateful gossip or inane speaking about nothing in particular. Are you too accessible, ‘like me, like me, like me’ or do you hold your own. Have you become quiet or talk about everything other than what is important to you. Do you dump and whine about your problems. Do you go along with mundane conversations or are you competitive and it’s hard for others to keep up with you. Have you shut down, becoming cold and silent. Many people find that they have no one to talk to, feeling lonely in this huge world.  Others speak angrily or defensively and there is no need to let others talk down to you.  Who are you talking with. Who are you attracting. Where are people bringing value into your life. There is a secret here, what value are you bringing into their life. Maybe you are always to be the wise one, or bigger person. The evolving soul who soothes others in their endeavors or pain. . As a species we are deeply wounded and for reasons unbeknownst even to our deepest selves.  The question though is do we allow our feelings and the remarks of others to make or break us. We should be able to take constructive criticism.  We are to win at life and to make our lives wholesome and workable. We are to succeed and live well, no matter what others tried to do to make our lives hard.

Journal Questions:

Do you need to retrain your inner dialogue? Are you your best friend or worst enemy? You may want to take the rose colored glasses off about yourself and be realistic, yet loving. Treat yourself well. Others will follow that lead…

The 5 categories that we talk about are trivia, facts, opinions, feelings and needs.

  • Trivia – Familiar and conventional comments, questions and answers
  • Facts – Data and details about people, places and things
  • Opinions – Points of view, suggestions, examinations, forewarnings, and judgments
  • Feelings- Emotions, receptivity, sensitivity, perceptions, understanding, and sympathy
  • Needs – Requirements, wants, fulfillment, claims, and essentials

There are ways of sharing problems and creating constructive reprogramming and fixing the ways of sharing verbal intimacy, not with just a partner but making connection with friends and family. Good conversationalists ask questions and listen.

Write out your expectations in these relationships. Hopes, Desires, Wants…Write the fantasy or good feelings of each one.  What you want? Do you uphold your level of receptivity? What are your motives, notions, and overall outlook? Where can you improve? How reliable you are? How reliable are others? Who do you consider Prospects? Where do you find your friends or acquaintances? How do you feel about commitments? How trusting are you of others? What are your Presumptions? What is your Reality? What are your fantasies? How can you change your life and relationships? Where are problems? Write out a hopeful conclusion or a solution.

  • Acquaintances
  • Friendships
  • Partnerships
  • Family Relationships
  • Love Relationships


  • Sharing information – Are you informative. When is it constructive or destructive?
  • Sharing feelings – Where do you support others as they should support you?
  • Sharing ideas – Are these ideas moving in the direction of goals or fixable solutions? Every good idea has steps toward achievement. Know that you can move ideas to pro-active acquirement or attainment.
  • Sharing knowledge – How do you share common sense and perceptions?  There are ways to help through constructive wisdom and good reasoning.
  • Deep sharing – Intimacy in love and connection. How are you opening to your intrapersonal thoughts, motivations and desires? Is there equal measure of spiritual linking? Is there equal measure of emotional bonding? Is there equal measure of physical expression and affection? What do you lack, or give too much of, or not have at this time?

You cannot falsely advance the process of deep sharing; you’ll have to build steps with someone who deserves your time and attention. Do not force this type of interaction, it should be natural. Until the time of finding someone special, concentrate on rewarding yourself with positive intrapersonal dialogue and support, upgrade your soul level of worthiness, and practice good conversations with others.

“Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible – the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family.
~ Virginia Satir (American Psychologist and Educator, 1916-1988)




 May 2010 

Full Flower Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Full Flower Moon at 6* Sagittarius will culminate May 26, 2010 1:07pm pdt/4:07pm edt (almanac). Last month for the Full Pink Moon we looked at fear and how that impedes our lives, this month is listening to our own best advice. What can you tell others about their health, career or love life and take that a step farther, and tell yourself what it is you also need. How do you seek liberation from the self. Health should be the primary concern as many put self-care on a backburner. There are those that are hypochondriacs and then there are others who never check in to the way they are functioning until it’s too late. How can we carol ourselves into wanting to create what is really good for us. Is it deep kindness to our mind and soul, giving ourselves permission to really live and love ourselves and others. Can you honestly look at the way your heart works. Are you shut down or too giving. Do you deem others worthy for the company and comradery you give them. How do you go about getting the necessary love you might crave. How do you go about working a job that demands you give in areas that are uncomfortable to your well-being. Or a lifestyle that no longer holds fascination or interest. We can go through the motions without really gaining what we need and want in our lives. It doesn’t mean excess, it doesn’t mean boundaries – it may mean good judgment. Do you use your inner knowing or instinct. It takes energy to have relief and self-determination. Take a breath and alleviate your body and mind of stress. Halt the heaviness that life hands you, and start letting go. Breathe in the breath of life, all the way to the bottom of your stomach, inhale peace and exhale chaos. It’s time to reactivate your life force…….freedom.
Journal Questions:
The time of being emotionally true to who you are…take a significant look at yourself. Who are you? How do you see yourself? How do other’s see you? What do you feel you’re capable of? In a career? In your personal life? How do you give to others? How do you hold back?
• List 10 ways to create better health
• List 10 ways to create a better lovelife
• List 10 ways to create better job skills
• What is ideal health?
• Lofty version.
• Realistic version.
• What is Love?
• Lofty version.
• Realistic version
• What is your ideal job?
• Lofty version.
• Realistic version.

To dream is to create the beginning flow of our goals. Your mind meets your communication skills meets your actions…….. step by step.
"He who nurtures benevolence for all creatures within his heart overcomes all difficulties and will be the recipient of all types of riches at every step." ~ Chanakya Quote (Indian politician/writer 350 BC-275 BC)



April 2010

23* Taurus New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

23* Taurus New Moon this month (no moon - the time of dreaming), culminating May 14, 2010. This Taurus New Moon is about reorganizing your time and energy. Are you wasting time on a non satisfying job. Is romance in other lives but not yours. Are you happy, content and carefree, but still missing something. This new moon even though it is silent in the darkness is the most intense aspect of the zodiac. If you'd like to burn off some mistakes or bad decisions, it's time to find the energetic pathway to make resolutions. You can't leap to new untried ways of life, but you can take thoughtful steps to a sound future. A life, that in time is gratified. If you can be clear on what it is you have been denying yourself or how you might be deluding yourself each day.Start forward progress to your stuck and outworn ideas or lifestyle. You'll have to dig deep for questions you might ask yourself, look for answers that are elusive or barely visible, you might have to trust penetrating the core of your being. And remember, we get nowhere unless we are honest with our self. It's not what others think you need or want, this is about you.

The Full Moon late April was a very intense clearing time, and now you have another chance to explore your imposed limits. You are to fully recognize and stop kidding yourself on who is your friend and who isn't your friend. Whether this is family or people in your environment. You are to be clear on how you make money and if you are fulfilled and satisfied or lacking a livelihood. If you are satisfied then it's time to stop complaining, about anything and everything. You can burn off that karma and make progress. Leave your enemies behind, leave your fears and frustrations behind, leave your boredom and upsets. You no longer need to disallow, withhold or work against yourself. Say yes to your life. Empower yourself to have whatever it is you think you require. It doesn't matter where you take wrong turns, it only matters you start supporting a life that belongs to you. We're talking of constructive change here, not destructive bad habits that you think might need justification. Take off your sunglasses, take off your rose color glasses -- take a magnifying glass. Who is the 'real you'.

Journal Questions:

Think of all the complaints you tell others, and you need not share this journal w. anyone else. This is for you to look deeply into yourself. Unveil your paranoia, your unrest, your lack of trust, your feelings, your untested personal power and general issues.

1. Write down 20 complaints or more
2. Write a critique with each grievance.
3. Give yourself an antidote or solution.

Recognize when you are short-sighted with your friends, co-workers, relatives, or your environment. Are you appreciative for what you have in things or love from others.

1. Write down your faults
2. Write down other's faults
3. Correction of your faults

How are you mismanaging your life?

1. Communication - write out how.
2. Self Esteem - write out why.
3. Motivation - write out solution.

Correction on management - Write 5 general fixes.

“Once I knew only darkness and life was without past or future...but a little word from the fingers of another fell into my hand that clutched at emptiness, and my heart leaped to the rapture of living." Helen Keller

Come join me in Lilydale....Moon Ritual, Seminar

Moon Ritual -- April 28- Seminar May 1-2

Full Pink Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Full Pink Moon at 8* Scorpio will culminate April 28, 2010 6:48 pdt/9:48am edt (almanac). The time of thinking deeply, examining changes you want in your emotional and mental framework. Look at the facts about yourself. Are you lacking self esteem and where does this distinguish or peculiarize you. We symbolize and personalize ourselves with our culture, creed, religion and eras. We can feel lost until we develop goals, ideals and intention. Where are your values and are they being recognized at this time. Values are morals and sense of honor, are you in conscious contact with your beliefs and standards. You can wonder ‘Am I living up to who I want to be’. ‘Am I being true to myself in love’, ‘Am I clear on who I like, what I like and why I like it’. What are the real truths deep within. Are you numbed by disappointments, drama or trauma. Do you spout statements or go over in your mind how angry you are, how your family makes you unhappy, how you have no friends, or your friends aren’t real friends, or your job is going to kill you one day. Do you slip from real thoughts and emotional reasoning to frustration over others. Many people turn away without reasons why from each other, instead of keeping their feelings at an even keel. I see many unreasonable upsets started because there are no questions asked, no feelings explored, and no resolutions encountered. No communication or connection. Ignore your needs and you may be able to sustain your life for five minutes, five years, or 50 years but we do eventually have to come back to ourselves and if we’re lucky we answer to a few beloved others. You may feel like others blocked your life. Do you think it’s other people who hurt or inhibit you, or is it you who puts yourself in a position to fail or to grow.
This moon aspect is all about digging for your trouble spots and taking them out for a little examination. Those personality traits that you abhor in others and could be afraid are within your character as well, I know we would like to think it isn’t so. You don’t want to be like someone you resent. Search and clear up any history and issues. If you ask someone what your weakness is…many could write you a long list. They might not tell you to your face, but we all know that people judge us for our strengths and weakness’. We shouldn’t really care about someone else’s opinion unless it genuinely helps us achieve greater things in ourselves. You may have a few bad habits though needing to be discarded. Why do you hold onto restrictions. Are you afraid of change, or are you changing too rapidly in your life and can’t stabilize. Mental illness and stress can start as bad habits. Think of others and their complaints or fear. Fear of love, being hurt in love, not being good enough, not being strong enough, body image, job image, self confidence issues, unhappiness, the list can be long. And at this moon we will look at the uglies we need to reform, as we know what strengths we seek. Passion, Pleasure and Personal Power are our goals. How are we going to learn to love, to the depths of the universe. How are we going to learn to succeed, to the highest plateau of the earth. How are we going to learn to be wise and overcome all obstacles, we stretch until we get it right.

Journal Questions:

Give yourself permission to write out unsavory characteristics about yourself. You don’t have to share them with anyone. It is up to you to make yourself aware of what you may need to change? Think of ways to change gracefully. What do you perceive as your ‘uglies’? Bad temper, rotten self image, putting down others, unhappy, ungracious, condescending, cunning, manipulating, under handed, jealous, greedy, bitter, unreasonable, procrastinate, offensive, obnoxious, unpleasant, hopeless, full of excuses, can’t, won’t, afraid…Are these a part of self-esteem issues? Write out where you lost your confidence? Write out who contributed to your dis-ease? Where did these people hurt you, how did it help you grow? Why did you hold onto the bitterness? Did they hold onto the bitterness too? What would happen if you let your mind go free? What would happen if you allowed yourself to care about yourself again. Caring about your well-being and happiness? That you can form another habit of thinking you deserve a great life. That to create a good life, you must recognize what doesn’t work for you and what certainly might work, if given a chance to step toward success, happiness, great health or love. It may not happen overnight, it could be a process. Allowing the process to move forward, changing your viewpoints and fears. Where is your money right now? Where is your love right now? Where is your health right now? Where is your spirituality right now? Where is your mental health right now? Where is your living arrangements right now? What’s the view point on each? And how can these change for the better? Move out of your ‘uglies’ to be minor disturbances and pretty soon they will disappear. And your road will be one of creating life on your terms. Changes will only be growth spurts.

24* Aries New Moon

24* Aries New Moon this month (no moon - the time of dreaming), culminating April 14, 2010. The Aries new moon is about activity. Are you dashing about or do you have a game plan. Are you making money, nurturing yourself, taking care of your health. Where is your stress level. Are you just staying glued enough not to fall apart. What's wrong w. that picture. What do you need to change so that your life goes into a groove again. That your life is the life you dream it to be. You think you've wanted this and it's become what you envisioned but the responsibilities, the duties, the drama can be too much. Allow yourself to think of conclusions, if I attempt this - what will happen, what is the outcome. This is a time when you want to make some fast hard changes, make sure to be realistic so that your path will be comfortable and viable. Does your competitive streak get you to your goals but then there is nothing to show for the life you really want. Time to be competitive with yourself again in the right way and get what you want this time. Life is to be lived and waiting for YOU...........

Journal Questions:

Do you take time for yourself? Hot baths? Vitamin shopping? Eating Healthy plans? Where do you cut corners? Where do you stay within your means in your job, with your family, you down size or cut time and yet stress about civilization. Society will not save you....only you can save you. Society gives you opportunities for you to help yourself. And it's by taking small steps to the life you want. Lets write out 20 steps that you can do to start active change. Is it time to get back into your personal power...whether you know what that is or not anymore. Managing to become sincere with yourself and those around you. The meaning of sincere is genuine, guileless, honest, natural, and open.

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. ~Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Two Tara’s in Chinatown
By Tara Sutphen

I set off on an adventure today with Tara Marino, Elegant Fem Specialist. We went down to Chinatown in Los Angeles. I hadn’t been there for years. I had tinges of nostalgia, and it made me miss venturing out more. I forget how wonderful it is to explore all the ’cubby holes’ this city has to offer. Tara M has been my client for awhile now, gifted to me by Extraordinary Ellie Drake of Braveheart Women. Tara is elegant herself and soulful. I know we are going to enjoy the day.

We glide into Los Angeles as though I drive it often. And we find a wonderful parking lot near all the shops. Off we go, to find a place recommended by Dr Lisa Wong. Excitedly we head to the back counter of a big grocery store only to find the Herbal Expert only sees people on Wednesday’s and Saturdays. Today is Thursday. I decide to be forward and ask if they recommend anyone. They say ‘come back Saturday’. I look at Tara and whisper “Remember…we walk in magic”. We head out of the store, both of us a little disappointed. All the colors and sounds feel like we are in a foreign land. I decide to ask sales clerks in stores where there is an Herbal Specialist. And Mike in a Men’s suit shop gives us the whole lay of the land. Prices, places, recommendations, food - the only thing I didn’t ask him was finding psychic readers…. Maybe…. that will be next time.

We venture into the new recommended Herb shop and ask if we can have our pulses read and tongue’s examined. A woman tells us to wait and she’ll be right back. Tara motions to the wooden drawers and points to the sign. Reminding me that I mentioned all sorts of details in her psychic reading. I was telling her she needed to try some Chinese remedies. That is what started the seedling of an idea to gravitate toward Chinatown. We discuss how happy we are as Tara pours us hot green tea from the guest waiting table.

Soon an older gentleman appears, and spends 30 minutes talking with each of us, he writes in beautiful hieroglyphs across the page. The writing is a work of art, as he scripts helpful antidotes for our aches and complaints.

He leaves his desk and begins measuring out this and that. Taking time to weigh everything carefully and thoughtfully. Tara mentions that it’s ‘excellence in graceful motion’. He adds the herbs to butcher paper, it begins to look like a package of potpourri. It doesn’t smell so good though as the wafting blend fills our nostrils. And it takes several repetitive tries to get the difficult cooking instructions in our brain-order.

A woman shopping in the store comes over and says she’s been seeing the herb guy for 15 years and speaks of different techniques and practices in the area.  Tara and I tell her how pleased we are with our own personal tea blends. The whole process including the tea pot has cost each of us $25.00 and $30.00.

We are enjoying the streets and shops, when all of a sudden some guy gooses me in the buns while walking by. I jump with shocked surprise. Undaunted, it’s time to search for fantastic food and we’re not disappointed, (oh so yummy). On the way to the car we pass a bakery and cannot resist the temptation to enter. We see lotus cakes and we both purchase some. I have yet to try it. I’m thinking I might need to do a little ritual with this cake, that’s made from the seeds of the flower of enlightenment. Create a special little ceremony with my tonic tea, eating a magic donut to help wash down the curing elixir. I’ll let you know how good it tasted.

Ten Chain Co, Broadway, Los Angeles Chinatown
Full Maple Sugar Moon
By Tara Sutphen
The Full Maple Sugar Moon at 9*Libra will culminate March 29, 2010 7:25pm pst/10:25pm est (almanac). The time of using your mind to be in balance. To set in motion your equilibrium, allowing for poise and a steady way of being. Harmonizing instead of polarizing. You are in 'the now'. Assessment of your routines, your job path, your mind set. How do you connect to your inner being and access your personal power. Are you connecting or disconnecting. Connection with yourself begins with feeling in tune with who you are. Are you unfocused or well rounded.  When do you feel confused and side track your success, your love life, your health, and your fitness. Do you sabotage yourself, berate yourself with low self-esteem behind closed doors. Do you tell yourself you want change but stay in stagnation. You could be thinking advancement and maybe speak it, but can you move your ideas into action. The development of your thoughts into process and effort. Propelling forward and forging ahead is always a risk. What if you make the wrong choices and create mistakes, what will be the plan to 'save you'. Life can be gripping, hairy, heartbreaking, heartrending, impelling, impressive, meaningful, mind-bending, and mind-blowing.  And how do you create balance and LIVE. You begin over and over: activate, actuate, excite, inspire, instigate, introduce, lead, and most of all you prevail. Counterpoise and counterbalance what is important and what is not. What is good for you, what is not.
Journal Questions:
What is important to you? What is not important to you? What do you try to make important? What are your personal needs? What are your household needs? Are they in balance? What do you need to do to bring them into balance? Where are you not being responsible to you and your needs? Why do you feel stuck? How can you become unstuck? Write reasonable plans and preparations. When you are sad do you counterbalance this? What do you say to yourself? How do you feel? What do you need to say to bring yourself into better balance. When you are angry, how do you come to terms with how you feel? How can you come into better balance when you are agitated or frustrated? What brings you into balance when you are angry. Do you replay anger in your mind? Do you need to reprogram your anger process? Do you feel this is hyper behavior? or Frustration? Are you communicating your thoughts and ideas? (journaling counts) When you are happily excited, do you stay that way for a long time. Or do you only stay excited for a short while and then feel self conscious? Do you recognize what makes you excited? Is it a normal state of being or what are the circumstances?  Can you be happy when you are alone? Why? Are you only happy around others? What do others do for you? What do you do for others? Emotionally and Physically. How do you want to improve? Your reactions, your friendship skills, your happiness level, your living condition? How do you come into balance in these areas? How do you improve your self worth? How do you improve your situations you find yourself in? Family situations? Work situations? Love situations? Health situations? What will bring balance in these settings ? Give yourself workable solutions. All problems, all quandaries are fixable. You can find yourself in uncertain dilemmas and be unsure how to stabilize. Align, focus, mend, put in working order, and readjust your attitude and intentions. Being reasonable and tolerant of your drawbacks, gaining strength and betterment. Never give up, allow yourself to change and grow.
Nobody trips over mountains.  It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble.  Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain.  ~Author Unknown
Suggestions to raise your self esteem 
Stop putting yourself down
Get sober
Practice self-care
Stop trying to be invisible
Be receptive
Do not compare yourself to others
Stop being self-conscious
Find your passion
Communicate your feelings
Don't get even, get excellent
All problems are fixable
Create solutions
Decide what is best for you
Be Assertive
Give up fear
Stop the drama, don't over react
Self help support (articles,books, cd's)
Recognize who supports you
Make goals
25*Pisces New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

25* Pisces New Moon this month (no moon - the time of dreaming), culminating March 15, 2010. The Pisces new moon is about your connection with others on the deepest and darkest level. Where does fantasy or delusions about family, friends, lovers, or co-workers hamper with your need to be real and attain satisfaction in your every day life. Is there emotional pay offs in your mind. Do you have a deep mental state or are you skimming the surface trying to push away any real emotional attachments. Where do you begin and end, mentally and emotionally. Can you feel happiness anymore or is that a thing of the past. Is stress ruining your appreciation of other people around you. Do you take the "No" word to the extreme now and close off everything that could be a chance of communication with others or taking risks. It's imperative to have good judgement over your life, especially your finances and safety, but changing gently is important for our growth. To find fulfillment and contentment is good for the soul. Easily we see the faults of others, how about our own faults. Are you receptive, excited and personally available. How have you closed down. Why aren't you taking the ride of life. Where have you lost being friendly or cordial. Where have you lost romance. Where do lack happiness. You can have them everyday, they are 'free' commodities and advantages. No one can take them from you. You use to have the eyes of wonder. Everything around you was stimuli and sensation, why aren't you experiencing that today. It's time to open your eyes, ears and feelings once again. Take a deep breath and reactivate the lost parts of yourself. It will be worth it. Remember to not only dream and wish, you are here to LIVE.

Journal Questions:

Where am I lost in the deep murk of feelings? Did I stop to think that holding back my feelings for the benefit of pleasing others or focusing on others that don't reciprocate my feelings, would cut off my flow of living a life I deserve to live? Did I trade drama and trauma for rich fulfilling friendships, co-working, family interests and love? Be specific on what you gain and what you feel is lost. What do I ignore in my love relationships? What do I ignore in family relationships? Do I communicate my needs? Do I whine about my needs, hoping that others will hear me? Do I close down and feel pressure to assert myself or my desires? Who makes me feel guilty? What makes me feel guilty? What can I do to bring back my sense of balance? To bring peace into my life? To bring a sense of fun to my life? What do I do for fun? Why don't I do it anymore? If it's not good for me, how can you modify the fun? Are you addicted to over reaction and drama? Do you not feel loved or wanted if there is not drama? Where have you made painful mistakes? In Love? In Family relationships? In Co working peacefully and easy competitiveness? In friendship? You must come back to what you need in life to create security, real happiness, contentment and fulfillment. It's not about how others treat or treated you, its how you react when people around you overreact or sometimes underreact. Maybe in your mind you relive what you should've said or wanted to act out. Or regret that you freeze, panic, or become outraged in intense situations. Where are you staying stuck in that emotion though deep within and not moving on to a next stage. It's a part of life to experience ups and downs, learn to communicate openly with yourself. Time to be honest what is a fantasy, what is a delusion. How can I move myself into participating fully in my life. Write down 16 suggestions on how I can recreate my perspective about others. Even if they've gone on. Write down what your life looks like in 5 years. Family relationships, Love relationships, friends, job, co-working, how you would serve others, how they would serve you. Where do you live, what does your house look like, what car do you drive, where is your health and self esteem, how much money do you make, what spiritual practice and recreation do you do. The perfect life for you........

Full Snow Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Snow Moon at 9* Virgo will culminate February 28, 2010, 08:38am PST/11:38am EST (almanac). The time of allowing yourself to shine, be it in the workplace or through radiant health. Being in sync with how you create security and well being. Isn't it time to enjoy your vocation, to create good health from lack of stress as you live your life, your way. If life has lacked luster what would make it shimmer. Would you make a change in your career, or just your everyday patterns and routine. Have you been fighting minor or chronic health issues. Are you listening to your body, to your mind and assessing your needs. Or do you ignore your inner dialogue due to bills you have to pay and the demands of your time and energy. How about procrastination, do you say you'll take care of yourself and your obligations for a 'real life' tomorrow or soon. Do you do for everyone else but you. Or put off today what you could do tomorrow. Do you waste your time sidetracking your goals and personal success due to over-socializing or hiding in activities such as excess television or media related activities. Are you a good judge of how others squander their time and lives. What are the essentials and non essentials of your life, or do you know. Mistakes are made when we don't go with our natural flow and tune in to what we wish for and require. We live an invisible agenda, we can act comfortable and repressed or we can confront our feelings, risk our time and energy and grace ourselves with vitality and fortitude. Choose your health, it will lead you to people of strong mind and bodies. Choose to learn and grow, it will lead you to choose wisely your career or job. And if you must work at a job that doesn't suit you, it's never too late to begin what does satisfy you. It might not happen immediately but it will develop if you set goals. You are only a step away from living the life you dream.......

Journal Questions:
Are you confused about what you want to do as a job or career? Are you confused on how you got to this place that makes you feel boxed in? Why do you feel boxed in? What little steps can you start to do to get yourself out of your ruts? Are you depressed? What has brought about your restlessness, anxiousness or depression? How can you fix your emotions? Can you detach? Can you make commitments? What do you feel are your strengths in life? What are your medical problems? Are you passive or pro-active? How are you healing yourself? Is there anyone to talk to that understands your health problems, frustrations or sadness? If not, why? and if so, who and how do they help you. Write down the advice they've given.If it's several people, write their names down. They can be Dr's, Therapists, Parents, Family, Friends --- Are you following any advice? Can you remember what their advice is and write it in your journal? Or do you have theories on how you might be able to bring yourself out of issues or the doldrums. What would allow you to advance? Are you procrastinating? Saving your aspirations to act upon them some rainy day or down the road? What makes you excited? Why don't you decide to alleviate any sign of unrest the minute it happens to you? You know upon the planet there are many modalities of healing. Maybe you need to start taking care of these issues before they are problems. There is always a way out of any situation, be it your health, how you make money or your emotional security. You must choose a direction and slowly go the course. Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today. Your life is about Now...not yesterday or tomorrow. You can do it.
25*Aquarius New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

25* Aquarius New Moon this month, culminating February 13, 2010. The Aquarius new moon is about intellectualizing your need to be seen in the world and by others. How do you want others to take notice of you. It can be a talent or a deed. It can be about being loved for you, "being yourself". Maybe it's for your sincerity level, enhanced charisma or being held special in some way. Could you be loved and admired for all sorts of things you don't fully understand. Or are you not loved enough and question why. It could be that you push people away to test their endurance and seriousness. Do you confuse romantic love with general everyday love or respect. And if you aren't feeling loved or appreciated, where are you allowing yourself to be disheartened. You may feel you've become a wallflower or blending with wallpaper. Even if you are overly busy, you may be spreading yourself thin blending with mad dash anxious society. We shouldn't have to be overt, whine or wail to be noticed. Usually quite the opposite if we want to generate friends and natural fulfillment, the first gesture would be to take the focus off yourself and express simple manners, or gestures of connection. Kindness for kindness sake. It's the start of your spirit being fulfilled by others who in turn will fulfill you.

Journal Questions:
Do you put your best foot forward when meeting new people? Or do you stall and feel awkward? Why? What do they have that you don't have? Where do you lack confidence around others? What do you find likable in yourself? What do you think others see as likable qualities in you? What do you learn from others? Do your expectations run high regarding others? How high? ON: Your family? Your love partners? Your friends? Your co-workers? General passers by? how do others enhance you? How do others inspire you? How are you disappointed by those close? How are you enhanced by those close? Do you have a hard time sustaining long term friendships or relationships? How could you change your viewpoint to fulfillment? How often are you hard on yourself during the day? Do you say to yourself 'that was dumb, I'm stupid, what was I thinking, that sort of inner banter? Do you build yourself just as much. Can be simple, I'm looking healthy today, I like when I wear that color or smiling at yourself in a mirror. Self acceptance. People may disappoint us over and over, but it is wise to work on not disappointing oneself. Sometimes we are asked to leave others behind in our life. Be it by rash or beneficial decision, it hurts and may not feel right at the time. We can feel like we are failing. We need to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps. There will be success, there will be failure in all that we do. Keep moving forward, living, breathing, hoping and loving. It's how us humans roll.

Full Moon Ceremony

Malibu or Los Angeles Area

January 29, 2010 (Friday)

6:30 -8:00pm (sunset 5:22pm pst / moonrise 5:06pm pst)

fee: $35.00 (payment due upon time of registration)

Directions will be provided

This January Moon ritual is in Los Angeles, California


25*Capricorn New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

25* Capricorn New Moon this month, culminating January 14, 2010 23:13/11:13 PM.PST/January 15, 2010 2:13 AM EST (Farmers Almanac). The Capricorn new moon is about looking for ways to gain the comradery and benevolence of others through warmth and lifestyle. What trends and mentors stimulate your mind. It's time to reach into your subconscious and find the hearty goals you once had or laid to rest. Looking deep enough to uncover objectives or a mission. Asking yourself. Have you been going with the status quo. Are you making effort in creating money or opportunities for yourself. Are you looking for love in all the right places. Are you creating the fulfillment you need. Its time to be formulating ideas toward devising a 'whole life'. Making effort to satisfy your accomplishments. It can be that money comes into your sphere, but is it coming easily to pay bills. What would you enjoy doing that generates income. You know if you are gratified or not in love. Do you stumble lost over sensory of everyone and everything. Are you tuning in or tuning out. How out of the fray are you. Are you feeling as though you are in a boat all alone out at sea. Or on a whole ship with too much frivolity. Or sitting alone, stuck and not knowing which way to turn. How do you set back on course toward your ideal goals. There is no running away from ourselves. It's only returning to a balanced state of being. Spark insight to ignite imagination and inception. What are others doing to give you that rush of competition, and helping you step up to the person you long to be. Sometimes others can help us make our lives less complicated and maybe even grand. Instead of confusion, look to stability. Instead of a morass of ideas, look for a few good ones. Instead of complaining, look toward solutions. Instead of inspecting others faults, look to their strengths. Instead of depleting energy on your faults, look to your strengths.

Journal Questions:

Do you feel alone? How much of the time are you lonely? Why? What holds you back into making real connections with others? What do you feel is real connection? What would you talk about with this connection? Is it only physical closeness? Are you afraid to be alone? Are you afraid of NOT being alone? Are you afraid of lack of privacy? How do you make yourself invisible? Dress down? Don't answer the phone? Lack of social interaction? How do you make yourself seen? How do you speak to others? What do you talk to others about? Are you an "on and up" person most of the time? Do you entertain others? How do you think others see you? Do you know when to give advice? Do you know when to comfort others? Do you cross social boundaries? Do you not get near to asking a personal question of anyone about anything? How are your intimacy skills? Can you keep secrets? Can you artfully help others with their problems? Do you treat others how you want to be treated? You may be the most talkative person and never ask for what you need. Or you may be someone who needs too much. Are willing to pull your part of the weight in friendships, partnerships, or your career? You can meditate and call in your human angels to help you when you are suffering. You know the difference if you are acting spoiled or actually have a wretched life. In any case, there needs to be feelings and emotions recharged and a physical change. If you are feeling lonely and unloved. There are coffee and tea houses at every corner, maybe it's time to risk and ask others out. Or for established couples to take the time for some comradery. Make it a goal not to complain if you are dissecting society, or one's person. Speak of furthering your mind, your body, your spirituality, your environment or your city. To establish intimacy we must listen to others and agreeing not to disagree. If you find yourself in disharmonious situations, what are you learning? You can figure out what serves you and what doesn't. Be honest with yourself. You are a clear thinking human, there is No Confusion.


Dear Tara

It may seem strange to have such a positive outlook for 2010 following such a disastrous year with most of us still reeling from the outcome of the recession and a 10% unemployment rate. And while it's true that so many of us have had to cut back, (especially with luxury items such as portraits), I have a gut feeling that great prosperity is millimeters away for many of us, that we will soon forget what it was like to live in fear of "not enough". Applying Napoleon Hill's Law of Attraction concept in his  "Think and Grow Rich" book may have a lot to do with my attitude. I recommend this book to anyone who hasn't read it or who may need a refresher course. 

Being in alignment with Mr. Hill, I'm on the verge of publishing my book "The Natural Goddess" and if everything goes as planned, the book will be published and circulating by May or June of this year. Adding significantly to the value of this book,  I've had  many exquisite photoshoots with phenomenal women these last 2 months. I got to play with Connie Stevens, Stefanie Powers, Marla Maples, Arielle Ford, Tara Sutphen and Allana Pratt and I'm blessed to be looking forward to photographing several more celebrities this month before I submit the book for publication.

I had two of my favorite goddess friends assist me on every shoot: Dawn Jackson with wardrobe and Alicia Barrera with makeup and hair. We had so much fun we went out and celebrated afterwards, each time. Stefanie graciously treated us to dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant after her shoot. 

          Dawn Jackson, Tara Sutphen, Marla Maples, Alicia Barrera

Some gorgeous portraits came out of these shoots, maybe the best yet! I've been given permission to share them with you.

But before I do, Speaking of the Law of Attraction, I just want to mention that Arielle Ford has a special offer for all you goddesses who have not met your soulmate yet.
 See below after viewing these photos.

                                             Connie Stevens at age 71! Yeah, way!

                                         Stefanie Powers at 66 out on a limb and loving it!

               Marla Maples at 46 looking more like a teenager in a Field of Dreams......
       Marla and Tara
                Tara Sutphen in the light                                     Marla and Tara sisters forever!

                                     Allana Pratt the Goddess of  SSSSSSensuality!

   Airelle Ford
                              Arielle Ford, the Goddess of True Love and Soulmate Connections
      The Soulmate Secret        
                by Arielle Ford

Have you ever wondered what it takes to find the love  of your life?

Is it  your dream to find a life-partner who will love, cherish and adore you?  
Learn how in The  Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life With the Law of Attraction by
Arielle Ford

Finding true love is possible for anyone at any age if  you're willing to prepare yourself to become a magnet for love. Arielle Ford  knows this from experience. She used the techniques in this book to bring her  soulmate into her life at age forty-four. They were engaged three weeks later  and have been happily married for over ten years.

The  techniques, rituals, and projects found within The Soulmate Secret will  allow you to prepare your home, body, mind, and spirit for the soulmate your  heart truly desires.

The  Soulmate Secret works for men and women of all ages. It even worked for  Arielle's 80 year old mother-in-law, Peggy.  <>  


These past few months I've been so focused on my book and my movie that I forgot to remind everyone, that I'm still doing goddess portraits for all women who desire to know their own Divine Feminine and to see the proof of the pudding in their own portrait. For many it's the actual experience on the day of the shoot that changes their lives.
But then, they get to be reminded of that magical experience each time they see their portrait. Every woman has the right to know how uniquely beautiful, how special and how brilliant she is. That's my job and I'm offering you another chance to capture that experience for yourself and to lock it in with a portrait. I've decided to keep the prices low for a while until there's a shift in the economic consciousness. Then they will move up to another level befitting a photographer of the stars!
But right now, it's only $250 which includes a consultation, a wardrobe fitting and your choice of locations with a minimum of 100 shots taken. If you choose to have professional makeup and hair, that will be an additional $150. And, I am offering a $50 finders fee for anyone who refers a friend for a sitting.

Please call 949-494-0294 or email me at for an appointment.

Many Blessings,

December 2009

Full Long Night Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Long Night "Blue" Moon at 10* Cancer will culminate December 31, 2009, 11:13am PST (farmers almanac). A Blue Moon is when there are two full moons in one calendar month. Also this moon will be a partial lunar eclipse, only visible to Europe, Asia & Africa. The Umbral shadow will cover 7.6 percent of the moon's surface. Eclipse's are about change or letting go, it can be to bring something exciting or illuminating into your life. The time of New Years Resolutions, you may as well be clear on your intentions and really be in the spirit of good and great change instead of letting life whip you around. We are in the darkest days of the year, dig deep within yourself and bring to the fore those dreams and desires. Your feelings and sentiments need to be examined to see where they block your life. How do emotions clog your ego. Is your ego stumbling these days. Are you able to accomplish in your everyday life. Where don't you feel good about yourself. Why are you letting these feelings hide instead of dealing with them and bringing them out to examine and rectify. Why wouldn't recognizing the lost and hurt feelings be enough to help us in life. Maybe they can. Perhaps it's kissing them better and putting them back deeply inside our soul as knowledge and wisdom. Conceivably it's about reactivating our trust.

Dig, Dig, Dig out those sordid agitating to despairing thoughts and wounds, it's your time to create your new ego and the base on which it rests. Where does your soul and your ego sit within you. Why is it not resting in the most comforting place. It should be on a glowing feather soft nest, not on a bed of nails. Did someone remark recently or long ago about your words or deeds - Call your self esteem back. Did someone wound your soul - Call back the shards and your confidence. Did someone not love you enough - Call your love back. Did you give too much to others and they didn't acknowledge or appreciate you - Call your expectations back. Did you fear - Call back your courage. Call back the lost parts of yourself, they are yours after all. You have come to create the best earth life you can, begin to activate your life-force and wholeness into your trust center. You give because it is an honor to give, you love because it is your legacy to have and to hold. Remember your mind is clear, there is no confusion. Bring back the lost parts of you.

Journal Questions:

What is your ego? How big is your ego? Is it as big as your soul? Or is your soul gigantic and your ego small? or vis-a-versa? Is your ego and soul balanced? How are they in harmony? Are you well balanced. Are you in disharmony ego and soul - wise? Are you personally out of control with your ego? Where? How? Why? What would bring you in balance? Why do you over compensate? Where do you feel less than? Where have you been wounded? Emotionally? Mentally? Physically? Soulfully? Who and what is to say that you are out of control? Be your best judge. Describe your ego and it's base connections? How do you protect yourself and your ego? How do you manipulate yourself or others? How do you gain favor or not? What are your motivations? And Why? Do you feel these are instinctual feelings and reactions? Or are they thought out with good planning and alertness? Where can you vivify your motivations? Where can you sooth your deepest sadness? And carol yourself back into awakening your longings? Where does knowledge and wisdom begin and end? Where will you use your wisdom? Or do you let your soul retain knowledge? Do you use good to great knowledge to further your primitive or radical ideas, thoughts or actions? Where do you risk? Are you clear what you want to gain? Bring the sorrows out, kiss them and put them away. They are meaningful, they can be comprehension in their highest form. Allow them to be thus. If you are to make progress, let it be now. No longer waiting for the right time.

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24*Sagittarius New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

24* Sagittarius New Moon this month, culminating December 16, 2009 (Ephemeris). The Sagittarius new moon is about how to reach beyond your self imposed limitations to take the next step in learning and action. You want to flourish to an ideal in your environment, how you see yourself and how others react to you. As you gaze into a mirror, do others see the real you or the fake you. Who do you see. What is your next step. What might you like to learn. What would break you free of any confinement. This 24* Sagittarius aspect is positioned in the tail of the Scorpion, again we are looking at the depth of your ego, the depth of your placement in the world. Have you lost your way or just lost who you might be. How might you turn yourself around and find new direction of acquiring everything you dream. It could be one small step, it could be many could take effort. Why are you afraid to make the change. There are justifications and excuses but does that bring you to a solution. It's time for you to have results.What is the ideal on how others treat you. Have you taken that step to ever think about it. I'd like to say that you shouldn't care what others think. But on a subconscious or conscious level, there is always someone you care about impressing or controlling. True for all humans. We have some mechanism that says "Love Me", as a universal principle of one. You can feel alone, when really it's a viewpoint on how you affect others and living up to your ideal of a loving family member, a responsible friend, lover or parent, someone worthy of respect. Even if your trust has been fully broken by suffering, and for many this is the case. The glimmer is slight, it is with wisdom and mercy we carry compassion to reinforce the hope of change and growth for ourselves and for others.

As we go into a holiday time, where the offerings are sometimes misconstrued with societies push of consumerism. Not everyone is in a spirit of the whole. Remember to let go of your limitations, what is now will not be in 100 years. You will not have the opportunity to be with the people, places and things that you value or need to awaken for. There are tests, there is truth to be sought and gained. If you don't have resources, you have time and energy. And if you don't feel you have that you always have a smile. Stop feeling like 'things' will help the world. Only sentiments matter, it will be what we take with us when we leave the planet. Find peace within and create your world.

Journal Questions:

What is the real you? What is the fake you? How do you think that others see you? What are your strengths and weakness' that you see? What do other's see of your strength's and weakness'? Where do you allow others to affect you when it comes to making money? Or feeling overly responsible? or under responsible? What do you feel are your justifications and excuses on why you don't achieve? And achieve in what way? Money? Love? Happiness? Knowledge? Rest? Where do you feel trapped? Where do you feel free? What would make you feel worthy? What would make you feel free? What would make you feel good about yourself? How do you want to help yourself? How do you want to help others? Do you live in the right neighborhood? And why don't you? What holds you back from living in the environment you envision? How are you holding yourself back and why? Who holds you back and why? Who empowers you? Who tries to empower you, but you are afraid to take the advice or move into attainment? Is it guilt? Is it shame? Is it fear? Sometimes others see great things for you even though they can't move themselves into position of attainment. Why...write it all out. If you see your feelings on paper, you can recognize these limitations and begin to work to bring yourself into balance. Balance being your mind meets your communication skills meets your actions. You don't just think it, you speak it, and then, you live it....Think, Speak & Live.

Full Cold Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Cold Moon at 10* Gemini will culminate December 2, 2009. A reprieve from over exerting yourself, it's time to be in your head again and make plans on what direction you need to move in. It's not about what others need, it's about you. Communicating what is in your mind and what is in your heart. How will you focus and be successful on your goals. During these holidays make a personal wish for yourself. Write it down, express it in some way...discuss it with your best friend, or a confidante. Move your ideas and solutions into your mind and let the words come into your voice, access and decipher what is good for you. To speak it, makes it real. Note it as a direction.

Many times we communicate our ideas and others do not hear. Do we speak them over and over and others aren't listening or are we not activating ourselves to be heard. It's time to move our very essence into getting the life that makes us happy and healthy. This month is all about communication and coming into a #1 position. You are not a second class citizen waiting for entry, you are already here. Recognize what it is you want and why you want it, is it good for you and why. And does it move you into being successful and attaining security and contentment. Fulfilling your life is a blessing, stop thinking you are looking for something that is non attainable such as a job that you are unwilling to work for, or not listening to healthy choices for your ultimate health and well being. You can't wish for things and expect that they happen magically, it does take some planning and then executing those intentions. Are you ready to move into a wonderful life...or are you just in the pre-planning stages.Why are you stalling. What holds you back.You can't talk it and not live it. As the holidays come, plan to make the best of them. Plan to speak kindly, adjust your attitude and release expectations, as life isn't always the most fair, if you live your own truth you will gain abundance on many levels. Decipher delicate matters so that you clear them out of your path. It's your time for genuine revelation as the New Year approaches. Barriers are overcome if you can recognize what holds you down and keeps you from being your ultimate best self.

Journal Questions:

Where am I saying one thing and doing another? Why am I blocking my own potential? What is my potential? Where have I thought I'm moving in a direction only to find myself in a terrible situation? Explain the situations? Career? Love? Health? What do I feel I'm doing right? What am I feeling I'm doing wrong? Where do I access my plans? Who do I communicate with? Who is my confidante's? Why do I run my problems past these people? Do they help me to understand? Do I feel empowered? Do I feel weak? Do I feel I need to work this hard at gaining footing in my life? What do I do when I am gaining clarity of purpose? Do I feel I live in the right place? Do I feel I have the right job? Do I feel I have the right love life? Do I feel I have the right health? Clearing my mind...who do I best talk to on all these subjects? Who gives me insight? Why do I feel the insight and advice is clear? I know I should make reasonable plans so that my life easily flows in an orderly fashion. I want to talk my walk and walk my talk. Am I truth or folly? Explain. This is my time on the planet? Activation! How do I best do that?

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November 2009

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24*Scorpio New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

24* Scorpio New Moon this month, culminating November 16, 2009 (Ephemeris). The Scorpio new moon is about your personal depth of being and coming to terms with how you are responsible to yourself and for others. Activating solutions, speech and action to help those you love. Sometimes it can be how you help and support those not only in your family, but through your community, country or world. It is a calling, as you help and nurture others they help and nurture you. Last month as the new moon was in Libra it was all about your beauty inside and outside, but with this moon it's time to look at the uglies hidden deep within. Searching for recognition of light and life, we may want to hide everything about ourselves that can't come out for others to see. Hiding are idiosyncrasies, wild sex, hate, greed, punishment, grief, sorrow, failure, and self-loathing. It is there in everyone, some rearrange all these feelings to make them less potent and embarrassing. Everyone has trouble and sadness, it is the earth plane after all and as much as we try and run from the weakness' we carry from our soul contracts, we must take time to deal with different changes and stumbling blocks. If we don't, metaphorically, we may go through life with a blindfold faltering on the path.

This Scorpio new moon is not only about you this time though, it's about others and how you act and respond. A person's behavior is never about you, it's about them. Do you take the time to observe before you react. Do you try and hear on a deeper level or see in 2nd sight. What is it that you can say or do to assist someone in their moment of attention, anxiety or distress. We all at times cry out in agony or suffering. Some people may be silent, never ask for help or say a word. We must be aware of them as well as the bellowers or screamers. There are some people who want too much from everyone and everything, remembering.... it's never about you. You are in the world theatre and you're playing a role in a part. Activate to have the inner knowing, when to observe, when to advise and when to act. We are all on our soul contract and agreements, and live our journey. If we are able to see through the darkest parts of ourselves maybe we'll be able to change our lives and those that we love in the best possible ways.

Journal Questions:

What do I think my motivations are? Can I be truly honest with myself? Do I look at the deepest darkest parts of myself? Why are they important? How can I cure this part of myself? Do I always carry frustration and anxiety? When does it stop? When does it end? I find myself acting out, what am I not dealing with and why? Why do I think I might have to die to get out of my troubles? What are my fixable solutions? Why do I feel desolate and alone with a world full of people? Why do I go through periods of self-loathing? Why am I never good enough? What is it that keeps me from doing what I want to accomplish? Why do I test myself over and over? Why do I browbeat myself? Why do I judge others? Why do I feel unworthy? What do others have that I want? Why can't I have those things? Why can't I make decisions to create those situations? What do I feel are my 'uglies'? Give myself a list to overcome these dark parts of myself, bringing them to light on paper. I want to change how I feel about ---? I want to change how I think about ---? I want to change my attitude? I want to help others, how best can I start doing this? It could be that you already do this in the work place. Make a list: Kind words, smiles, small offerings, advice, etc... You don't need to give all your time and energy to others. It's only about making your life worthwhile with your... Family? Friends? Co-workers? Bystanders? People in Business you frequent? Community servers? Nation servers? World Servers? How can I be kindest to myself? Make a list. 15 mins every morning enjoying a hot beverage and resting while looking out a window? Reading 5 pages of a self-help book or good novel? Taking 1 - 2 mins with everyone you come in contact with to acknowledge them and validate their existence? Helping your kids with homework? Talking to your kids? Talking to your parents or relatives? Talking to your friends? Taking care of a sick friend or family member? Teaching someone about your expertise? Learn to please the inner you deep within while you are assisting others. It is one of the fulfilling aspects of life.

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Full Beaver Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Beaver Moon at 10* Taurus will culminate November 2, 2009. Much like last month, it's time to exert some energy. You are being nudged even more, stir and shift your ideas and talent into movement. Activate yourself toward acquiring security and resources. Solutions are all around and you make solid choices and move forward. Taking easy steps, one at a time. Most problems and burdens are fixable, it's just making up your mind to alleviate the harsh judgements you give yourself and move into release and relief. You deserve relief...say it over a few times.... I deserve relief, I deserve a reprieve, I deserve recovery........I deserve relief, I deserve a reprieve, I deserve recovery...........I deserve relief, I deserve a reprieve, I deserve recovery.

Your spirit is vast and knowledgeable, you instinctually know what is good for you and what is not. Instinctually means you can feel the necessary direction you need to go. If you are making up all sorts of justifications on why you should do something that doesn't suit you. This can be in any area of your life, don't say yes when you mean no. And if you are being railroaded by circumstances, recognize it and work in a direction to gain the necessary means to create your life. The actual life you want to live. The essence and shine of the moon alights you for the whole world to see. Who you are and what you want. It's time for you, the real you...

Journal Questions:

Procrastination: What areas of your life aren't you handling. Money aspects? Love opportunities? Family time and energy? Career Path? Time for rest or play? Body image issues? Health Priorities? Job assessment? Home or Work projects? Better life? How can you change? Remember --- I deserve relief, I deserve a reprieve, I deserve recovery. What solutions come to mind of these questions? Do you have more questions that need to be answered? Time to know what you run from? Know what and who you have pushed away from yourself? Where you did not deserve the best of love? Or the best career? Or the best job? Why? What has made you unsatisfied? Or suppressed your self-esteem? Where are you only being hard on yourself and everything is okay and perfect in it's own way? But what is not perfect, that needs to be fixed for you? If you need to work on one thing first, than that is what you do. Have a starting place and work from there...but it's time to begin not just writing but living what you have written for yourself. you are writing the stories of your life...the annals of the Akashic.

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October 2009

Oct 31-Nov 1, 2009
Sorcing on Samhain
Full Moon Ceremony

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Rock n Roll Psychic interviews Tara Sutphen

24* Libra New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

24* Libra New Moon this month, culminating October 18, 2009 (Ephemeris). The Libra new moon is about balance and beauty. The new moon represents quiet in darkness. Time to start being gentle on yourself. Free yourself from would have's, could have's and should have's and start creating the stress free life you need. It starts with you. Where does it say you have obligations out of control to live happily. It's time to slow down, smell some roses, or look out at an inspiring vista, or write in your journal. Take some me time. True beauty, both men and women comes from the heart and is seen in someone's eyes and smile. It is your soul.

Stress has been a big challenge for many people. There are many demands from family, friends, jobs, schools, banks, bills, and the community. No wonder people don't have time to get involved in world projects. Or can't think straight or eat well. We want to someday look back on our live's and see how we lived, did we risk enough, did we love enough, did we really live, did we seek to remain beautiful, did our sense of childhood wonder remain. Is our spirit intact.

A being is not allowed to break your spirit. They could try, but it is yours and only your spirit. It will be whole if you want it whole. You make an effort to find yourself vibrating on that higher level of being. I use the sound of the earth to match the sound with my own. That always works to bring you into balance. No use crying over spilled milk, it's time for fixable solutions in life. Bounty and Blessings are yours by birthright. Beauty is yours to behold, it's not societies model of beauty as you know there is wonder all around you. Time to step up your mojo. Be the fabulous you.

Journal Questions:

Where am I wasting my time and energy? Do I need to make myself a schedule? What might I miss out on if I don't take the time now? Where do I needlessly do errands? Where am I hard on myself? Where have I lost my Mojo? Where is my beauty or handsomeness? Where can I find it? What steps do I do for a fixable solution? Where is my balance? Am I irritated by little things? What am I irritated by? Answer Why.... after each irritation. Where can you find balance with these irritations? There is a quick fix solution, give yourself one for each. Anger is not an option, if you are feeling outraged and abused, it's time to take steps to alleviate that feeling and situation. Where do you deserve that life or karma? Work it out in your head, why is this situation stifling my life and how can I fix it? Why do I care take others who abuse me? What is really going on with my life? Take steps to change.

Anchor yourself with keywords, such as "opportunity or balance or a little meditation, such as the one I lead on the gold coins for 10 seconds. Ground yourself. For that 10 seconds if you don't see the coins, know the coins are there or feel them. I have you stand on coins to bring prosperity on all levels into your life, no dissension and failure. You are a clear thinking human, there is no confusion.
photo of Amanda Baker (my 2nd cousin)

Full Harvest Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Harvest Moon at 11* Aries will culminate at October 4, 2009 03.11/03:11 AM PST (ephemeris)
This is a month to take action. You've been emotionally clearing your fears and problems for awhile and now is the time to take steps to activate your life force and your stamina. You move your physical body to attend to desires, allowing solutions as you extradite problems. Even if you've been in a morass of confusion, this is a time to make your way out of it. If you are physically sick, do something about it. Make a decision on treatment and move in a direction of wellness. If you have been struggling with money, it is time to access your situation and move into proactive movement. What area of your career or job is not getting you anywhere, take a step in either achievement or stability. Be clear on what you need. Are you satisfied or struggling in your love relationships, what needs to be changed, are they realistic compromises and fixable changes or do you need to be honest with yourself in some area. It may not be the other person, it could be you. Face it, either fix the problem by communicating on a real level or being honest with yourself. If you have children, move into constructive parenting. Basically it's all about fixing your problems in the now...not putting them off for another time.

You don't need to be enthusiastic or aggressive, you only need be assertive. Why are you leading a mediocre existence? You don't want to have 10 to 10,000 regrets on your way out. Maybe you wish your family, community, your city, your country, or the world were different. Instead of complaining or feeling helpless, what can you do to to make a difference? Your family, lovers or friends can be inconsistent, and maybe even mismatched with you. Incompatibility can create confusion and feelings of being alone or lost. Maybe you are not the only one having these thoughts, they could be having a similar experience with you. Everyone wrestles with their likability, their lovablity, and their capability. There is a difference with matters that are truly important and trivial pursuits.What matters on your personal roster is your health, your career or job, your love relationships, your family and friends, your spirituality, your contentment and your happiness. That is the course rules without solid directions . We don't get everything right, not everyone lives up to our expectations, but we begin again. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, dust off and gain determination.

Journal Questions:

How is your life? What do you like about it? What would you like to change? Where would you like to live? What job or career do you want? Why don't you have that job now if you work at something else. Explain why you don't have the job you most desire? Do you know what job you most desire? What could you do to make your job more fulfilling? What attitude do you carry around most of the time? Too busy, mad, sad, smiley, goofy, sullen, quiet or another attitude? Approachable or Unapproachable? Do you carry this attitude at home or only in the work place? Are you the same personality in both places? What are your areas of procrastination? What do you resist? Who do you resist? Do you step into action? Delegate well? or Ignore work, home life and slowly get it handled? What matters of your job or employment are frustrating you at this time? How do you solve your problems? Do you curse and blow up, calmly start handling the problem, sulk or ? Take one issue at a time --- write the issue, then write a solution or what could be a solution for you if it were possible. Financially I see myself as stable? Do I make solid financial solutions? Do I have a knack for good decisions regarding money? Am I well versed in what I want and why I want it. Do I take great care in handling my money? If you haven't handled your money well -- When did your financial problems begin? Why do you worry about money? Does this affect your health or make you anxious? Money is always a fixable situation. It could take effort, there might not be a fast solution to some money issues, but there could be patience added into an equation. Budget money so that living comes first. It's important to pay for your shelter and a vehicle, food, next then... all the extras. If you are living beyond your means, take time to access your situation. You don't need to waste your time keeping up with the Jones. Gain a quality life that brings you contentment. And if you have the ability to leap of course do so, but know when you need to take a rest from overtaxing your time, resources or energy. Write out your budget? Fix what needs to be done around your living area. Start taking care of the kids, your parents, or your pets better? Write down how you can help your family or pets. Step up and take responsibility. Also know when you are doing too much. When have you done something for yourself lately? What hobbies do you like? Make a schedule and add the hobbies or self care to the schedule. Add romance and quiet time. This is your path and journey and it's time to create the life you want to live.

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September 2009

Martin Hulbaek

Tara on Martin's Radio Show - Denmark to Malibu

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25* Virgo New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

25* Virgo New Moon this month, culminating September 18, 2009 at 15.45/3.45pm pst (Ephemeris). The Virgo new moon is about refinement and clarification. The new moon represents quiet in darkness. At this time you have the ability to allow what you haven't noticed, or what you need to learn about yourself to come to light, to gain answers to your questions and resolutions to your problems. An element of 25* Virgo is the enhancement of psychic ability, your mind working at optimum level, intelligence and ideality. What are you seeing as imperfect and would like to fix? Your monetary struggles, relationships, blocks, health issues, or spiritual confusion. Or is it a time to be more creative and learn new things. Is there a goal you want to work toward, constructing one plan at a time. When you have the formula to elevate change and growth, you can than apply the knowledge to all areas of your life. If you want to improve, where do you begin? On yourself more likely than others. Even if you are finding yourself in utter chaos, you must change yourself and your attitudes before emotions or situations will recover. You can only begin to assist others if you are above their level in question. Examples: Taking monetary advice from someone who complains of no money or lack, an overweight person who gives dieting tips but isn't active w. the tips themselves, a criticizing person on love and friendship. you are a boss or parent, etc... You can't spout what you don't adhere to. Although being supportive and offering anyone understanding and solace is what we deem best in others. Are you listening to others who try and point you toward greater vistas or a steady life? Or are you stubborn or in denial. Quietly think deeply and listen to your most truthful self. What are fixable problems surrounding you? What comes to you as an observation in your asking, there are solutions to every worry, a pathway to desire, you begin a search to create wholeness for your heart, for your mind and intellect, for your soul and it's callings. You are master of your destiny.

For your Journal:

What does clarification mean to you? What does refinement mean to you? Do you sometimes not feel that you are clear in your motives and intent? Others around you and their motives and intent? Have you been happily surprised by yourself or others? Unhappily surprised? When you work toward a goal, are you able to reach that goal? Clearly what have you done or do well? what have you done wrong? Do you need to refine some manners? Be sincere when speaking with others. Know when to speak and when to stay silent. Activate your psychic ability to know when you need to be in touch with your feelings and others feelings. Do you see your life clearly in every way? What natural abilities to succeed are you blind to? What or who do you put rose colored glasses on? How do you become more refined in life? What issues are you not seeing clearly? What ailments are you blind to? Write a few sentences or paragraph on each subject, what is good for you, what is bad for you. "I SEE Clearly: work, success goals, love nature, manners, station in life, psychic ability, soul goals. Another set of paragraphs: what are lovely parts? What are the problems? In: health, eating habits, success, career path, housing, environment, community, love interest, dating, marriage, happiness, children, family, critical judgement, wisdom, spirituality. Another set of paragraphs: If I am not happy, what must I do to reach contentment? Where am I fulfilled in life and what takes away from my life and why? Television, pc, career, work, bad habits, lover/mate, family, friends, events. Your life is about gaining clarity and what you allowed to be taken away and what balance you need to bring back. Fine tune how to bring yourself into alignment. Know Thyself, for this is your time to create a beautiful life.

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Full Corn Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Corn Moon at 12* Pisces will culminate at September 4, 2009 13.04/1:04 PM PST (ephemeris) This is a month to explore what makes you tick, examining your phobias, fears and secrets. It's time to recognize what could be freezing you in place or holding you back from accomplishment, money, love relationships, a lifestyle, your basic aims and desires. At times you may find yourself blank on why you are immobilized by your anxiety. Or your life is set by unalterable commitments. To change is painful, but it's time to process the why's and with diligence and action to seek some deep seated answers. What truly makes you happy? Or is being unhappy okay? And do you recognize when you are carrying unresolved drama or issues. When is unhappiness, not okay? You may not seek that overt happy feeling, but life should be content on many levels. Sit and meditate, or write lists. And if you can't seem to detect what it is you can't release, you could try a past life regression or hypnotherapy session by cd or mp3. You could open up a psychology book, take some quizzes. Gain knowledge of your strengths or weakness' through your astrology. You are on a search, where is your most powerless self hiding. Hiding being the key word. Where do you begin to look. Clues would lie in your mental anguish, lack of physical motivation, or spiritual unrest. Have you been having feelings of despair or devastation. Or is it an overall restlessness and a focus problem? Insecurities abound, feelings of inadequacy or inferiority, even lonliness and isolation. You don't need to speak about it with others as long as you are responsive to awakening the parts of yourself that need some overhaul or inner sanctuary work.

Inner sanctuary work is your inner light and the temple of your body, mind and soul. The personal power that sits within you and your life force, it is the god light. In the eyes of God you are a perfect human. But we allow society and our cultures programming and conditions to change our perspectives on ourselves and our surroundings. Your turmoil can be totally worked into societies false sense of propriety. Go deep into your soul knowledge, what is your Akashic duty to yourself. Maybe you don't know. Have you been ignoring your self worth. Have you been evading what life can really mean to you if you fully participate in it.

Find what seems broken or lost within you. Bring into your being the basics of grace, attitude and effort. Start taking steps to better health, appreciating relationships and friendships, finding gratitude and challenge in your career, and being whole in your spiritual nature. Awaken the slumbering parts of you.

Journal Questions:
What are you hiding about yourself? What have you tried to hide about yourself, but you seem to be called on it anyway? Lack of faith? Lack of motivation? Lack of cooperation? What don't you want others to know about you? Why are you afraid? Are you afraid of being judged? Are you afraid of trust? Are you afraid of weather? Are you afraid of Man's temper? Are you afraid of world problems? Are you paranoid? Is your courage in tact? How do you feel about yourself? Your looks? Your mind? Your body? Your body strength? Are you thinking too much about you? Do you focus on self pity? Do you exclude all thought of others around you? Do you know what your friends and family need? What your community aspires to? Are you your own Island? Or are you spreading your energy too thin to think on what you might need to fix the deepest parts of yourself? Where is the lack stemming in your life? Why do you think? Past lives? This life? Motivation? Mind stimulation? Opportunities? Lack of Opportunities? Lack of guidance? Moving in the wrong direction? Led in circles? What are the blocks? What are the solutions? To have a friend: You must be a friend.To have Love: You must be Love. To have Success: You must have courage. To have an education: you must be the student. To receive kindness: you must give in kind. To have health: you must make effort.

Feel trust being activated in your solar plexus. You don't always know where you are going, but you must trust that you can have a beautiful life.

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SEPT 3 Moon Ritual is FULL. I will look up the October Full Moon schedule.

You can book w. my office for next month......

August 2009

Tara's Radio Guest: Aug 28 Trisha Ventker
Internet Dates from Hell

Author Trisha Ventker
Internet Dates from Hell

Internet Dates from Hell

is not only a guide; it is also a six-year journey through author Trisha Ventker's dating life as a single kindergarten teacher who relocated from the suburbs to New York City to find her soul mate. Fielding as many as four hundred responses in one day, and receiving more than fifty two thousand hits on her personal ad in an eight-month span, she shares her frightening but true encounters in the world of online dating.

Follow Ventker through the trials and tribulations of her quest to find "Mr. Right." Along the path, Trisha Ventker endures hundreds of first dates. Encounters include a conspiracy theorist from the United Kingdom, a religious fanatic from Texas, a sadomasochistic psychiatrist, and even a pre-op transsexual, to name a few. Ventker's brutally honest memoir lets you step inside her shoes and experience her exciting journey firsthand.

Tara Radio - Aug 21, 2009 9am GUEST: Sharon Jeffers
Sharon Jeffers - Author of Love & Destiny

Sharon Jeffers is known for her amazing accuracy with this system of timekeeping, and for her clear delineations of birthdays as associated with the playing deck. As an internationally known life consultant, award-winning author, and third-generation clairvoyant, Sharon has worked with thousands of people from around the world and from all walks of life.
A natural-born mystic, Sharon Jeffers has since childhood seen the future, heard the thoughts of others, and perceived things not always perceived by others. She began her studies in numerology and astrology at age thirteen and began doing readings spontaneously with the regular deck of playing cards at age twenty-one. She has been a student of this Mystic Science of the Cards since 1990.

27* Leo New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

27* Leo New Moon this month, culminating August 20, 2009 at 07:03 pst (Ephemeris). The Leo new moon is all about creation. All projects, all thoughts begin in the darkness and come to light. What different emotional and physical scenes do you create. Whether they be comedy, crisis, excitement. Even a farce, melodrama or histrionics. What reactions are you seeking to push yourself and others forward or push others back. Positive and/or Negative drama. Time for reflection on what you need to secure for yourself within the perimeters of friendship, relationships and work partnerships. Have you been a team player or lone wolf. And metaphorically and physically where are you going, what are the clues. We may not have the whole picture but there are many signs to interpret. We can decipher problems we have, but what is some of the good things that you are working towards, health, learning, communicating with others, communing with nature, happiness and career opportunities, and financial stability. What people, places or things are helpful and/or annoying. Do you ignore it all and hope it goes away. You are in the vibrational soup and even though you'd like to be your own sovereignty, you have to interact a certain amount with others. Others can frustrate, inferiorate and hold judgement on you, and you of them. How do others benefit you? What makes you playful? What makes you dutiful? Who creates in you an act of courage? Who creates in you the act to participate in life? Who knocks you off balance? Are people asking, ignoring or shouting for you to wake up. In their way, creating drama so that you can see your life and it's callings? Or are they just annoying or actually in your way? Is it a time in your life where you are stepping forward or stepping back. Are you taking into account what you have learned and what you are learning. Are you growing in ways that help you or are you on the hindering path...always struggling with money, relationships and setting goals to keep. Do you create harmony every day? Are you stirring up emotions and cross purposes for yourself and others. Why are you emotionally struggling? Why are you physically struggling? Sometimes our best intentions for others become the worst advice and avenues for others. Sometimes our best intentions for ourselves need accessment and an overhaul. What advice do you have for yourself. Can you take your own advice?

Journal Questions:

Who gets on your nerves? People who love you too much or who you love too much? Or are you moody? And why? Do you contradict yourself? Where are you being unkind to yourself? Why are you unkind to others? Who are you proud of in your family lineage? Proud of friends? Proud of teachers? Proud of scholars? Proud of celebrities? Your role models? Who are you emulating in life? What traits? What characteristics? What honor? What bad traits? What rebellious thinking? What successful thinking? Where are you falling short on your ideas? Where are you gaining footing on your ideas? Who helps you become more of who you need to be - whether you are in synch w. these people or not...who helps you and why? Who do you want to protect? Who wants to protect you? Do you feel support in the world? Do you gain support by being a part of the world? Do you recognize your good qualities to offer others? What are these qualities? Do you gain money by listening to others? Do you gain self respect by listening to others? Do you gain advancement in some way? Are you being a worry wart, always freaking on what is to come? Or are you in a stall time for improvements, no time for making more money, no way out toward happiness? What are your ways out? Why you will or won't take the risks? Give yourself grand excuses on this as it needs to be clear for your growth. When you understand can gain greater achievement. Surpass those blocks and any small thinking. Don't allow others to be a barrier but helpers along your path. Integrate true support. Really tune in to your messages around you. What can you do to help yourself reach new levels. Stand in your personal power.

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RIP Our Sweet Aaron

Unwrap me from this white linen shroud and clothe me
With leaves of jasmine and lilies;
Take my body from the ivory casket and let it rest
Upon pillows of orange blossoms.
Lament me not, but sing songs of youth and joy;
Shed not tears upon me, but sing of harvest and the winepress;
Utter no sigh of agony, but draw upon my face with your
Finger the symbol of Love and Joy.
Disturb not the air's tranquility with chanting and requiems,
But let your hearts sing with me the song of Eternal Life;
Mourn me not with apparel of black,
But dress in color and rejoice with me;
Talk not of my departure with sighs in your hearts; close
Your eyes and you will see me with you forevermore.

by Kahlil Gibran

I have written much that I haven't shared yet about my nephew Aaron, our laughter of shared family life (I only have/had two nephews and three nieces) and Aaron's struggle through cancer and his transition. Last night I dreamt that he was basking in my lit white aura, my soothing him as he lay his head on my knees.We were gently laughing and in deep conversation about what is to come, the next phase of his journey. As today is the celebration of Aaron's life. My brother has made it into a big catered affair, projects have been made to honor Aaron. All my kids contributed, William made the urn, Hunter downloaded all his favorite songs for the film projects, and Cheyenne made 'from scratch' chocolate cake on Aaron's birthday (post) for his dad/mom & sibs. The family surrounds you in the circle of Love, we welcomed you into the world and hopefully we helped you gracefully leave us. Awe Aaron, we're gonna miss you...

Full Moon Ceremony

August 5, 2009

Tara's Radio Show: Aug 14 9am

Patrick Smith, The Irish Seer - Psychic

From Dublin, Ireland, Patrick Smith has an uncanny gift to foretell the future and predict things that other people can't see.

Following life-threatening traumas, failed relationships, and many hardships, Patrick emerged from the darkness into the light with psychic ability and the power to heal. He intensified these powers in Australia where he also worked as an addiction and family counselor. Patrick Smith has studied the Druid ways all his life, and in Ireland trained in psychoanalysis. He also hosted a popular weekly radio show.

Since then, Patrick Smith has helped thousands of people on their own journey. His most practical tools are the tarot cards, an ancient tradition that dates back to the 12th Century. The art that originated today's playing cards. He also specializes in dream analysis, energy healing, palmistry and mediumship.

Patrick Smith has helped individuals in crisis who are searching for answers. He's aided many who are working with law enforcement officials looking for lost loved ones. He currently consults with business executives on million dollar decisions. He's predicted world events and has numerous celebrity and industry clients.

Patrick Smith's predictions have comforted many during times of tremendous distress. In the Summer of 1997 a fifteen year old girl had gone missing. She was missing for a few weeks and her mother did not know whether or not she was dead or alive. She came to me with the young girl's flute. Patrick did psychometry with the flute.which is like a psychic blood hound and saw that the girl was still alive. He told her mother that she was with two other people. and that her daughter would contact her by phone in two weeks. I also saw part of what I thought was a street name with the letters ALB. When the mother came back to confirm the information that her daughter was in fact alive, and called in two weeks, she also told me that she was in Albuquerque, thus the reference to the street sign."Alb".

His TV appearances included Fox 11's "The Littlest Groom", in a cameo role with Mel Gibson on "The Most Powerful Man in Hollywood" and many more.

Patrick Smith has shared his psychic work around the world in such countries as his native Ireland, Australia, England, Germany, France, Yugoslavia, Thailand, Canada, Mexico and the United States. Patrick can be reached at 310 709 5080 or

Full Sturgeon Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Sturgeon Moon at 13* Aquarius will culminate at August 5, 2009 21.56/10:56pm PST (ephemeris) The Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse will culminate 10:40PM PST. This is a month to plan for your future, opening your mind to greater possibilities. What would you like to explore and talk about upcoming, what new found classes or knowledge would you like to learn. Where can you find excitement in everyday living. This is a time to lay on a blanket and daydream into the sky, take a little rest here and there and be fanciful and impressionable. Grant your imagination to soar. Enable your talents and how you would like to achieve. Permit solutions to easily enter your mind to solve any worries or problems. See and know they are fixed and easily solved. Allow deep and fervent love to permeate your body, mind and soul. Dream.

It's a time of creating magic, walk your talk and talk your walk - it's not to be disagreeable with yourself or others. Create inner cooperation of your motives. What do you really wish for. Are you afraid to dream or have hope? Have you lost trust and lost your way? Drop the repression you've been feeling and sieze wonder for a better tomorrow. You won't lose control of your routine, you only give yourself the option to improve your life. No more wandering...find balance when you think deeply and passionately about what you want to accomplish and desire. Your dreams can become a reality if you speak up or write it out and take steps going toward a goal. You may be sidetracked along the way, but modify and be willing to be open to change and more ideas that will take you to your desired objectives.

Many times we lay blame on others that get in our way, or that the economy is not working in our favor but we only create stumbling blocks for ourselves. This is your life and it is entirely up to you to create the life you want to live. There is infinite ideas in the universe, there is a world full of people that must be served or helped in some way, there is love everywhere and in everything. What holds you back is the unwillingness to allow yourself to have an aspiration in your mind, and then create movement, step by step (no leaps) in action. Allow yourself to have time in your life to make things happen. Allow yourself to expect the very best of every day. Don't be discouraged, it is a fact your ancestors made it through thick and thin. It will be your legacy too. Keep moving forward toward creating your purpose. It's time to really LIVE.

In your Journal:

What are your daydreams? What are your ideals? Places, People, Things. Who do you admire? And Why? What do you love about your family? Friends? Relatives? Home? Environment? Country? What is your nations motto's that you like? What would be your dream career? And Why? What do you do now that is in sync with this dream career? What would move you toward achieving the career you want? Would the money sustain these dreams? What are your daydreams about money? How you would spend money? How you would make money? How you handle yourself with money? What house would you buy? Where would you live? What you would buy your family and friends? Would you live in the city or the country? Dream about your perfect look and body weight. Write and daydream about it.What is perfect health? What makes you happy? What daydreams make you really happy? What seems to be attainable? What seems to be unattainable? And Why? What do you hope for? What do you long for? What do you pine for? What are your simple dreams? What are your complex dreams?

Visualize and Imagine the love in your life is immense. Don't hold back, every area is filled with beautiful love. Everyone, Everything..... is great love, tranquility and serenity. Your bank accounts, your assets, your savings are filling with more and more money. Your life is full of security and faith. You trust your mind and spirit to make wise decisions. Your mind if full of good if not great ideas. Your body is strong and healthy. You have courage and endurance to accomplish your goals. Your career is satisfying and purposeful. Reach. Risk. Rally

Sorcing on the Pagan Holiday August 1

Lughnasadh: Known in Modern Irish as Lá Lúnasa, in Welsh as Gwyl Awst (August Feast), in Manx as Lla Lluanys, as Laa'n Ouyr (Day of the Harvest Season) or as Lammas, and to the English as Apple Day and Harvest Home. Essentially it is a harvest festival that signals the beginning of the harvest season and the ripening of the apples (as well as other fruits and vegetables). Drinking: Apple Juice or cider, and sometimes Mead.

The harvest is a symbol of reaping the rewards of our bountiful planet. It's about casting aside doubt and expecting that if you strive for goals and wisdom, you can have a rich and prosperous life. "To have" is your earthly birthright. We can not only take, we must use a balance system of give and take. The steps or keys of success are clarity of a reachable idea and then movement toward the idea as a goal, taking small steps and creating movement and energy. This is how you expand your personal power. Your energy can be channeled into accomplishment. The next key is to draw in the energy to you. This I call sorcing.

I think it's wonderful to sorce for prosperity, love, great health, wisdom, beauty, knowledge, success, great career, romance, happiness, vitality, friendship, creativity etc... but as an example I would not sorce for a specific person I might like to know in my life...I rather sorce generally for love, connection, friendship or romance. This way you are sorcing for the highest element of love, true love, true connection, not condition. It is very important to be grounded yet to allow the possibilities of a boundless energy to enter our lives in the highest regard. Another example would be prosperity, to gain you must either work or attain your career label. We all came here to experience life...What are you experiencing? Are you achieving your purpose? Your greatest potential? Great love?

July 2009
July 2009
In This Issue
Guess the Celebrity
More Than A Mystic
Evening With John Stamos Revealed

Guess the
Celebrity Hand

Beck's Hand
This media darling with ink on his hands has an incredible drive to succeed paired with great instincts.  He is a Fire Hand with a Fire Heart so he wants to make a big impact in anything he does.  He really looks for and wants public approval.  He is good in a crisis, relying on instincts and training but is more sensitive to both emotional and physical impact than his masculine role let's on.   He worried quite a bit when he was younger but has gotten better at harnessing those doubts with time.

As much as he loves the public eye he is deeply self-conscious and has to overcome his discomfort in order to be in the spotlight.   But that makes him one gentleman most unlikely to 'tell all' in a book as his life winds down.  His secrets are definitely his to keep.  Can you guess this mercurial import from England?

Last Month's Hand belongs to:  Hayden Panttierre

Follow-up Links

Readings With  Lisa
What People Are Saying

"I wanted a recording of your reading so I could listen to it until I had it memorized!  I want to see you again!"  Toni (Writer)

"Remember when you said 'he is right around the corner' when you read for me?  Well I had met him two weeks before you read for me.  Today was our one year anniversary.  Thank you!"
Gita (Marketing)

"You changed my life!  When you told me my lesson in this matter was to trust my instincts and take the job I wanted, it was the best thing I could have done!  I love my job, I wake up excited to go to work and can't believe how lucky I feel.

"Karen (Nurse Trainer)

Dear Tara,

Your hands hold secrets that your mind has written on them. You can discover a few of your own surprises and perhaps drop in on someone else's as well! 

This month you can enjoy the celebrity guessing game, a noted author and metaphysician's hands and and a recap of our evening with John Stamos. 

You can catch videos of the latest relationship advice using Hand Analysis to connect.   Just click here for those and many more short videos revealing the secrets in your hands!

Here's to a great summer and some fun discovering all that your hands hold for you!  If this is not to your interests you can easily unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.  If it is to your taste, please pass it on! 

Lisa Greenfield

More than a Mystic - What Hands Reveal


Tara Sutphen is an Author and Metaphysician.  Her book with her ex-husband Dick Sutphen (who wrote "You Were Born Again To Be Together") was "Soul Agreements" and she authored "Blame It On Your Past Lives".

Tara is on her way to writing another literary contribution, which is fitting since she has a dramatic writer's fork in her right hand.   What I found so compelling was a writer's fork with a deep connection to her intuitive mind, but a very short top line that tells me that sitting down and actually committing to the writing takes real mental discipline to accomplish.  But when you look at her first finger you can see the tremendous drive that helps her accomplish what she wants.

Our first finger corresponds with Jupiter, power, leadership and mentoring.  You can clearly see Tara's index finger dominates the other three.  The pad underneath is slightly towards the middle finger, which means her leadership is tuned to her values.  She can't take charge of something she doesn't believe in, but when she does believe - watch out.   This hand belongs to someone who makes changes, big ones, for those around her.   Her drive to leave the world a better place is high.   Since the Jupiter first finger also rules mentorship, it is no surprise that Tara works with kids, teaching them intuitive skills and modeling how power can blend with integrity.   Jupiter this dominant usually starts out being mentored (which Tara shared was true) and then goes on to be the mentor as they grow up.

How does YOUR hand compare?  What does your first finger say about you?  Email me for your own personal evaluation.

You can enjoy more by joining Tara on one of her acclaimed Full Moon Rituals out in Malibu.  See where mysticism and the magic of the full moon blend.

Our Evening With John Stamos
                                                   Niece Tyger, John
and Neal Meron behind him

For those of you who joined us you know the evening at X Repertory Theater Company was a great event.  John was committed to helping the acting students understand more of what makes success possible.  The panel included Neal Meron (Hairspray, Chicago), Andrew Bernstein (Mad Men, House and ER), plus Danny Sussman and Brandt Joel, his manager and agent.  It was moderated deftly (considering the competing conversations and hilarity) by the school's founder Marc Jablon.

I had the opportunity to read each one's hands and found a strong link.  They have worked together over several different projects and the thread in their hands was the heart line.

Each of them came from a place of deep feeling, big hearts and creative passion.  It seems obvious, but it doesn't always happen this way.  Having read many creative teams, the common thread is not always so obvious or strong.

The big-hearted common ground is not surprising since they were there supporting the students as their 'give back' to the community.  But it was fascinating to see very different hands all linked by such remarkably similar strong heart lines.

Also not surprising that they stayed afterwards and spoke to as many people as they could once the panel wrapped up.   For those of you who couldn't be there you can enjoy some of the wrap up in the video and stay tuned for more invitations! 

Thank you and enjoy your summer, make it a great one!

Lisa Greenfield

Full Moon Ceremony

August 5, 2009

29*Cancer New Moon & Solar Eclipse
By Tara Sutphen

29* Cancer New Moon this month, culminating July 21, 2009 at 11:36 pst (Ephemeris). This is the second Cancer New Moon this year. The first one was all about beginnings and this second Cancer new moon is all about endings to start fresh and anew. Time to shake your life up a little and start putting some of your ideas into action. Begin diligence, be cognizant and knowing, and thrust yourself in trust. Stop holding back, you really need to learn to trust yourself. What are your motives, and why do you seek challenge after challenge? Is it to succeed or to fail? Take each stage as being observant, awake and solidly moving into wise choices. Creating your reality and begin the steps of skill, recognition, and achievement. Quit being bored or hazy about life, you must begin helping yourself on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level. To be the best person at your career, you must activate your role to become proficient and qualified. To gain love in your life you must adjust your thinking and feelings and procure that you deserve great love. To lose weight or gain better health, you must actually make the effort toward being slimmer and well. To be the best Mom, Dad, sibling, friend, you have to step into the role of what you want and need from others and what they need from you. Be clear though that what they want from you, works for you, and moves you into understanding and comradery. You don't need to be all things to all people, and you certainly don't need to settle for a mediocre life. Try not to hold back emotionally and/or physically on what 'you' really need or want. Your attitude should be realistic, center yourself with responsible antidotes and mix a little dash of fantasy and magic with that life path. It's not about leaping into a fantasy, this is about gaining faith in yourself. Last month you opened to love and be loved, as in true love and real love. This month it's all about how you are going to risk and create your game plan. With the solar eclipse, it's time to dream big dreams, realistic ideas, and work toward a meaningful life. Sorce intent and prayers, it is a time of change and 'sparks the new'...cast away your problems and worries, let go of what no longer serves you. This is your journey and it can be full formulizing and strategy. Believe in you, believe in your life and it's blessings. The universe is speaking and clearing the way....

Journal Questions:

What is the drama in your life? What? Who? Why? Where? How? What is the crisis in your life? What? Who? Why? Where? How? What is fixable solutions? What are random problems? What are real problems that need decisions and solutions? What is important? Who is important? Why are they important? List everything on a scale of 1-10 - 1 being most intense and 10 being least. What can you live without? Who can you live without? /What can't you live without? Who can't you live without? Why? What steps do you need to bring up your trust level? Who do you trust and why? Do you trust yourself and why? Where are you lacking trust? How willful are you? How determined are you? Where have you received mixed messages about trust? Parents? Friends? Teachers? Nation? Media? World? Where do you take responsibility for your ideas, words and deeds? What ideas do you have to create a better life for yourself? What is the game plan? How can you better your job or career? How can you create more of a satisfying life for yourself? How can you make more money? How can you make more comradery or love? How can you be more active with your health and wellbeing? How can you move forward in life without much effort? What effort would you make? Do you expect little changes? Are you expecting a whole overhaul? Where do you start? Explain how that would be the best start of "the game plan". Why do you need to change? Create balance and watch your world come alive again with wonder and possibilities. Renewal...

(repost if you want)

Full Buck Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Full Buck Moon at 15* Capricorn will culminate at July 7, 2009 6.23am PST/Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse will culminate 6.40am PST. This is a month to find your strength and steadiness, time to move drama or chaos into workable solutions. What has been out of control has practical ways toward a resolution. No need to hold on to "how things won't change" or "standing by, expecting people to treat you right", gain a foothold, start moving in a direction that best suits the security and the peacefulness of your life. The eclipse is unseen by the naked eye this time, the sun is too far away and only shadows a quarter of the moon. Lunar eclipses are about something going out of your life at this time, it could be hardly noticeable or it could be something that you haven't been paying attention to, but needs your immediate attention to rectify. It's time to observe your actions and reactions. How are you interpreting confusion and commotion. Do you wait until it subsides or do you actively seek clarification and order. Move to dissipate bigger problems and obstructions. The time on the planet is your time, you have the power and ability to change the things that seem impossible. Trust yourself. Call in your sentinels and human angels to guide you and protect you. There are answers to your questions, if you are ready to listen to the answers. And then act on those answers, unafraid and with confidence.

In your Journal:

What drama have you been experiencing? What chaos seems to be around you? What confusion do you find yourself in? How can you clarify the pathway? Take one dramatic problem at a time (money "necessary bills over peripheral bills", career, love, wisdom, happiness, etc...), write out the answer, and then step into an active solution. What is the messages that you are getting? Try to clear up all confusion. Can you decipher the answers to your life's questions? What pressing problems have been on your mind? What have you found to help those problems? What creates worse problems? Are you aware what path NOT to take --- In relationships? With your family? In your job? With your goals? What path seems clear to take --- In relationships? With your family? In your job? With your goals? Is your mind in overwhelm? How are you handling your stress? What precautions are you taking with your health? Are you getting carried away in the confusion? Or are you working for solutions? How meaningful do you find your life? How meaningful do you find your job or career? As you meditate, bring your shining light all throughout your body -- remember there is no fear

June 2009
All we need to do is buy a book and help these people save their farm
You'll see their special dogs ;) (please repost)

1* Cancer New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

1* Cancer New Moon this month, culminating June 22 at 16.36/ 4.36pm pst. Time to concentrate your need to treat yourself as #1 in your home and open your heart to love. You are deserving in matters of heart and hearth. And you can step into your ability to create stability and please yourself and others easily, if you allow yourself to try. Last month you worked on your speaking ability, as in articulating, conversing, and discussing. This month it's all about how you are going to change your personal energy in your environment to gain more clarity and happiness in your life. A time of quiet reflection and working out how best you can alleviate any self doubt or self loathing. We are always our own worst enemies. Making unconstructive remarks about our appearance, functions, and intelligence. It's time to start working toward acceptance and being agreeable, allowing yourself to be amiable, alluring and even bewitching. When you look in the mirror say something nice. A first step of self actualization. No more non-self days, time to turn up and tune in to your energetic pathway. How are you going to move on this super highway of life, it's time to take charge of your destiny and know that love exists if we allow ourselves to love and receive it. As a mirror, cordially treat others as you would want to be treated. Unlock this block this month.

Journal Questions:

I may have a perfectly good self image. List those qualities I really like about myself? My mind, my face and body, my social skills, my love skills, my job skills? But when I'm not feeling so good about my person: Where in my body does it feel bad when I think of myself? Where in my head do I feel bad about myself? Where do I feel bad about love? Where do I block myself in love? Where do I block my deserving factors? What is my success rate in love? Why is that - what attributes or behavior do I engage? Am I putting myself down all the time? Am I acting ugly to myself? Acting ugly can be saying a mean word, or acting overly critical and can lead eventually to maiming, scarring or health issues. What are my expectations about love? How do I want to be treated? And how do I treat others? What can I do to live up to my expectations? When will my thoughts turn toward softer ideas? Or will I ever allow that? What would be improvements for your person? More knowledge and sharing that knowledge? Can I unlock my sad thoughts? How can I cast away doubt and fear? How can I bring about my abilities? How can I improve? Where in my life do I need the improvements? Improving your life in little ways will result in better self esterm and allow the passion and wonder to once again come into your life.

Full Strawberry Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Full Strawberry Moon at 17* Sagittarius will culminate June 7, 2009 at 15.13/3.13pm PST. This is a month you are to think deeply on the quirks or barriers you have with other people. Be these foibles in your love relationships, friendships, work relations and/or families. Review and contemplate why you have dashed expectations and overwrought sentiments of these persons from time to time or every day. Notice when you are seeking the need of approval from others. As humans we sometimes hold on to who and what we desire no matter if it's good for us or not. We either bulldoze our way through life or we break down. We need to remember that life doesn't have to be that way, we are to yearn for zest and longevity. We are to make our lives joyful, not just in the ways of conducting ourselves but in every vital aspect .

This is a statement to remember: "Rejection is My Protection." Before you were born you asked for protection, stability and strength. Do you listen to the patterns of your life or between the lines of your sentiments, complaints or conversations. Be in conscious awareness of what you are saying on every level. If you continually spiral toward an unhappy life ... you could find yourself there. If you want no responsibilities in life, you may not be able to sustain the reliability to be a good friend or romantic partner. Be careful what you ask for as you might go to seek in others what you yourself can not or are not willing to give.

Sometimes situations put our lives in a stall or everything seems to be going wrong. It's okay to detach from drama and/or chaos but know when you are disengaging from your life and livelihood. At times we all lack trust or respect in others, or think that they hold us back in some way. Let your nervous energy spur you on to greater success and stature? Anger, anxiousness and frustration can be powerful movement in your life and your accomplishments. There are those relationships that we think we don't choose, such as our families. And the dynamics with chaotic others we find ourselves experiencing. These involvements could surpass non compatibility such as lawsuits and crime. What are we learning at these times. They can be hard or sad lessons. Be willing to listen and respond to your needs to seek answers. There is always a bigger picture. A direction of the blueprint. If you haven't been listening to the gentle life instructions than the big tests come to move you drastically into position. Clear your mind.... Tune in, take steps to resolve or curtail any dissension.

Journal Questions:

Who can you count on in your life? Who do you love? What is your reason of loving? Or do you just feel love? Who do you love that disappoints you? Who do you resist in your life? How many true friends do you have? Of those that disappoint you what are your expectations of them? Who champions you? Who do you champion? What and how do you tell those you love that you indeed love them? Do you show it? Do you speak it? Do you hear them? Do they hear you? How can you make them feel more worthy of life and it's blessings? Write generally about love , friendships, relatives or work relations? Work relations: Are you taken seriously for your contribution on the job? Are you hearing others? Are they hearing you? Could you make more effort in the workplace? Can you make more effort toward getting the job or career you truly desire and finding happiness in life? What exactly have you learned about yourself in regards to communicating to others? Are you fair? Are you honest? Are you meek and don't speak up? How can you assert yourself upcoming? What could elevate you to full conscious mind and development? Write out: how you could become a better lover -- How to become a better parent/child/sibling -- How to achieve better success with and through others. How can you motivate instead of discourage youself and others. Are you clear about your motivations. What do you want and need from a relationship? A friendship? Work relations? Do you try to work reachable solutions with others or do you let confusion and being muddled discourage you? Are you continually trying to salvage friendships and relationships that aren't worthy of your time and energy? Do you really listen and tune in to your life? What would make frustrating relationships and friendships more palatable? Aggression is not an answer, but assertion can be.

May 2009
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Ancient Magick Section
Articles of World Practice and Magick

3* Gemini New Moon

By Tara Sutphen

3* Gemini New Moon this month, culminating May 24 at 9.12am pst is all about your speaking ability, as in articulating, chattering, conversing, discussing, echoing, enunciating, expressing, orating, verbalizing, and vocalizing. You are to put it out into the universe on what you require, time for you to talk. You can also write out your aspirations. After you talk to God and the Spirit guides, it's time to talk to people who hear you and really listen to what you are saying. It's not about bullying or boring others, it's about activating your voice to clearly convey what is important in your life. Easily attaining your needs and securing your place in the scheme of all things. Native Americans have always thought the White Man talks too much. Maybe it's time you were inspired to produce meaningful words to not only yourself but to others. You are to communicate on every level of Body, Mind & Spirit. You are to make lists, create outlines, write in your journal, and find expression. Assert yourself, be clear, definite and exacting. What do you want and why do you want it? And... Always speak your truth, especially to yourself.

Journal Questions:
When you speak, is anyone listening? Who listens? And why do they listen? What is their motive or emotion for listening to you? Do you give to others when you speak or are you taking away their time, or their energy? Do you speak of Ideas, Events or Personal trivia? What would be an area that would be meaningful to converse on? What would you like to convey on a more professional level? What would you like to speak on in a more personal level? Do you know when to be serious? Do you know when to play? What are your joys? What are your sorrows? What are your desires? What do you want in the way of material possessions? What do you want in the way of mental strength and capacity? What do you want in the way of attaining knowledge? What brainpower do you have for making money? Creating ideas on making money? What do you want in romance? What do you want in family relationships? What expectations do you have in friendships? What do you want for your health? What do you want to do for a career? And if you have a career, are you happy with it? What career change do you need? What do you falsify? And what is reality? What white lies do you tell yourself? What bold face lies do you tell yourself? What truths do you tell yourself that aren't necessarily true? Such as when you are too hard on yourself? Why are you hard on yourself? Tell yourself nice things. Tell others nice things. Write out a list of these nice things to tell yourself. Make a list of what you want to change? Are you too quiet to allow yourself even to ask the universe what you hope to want in this life? Speaking: This is the second stage to manifestation --- once you have an idea, you speak the idea with intention and then you move to bring your ideas into creation and active play. To begin...

Full Flower Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Full Flower Moon at 18* Scorpio will culminate May 9, 2009 at 1.03 pm PST. This is a month to really take the time to think deeply about change in your life. There are mysterious and hidden aspects of your mind, your body and your soul. They could be parts of yourself you just don't want to recognize. It's painful to change and yet we must to gain a foot hold in our every day life. What is our drama? What are our fears? Depression, hidden agendas, unhealthy motivations and daymares/nightmares play a big part in keeping us stuck. The agenda becomes a routine instead of a forging ahead. You know how sometimes you make no progress in life and you feel rooted in a frozen or stilted state, unable to get past the money, relationship or health issues. You could be surrounded by complaining spouse, family or friends. Why is that? What can you do to change "you"? So that all these circumstances change around you? Unlock the unconscious to become conscious. Create choices. Create change. It is time... your time...

In Your Journal:

What are your idiosyncrasies,? Look closely at your behavior -- what serves you when you are happy? What serves you when you are sad? How do you perceive how others treat you? Are you paranoid? Are you in a pity party? Are you sane or insane? What are your sane thoughts? What are your insane thoughts? How can you stop the insane thoughts? What would work for you to get these thoughts out of your head? Stop allowing them? Journaling, writing fictional stories,poetry or creating some kind of art? Exercising? Or being functional and useful to yourself and possibly others? Charity work, or just helping out your friends or family members? Are you putting too much pressure on your mind and not enough energetic action into attaining your goals? Do you have supportive people around you? Are you too dependent on others? Where do you need to become more psychologically aware about yourself?How are you tuning into your mind? How are you tuning into your body? Or are you obsessed about what others think of you? Obsessed with your appearance? Is it that parents/society have emotionally scarred and scared you? Where have they put barriers or hidden expectations on your life? How can you remove them? Is it a hard or simple process? Where do you make your life hard? What areas? Explain this in detail to yourself in your journal. How can you release this emotional trauma? What can you change? How can you change you?


Beltane is the "Celebration of the Light",the light time of the year. The dark time being remembered by Samhain. May 1 is the day in the middle of the spring and the summer equinox' (15*Taurus). May Day is the time for love and the happiness of summer on it's way.

It is a time of fertility. The beginnings of creative thought, bodies and spirit. What would "light" up your life? It is your time to dream and frolic.

Beltane is a celebration of the union of souls, The union of minds, and the union of bodies. The earth mother calls her progeny to replenish the earth. Flowers decorate hair and everywhere. Maypole ribbon dances, with two circles interweaving around a decorated tree or pole, clockwise dance circles. Bonfires or candles to spark the sacred fire of union and fertility.

Druids and Pagans raised the Beltaine fires on hilltops on May Eve, the fires were lit in order to bring the sun's light down to earth. Earth awakening from it's long winter nap and the flowers are in bloom and frolicking abounds. Joy alights your body, mind, and spirit, the colors become brighter, you see the best in everyone, casting away all worries and doubts you collected over the winter time.All nightmares become daydreams of love, hope and harmony.

Beltaine or Beltane is an anglicization of the Irish "Bealtaine" or the Scottish "Bealtuinn." -- "bel,"brilliant", "tene" "fire"

Things to do on Beltane alone or with a group

Create a Beltane circle or group
Buy or Pick flowers
maywine (alcoholic or non alcoholic)
Candles, Fireplace, Bonfire -- Lighting a fire with a blessing
May pole (you can use a tree if you don't have a pole) garnish w. greenery and flowers - tie long ribbon

If you create a May pole, make lots of wishes while you walk clockwise into your future, and at the end of wrapping the ribbon say a blessing for yourself and end with "to love and be loved, So it is". If the tree/pole ribbons pretty and sturdy enough you could leave until Samhain.

Some of the questions that you can ask your friends or family are:
What were the highlights in your winter? Everyone must come up with at least one if not several highlights. What are the dreams to enliven your spring and summer? Every one should convey their intentions for the summer.

Making Maywine


# 2 bottles of dry white wine
# 2 cups strawberry liqueor
# 5 thin orange slices
# and/or
# 1 cup sliced strawberries
# 12 sprigs of woodruff
# 1 teaspoon sugar (more or less, as preferred)
# Edible flowers (to be added after all ingredients have been mixed together)


Soak the dried woodruff overnight in the wine.

Add the rest of the ingredients, stir with a wooden spoon, and let it steep for an hour or so.

Serve very cold, with edible flowers floating atop in the punch bowl.

The taste is both sweet and fruity.

Non-Alcoholic version: Substitute sparkling water and grape juice, sparkling water and apple juice

American Heritage Dictionary
wood·ruff Audio Help (wŏŏd'rəf, -rŭf') Pronunciation Key

1. A fragrant perennial herb (Galium odoratum) native to Eurasia and North Africa and widely cultivated as a shade ground cover, having small white flowers and narrow leaves used for flavoring wine and in sachets. Also called sweet woodruff.
2. Any of various plants of the genus Asperula, having whorled leaves and small funnel-shaped flowers.

Woodruff is sold in the herb section at markets and nurserys..
Edible Flowers

Alliums...chive flowers


Basil Flower Blossoms

Broccoli Florets. those little yellow flowers

Citrus Blossoms


Rose Pedals

Johnny Jump Up... Pansy

Mint flowers...

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April 2009

dreamer in archway

5* Taurus New Moon
By Tara Sutphen
5* Taurus New Moon this month, culminating April 25 at 0.24/12:24pm pst is all about your personal creativity, your goals, romance and beauty. It's a time to access love and romance. Also to ponder on your resourcefulness with your problems and progression of every day life. The innovation of gaining insight. A solution or idea would come from a conscious psychological process.  Is the problem solved straightforwardly or is there a creative solution with steps that might alleviate further stumbling blocks? You may not give yourself much of a chance to be inspired.  It's not nervously anticipating the next difficulty. It is wise to look at those who already handled specific goals or problems and succeeded. Creativity is not only associated with Art and Literature, it should be a part of your daily life. You deserve to make the best choices for yourself. Even though we create difficult situations for ourselves, there is always a way out. Always.....
Journal Questions:
Last month you were to journal about your bravado and learning to take action from your ideas and plans. This month is a dreamier month full of serendipity and attitude adjusting. No more being a mass "fear-ball". To get into the mood of creating, you must allow yourself to open your mind for possibilities. Producing movement in your mind instead of stagnation. Am I allowing the space in my life to solve my problems? How am I blocking myself? Why am I blocking myself? Do I work myself into a box instead of working myself out of the box? What drama is in my life? What would fix the drama? I remember when life was easy, why was it easy? What am I doing wrong in my life now to feel anxiety? Why do I have anxiety? What hobby, recreation or craft did you use to like to do that you do not do anymore? Am I allowing my talents or interests to fall by the wayside while I overwork or overthink my life? Where do you incorporate joy into your life? What is your best personality trait? What is your best physical feature? What did you use to like about yourself? What do you like about yourself now? When you begin to like yourself again, other's will like you. Where have you given up on yourself? It is time to recreate or appreciate yourself? A never ending process, we forget that we came here to create love with our own heart and then with others. Complement your ideas, art form, talents, love nature, and children. Write out those complements. You may feel your lost in a sea of worry or indecision but you can find foundation and formation. Dream those beautiful dreams. Creation starts with our inner muse and moves onto outer amusement. Enhancing the spirit of you, the mind of you, the body of you -- problems can be solved, they've been for thousands and thousands of years. 
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Pink Moon

Full Pink Moon
by Tara Sutphen

The Full Pink Moon at 19* Libra will culminate April 9, 2009 at 11.57am PST *. This is a month to take physical action and learn to master something you want to change about yourself. How to like yourself as you would love, care and support another.  A conscious could be if you want to start exercising, you start the routine. If you want a new job, you take a course study of interest. If you want to change your self-esteem you read that self-help book or write your thoughts, adding solutions to your worries or problems. We can complain, but what is the solution? Libra is all about support, balance and trust. Others can only support you when you support yourself. What if you decide to sit back during this time? Haven't you already been frustrated enough with your life and circumstances? Nothing gets better until you make some effort. And if you don't have money, there are books to read, and on the internet there are classes to take. Still don't know what you want to do, or what to do or where to turn? CLEAR YOUR MIND. Remind yourself that you are a clear thinking human, there is no confusion. Stop the merry go round going on in your head and take action. Beauty surrounds you...embrace life.


In Your Journal:

What limits you to be all you can be? Where could you compromise? Compare how you live now to what you really want? Are you living closely to your expectations? Lower than your expectations? Higher than your expectations? What are your expectations? With what you have written are they reachable expectations? How do you modify? Where are you dreaming? Lofty wishes? Solid wishes? Reality? Where are you creating your own reality? Are you taking time to think and plan? Are you moving too fast? Are you moving too slow? Are you thinking too fast? Are you thinking too slow? What is your love life like? Where do you need to take steps to improve your love life? Improving relationships? Improving friendships? Improving family? How can you beautify or improve your personal appearance? It could be just to smile...



March 2009

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6* Aries new Moon
By Tara Sutphen

6* Aries New Moon this month is all about your bravado and learning to take action from your ideas and plans. Worry can paralyze you in fear. In your mind you wonder, "What if I don't make the right choice? What will happen to me?" You are to access your willpower. Not every choice in life will be the right decision, but at least you made a decision. It's important to live life on your terms. And being the best judge for yourself comes from relaxing your mind and taking care of you, and then allowing your life to unfold into place. It's about balance and harmony....your mind meets your communication skills meets your actions. Don't rush your life or be afraid, take each step calmly and bravely.

Journal questions:

Last month you wrote on your inner feelings and insecurities, this month it is about forging ahead. Even though this is the dark time of dreaming, you are in the light of day and must face all that has been holding you back. You know that you want love, excellent health, money, a great job, happiness, fun, outer beauty, inner beauty, wisdom, and expertise (etc, add what you need to work on).... okay will you get "it"? And if you have "it", how will you keep it? Have you been falling into the trap of complaining instead of managing answers to these life goals? Why complain? What does that solve? What risks must you take in life to save yourself? What do you ignore about your job? About your health? About your abilities? Your current expertise? Or current level of hobby expertise? Do you stay silent and afraid? Or do you rush in where only fools go? What are your foolish ideas? What are your realistic ideas? What is your foolish idea that could be turned into a realistic idea? Are you happy with the way you make money? Are you happy where you live? Are you happy with your health? Where do you need to improve? Is your nervous temperament stable? Your blood sugar? Your eating habits? Your energy level? We came into life having a number of insecurities to work out, are you mastering your life? Change is constant, and if you are going to keep progressing, do so on your terms. It's not about panic, it's time to focus on developing the real you. It's about movement and determination. There are no limitations but the self imposed.


Spring Equinox, Ostara, Eostre, Easter, Vernal Equinox

21st March

Spring Equinox marks the mid-point of the Waxing Year, the nights and days are balanced once again; the time when Kore, (Persephone) was believed to have returned from the Underworld where she had ruled throughout the Winter. The spark of light, born at Winter Solstice has reached maturity, and from here onwards, the days progressively grow longer than the nights. Western culture proclaims this the first day of Spring.

Older traditions called the Spring Equinox, Ostara; the time of the festivals of the Grecian Goddess, Eostre, and the Germanic Ostara, both fertility Goddesses of Dawn. These influenced the naming of the modern-day Easter Holiday. New greenery bursts forth from sleeping seeds in the countryside, as metaphorically, pagans also plant their own seeds for future goals, future projects and growth at this time.

Decorated eggs, being symbols of fertility are symbolic of Ostara. In days gone, Europeans gave gifts of decorated eggs to new brides, in the hope that they would bear many children. Similarly, bowls filled with eggs were given to farm workers by the farmer’s wife, to ensure a rich harvest. Most all cultures see the egg as a symbol of Life; the actual home of the Soul. In Russia, decorated eggs are still given as gifts to loved ones and buried in graves to ensure rebirth.

The women gathered the eggs only from hens which were around a rooster and decorated them, allowing no one to watch them work as they transferred the goodness of the household to the designs on the eggs, thus keeping evil away. Dyes were mixed to secret family recipes and special blessings placed on each egg.

The Spring Equinox defines the season where Spring reaches it's peak, with the powers of light increasing. The God of Light, (Llew), now gains victory over his twin, the God of Darkness. Llew was reborn at the Winter Solstice and is now old and strong enough to vanquish his rival twin and mate with his Mother Goddess. The great Mother Goddess, who returned to her Virgin aspect at Imbolc, welcomes the young Sun God's attentions and conceives a child. The child will be born nine months from now, at the next Winter Solstice, when the cycle closes, only to begin anew.

Here are some of the colours used on Ostara Eggs, and their meanings:



Wisdom, a successful Harvest, or Spirituality

Spring, rebirth, wealth, youth, growth, happiness

Good health, clear skies

Power endurance, ambition,courage

Happiness, hope, passion, nobility, bravery, enthusiasm, love

Enrichment, good harvest, happiness

Faith, trust, power

Success, friendship, love


The custom of eating Hot Cross Buns also has pagan origins. The Saxons ate buns that were marked with a cross in honour of Eostre; ancient Greeks consumed these types of buns in their celebrations of Artemis, Goddess of the hunt, and the Egyptians ate a similar cake in their worship of the Goddess Isis.

There are conflicting ideas as to what the cross symbol represents. One suggestion is that it is a Christianisation of horn symbols that were stamped on cakes to represent an ox, which used to be sacrificed at the time of the Spring Equinox. Another theory relates to Moon worship; the bun representing the full Moon, and the cross, its four quarters. Christianity gave new meanings to the symbolism of the buns, saying the cross represented the Crucifixion Cross. Thus, superstitions arose crediting these buns as being charms against evil, so after Good Friday, people would save one or two of them to hang in their homes as amulets. During the festival season and indeed, for a long time afterwards, fishermen would carry these Easter buns in their boats, for protection.

The Easter Bunny is another symbol which has obvious links to fertility, rebirth, and the abundance of life which is evident in Spring.

According to myth, Eostre was a playful Goddess whose reign over the earth began in Sring when the Sun King journeyed across the sky in his chariot, bringing the end of Wnter. Eostre came down to Earth then, appearing as a beautiful maiden with a basket of bright colorful eggs. Eostre's magical companion was a rabbit who accompanied her as she brought new life to dying plants and flowers by hiding the eggs in the fields.

Traditional Foods
Leafy green vegetables, Dairy foods, Nuts such as Pumpkin, Sunflower and Pine. Flower Dishes and Sprouts.

Herbs and Flowers
Daffodil, Jonquils, Woodruff, Violet, Gorse, Olive, Peony, Iris, Narcissus and all spring flowers.


Jasmine, Rose, Strawberry, Floral of any type.

Sacred Gemstone

Crow full moon

Full Crow Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Full Crow Moon at 20* Virgo will culminate at March 11, 2009 11.38am PST. This is a month to leave your secret, locked, or pent up insecurities behind. Your nerves could be creating stress. Your fear could be positioning your life into a no win situation. Your unwillingness to take care of your mind, body and spirit may be affecting you. When in your life will you take care of "you"? You may think you care for yourself, but do you? Create yourself to be the person you long to be. You may say I take care of others before myself.  It's wonderful to think of caring for others, but you must be strong enough to take care of you and then others. Life will move on with or without you. Change is constant.
 At the new moon, which is total darkness and the time of dreaming or deciphering... this whole month you were to go deeply into what is your secret self. The full moon, your personal spotlight asks you to bring to light an actual plan on what you want to do for your health and for your job. Are you unhappy with your appearance and your overall health? Do you keep ignoring a health issue? Are you disgruntled by the ways of the medical or financial establishment? What limits are you creating in your life? Do you need to take steps toward another career while you figure out your money situation and jobs you find yourself in? There is always a way only takes small steps to change your viewpoint and change your circumstances. There are people who fall into fear of situations, phobias or environment. Allow yourself to be clear thinking, no more confusion and start creating the life you want to live.
In your Journal:
Answer the above questions as well as the below questions asked. You are to be truthful with yourself. The moon phases are to clear and process your mind to enhance your time on the earth rather than getting by or putting up with life. You feel less "out of control" when you search for meaning on what doesn't work every day. It's easier to search out the complaints, but let's create solutions to fix those complaints. What is your career and do you find meaning in this work? If you are only in a job, are you finding worthiness? What generates worthiness for you? Your Money making? Your own happiness? Other's happiness? Being able to pay bills? Does it bring enough pay and personal satisfaction? What might you need to do to bring in more money? What might you change to bring satisfaction? Are you sidetracked at accomplishment? or Lack of accomplishment? What are you sidetracked by? What do you feel guilty over? And who or what blocks you? Yourself? Your household members? Your parents? Your lack of a career choice? Your insecurities? Your unwillingness to change? With your health and appearance? What is holding you back into becoming the person you long to be? Is societies way of seeing you important? Personal hygiene and being pleased with little things about yourself if an act in self care. When will you care for yourself? Tomorrow or in the future? When you have more time and money?  Your health issues may be big or small --- they can sometimes be cured by tuning in instead of tuning out. There is always a cure. You attained it on the earth and we live in a large world with no limitations - you may not know the cure but there is one to be sought. And for some reason you decide you are the seeker. You are a seeker of health and wealth. It is time to seek that which holds you down or holds you in place. You are to live and to prosper. It is the bounty and blessing of the earth and it is your's by birthright.

February 2009

6* Pisces New Moon
by Tara Sutphen
6* Pisces New Moon this month is all about your soul goals and psychic ability. To assess the dark path and to find your way out. Where you need to be going in your life and the whys. Analyzing deep seated fears of the self: the resentments, disillusionments, shame and lack of worthiness. Mental blocks, emotions, feelings - how you are able to gain forward movement even if afraid. When the path seems dark, use your intuition to "feel" where you are going? Access if a decision is right for you. Most of the time you will feel it in your gut.
Journal questions:
What do you hide from? How are you hiding? Who are you hiding from? Yourself? Spouse? Relatives? Boss? success? Local authorities? Government? God? List each and explain why you would feel the need to hide? How is your emotional nature at this time? Do you feel balanced or out of control? What are your fears? what are your phobias? Are you worrying unnecessarily about? what churns in your head? Does what the media say affect you? What your parents or authority's say affect you? What other's in general think about you? Do you say "yes" when you mean "no"? Are you afraid of being alone? Are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid of social situations? And why? Are you initially fearful and then become comfortable in social situations. If you were giving your advice to someone else what would it be? Can you take your best advice?Can you assert yourself? What feels comfortable when emotionally sticking up for yourself?  Take time to tell yourself you are okay and to start moving out of any fear...moving mentally, emotionally and physically forward with small steps, being gentle on your mind and heart.

We've added new meditation clips from "Destiny of Peace" Dvd. Enjoy. The whole Dvd is still available.



Snow Moon
By Tara Sutphen
This Full Snow Moon has an eclipse on February 9, 2009 at 20* Leo, culmination 11:50 PST. The eclipse will be an Appulse, where the penumbra, partial illumination or a shrouding occurs of the moon. An eclipse occurs because the moon and sun are close to the moon's nodes. They align with earth to cast a shadow. The moon crosses the ecliptic or the path of the sun across the sky and against the background stars.
The moon this month is about the expression of self and addressing masks. Observations of reactions and temperament, knowing your comfort level. What masks might you be wearing to feel reasonable with and around others, which masks are false or even phony. Awareness can stop the missteps, cease wasting your time, focusing upon what makes your life function. Emerging into becoming more meaningful, supportive of self, and taking notice of reinventing relationships, friends, family, activities, career, health and happiness. Moving your attitude toward the productive force instead of self sabotage.
Write in a journal or choose a few masks to analyze about yourself. Looking to uncover quirks, hidden feelings, strengths, and/or weaknesses. Here are a few to start with, many are not included in the collection. 
sad mask, naive mask, helpless mask, nervous mask, Shy mask, Over controlling mask, over capable mask, passionate mask, loud mask, insincere mask, jealous mask, leadership mask, crazy mask, comedy mask, congenial mask, uncooperative mask, anger mask, frustration mask, fear mask, anxiousness mask, worry mask, lack of barriers mask, intellectual mask, unreasonable mask, deep character mask, shallow mask, imprisoned mask, nice mask, can't say no mask, the spiritual mask, in control mask, out of control mask, being needed mask, perfectionist mask, slob mask, rebellious mask, material mask, beauty mask, ugly mask, mean mask, hateful mask, no trying mask, over risking mask, under risking mask, overly loving mask, cheerful mask, everything is always ok mask, desperate mask, needy mask, beggar mask, manipulation mask, manipulator mask, sober mask, lying mask, envy mask, dishonest mask, ignorant mask, avoid mask, commitment mask, earnest mask, security mask, broken promises mask, promises mask, antagonist mask, protagonist mask, angel mask, devil mask, follower mask, organizer mask, ally mask, good intention mask, neglectful mask, scorn mask, better than thou mask, rejection mask, bitter mask, skeptic mask, contempt mask, disbeliever mask, believer mask, praise mask, insecure mask, pride mask, sexy mask, dominant mask, subordinate mask
You often see what you don't like in others, but what don't you like in yourself? Are you cringing? When are you most authentic? The masks you wear can be stimulated with certain people, or situations and instigated in your workplace, inside home or only outside home. Do you change your personality to fit your needs in a given moment? Are you comfortable mixing with others or by yourself? What masks seem effective for you? What disguise do you think you need? Energy unblocks when you open yourself for gentle but objective criticism. You want to form judgement on what no longer serves you in life. With an eclipse there is something being taken away or left behind.  Choose to leave behind the unreal parts of you.
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January 2009



by Tara Sutphen

Imbolc "IM-bulk"  is a pagan holiday with many names. One of the Sabbats, it is an ancient festival generally celebrated on January 31, February 1, or February 2. It is also known as Candlemas, Brighid ("breed/bride"), and Oimelc ("EE-mulk") which means ewe's milk. It is the time of year halfway between December 21, the winter Solstice (Yule) and March 21, the spring Equinox (Ostara). Imbolc is in the middle of winter, but is the optimism of spring.The Egyptians and the Romans also celebrated this time, as it was the earth goddess giving birth to the Sun God. The time to ready seeds for the planting of food. A time of planning weddings, love, and romance. Days are getting longer and hope is renewed. The celebration is to light candles. Night of white candles turns the darkness into light.

moon eclipse

New moon 6* Aquarius January 26, 2009 It culminates 16.54 PST and with it is an annular solar eclipse - too far for a total eclipse instead it will surround the dark new moon with a narrow ring of light. This new moon is about the future. How you are holding up in body and mind for a good future and if you aren't holding up that well, it's time for a reassessment. This month is a time to journal about what is no longer working in your life as far as your health, and your job is concerned. What do you need to change to secure a better future. With all must give up something to attain a better tomorrow. Since it's 6* Aquarius it means you can give up bad habits and unsustainable behavior. Create a mindset for a plan. 
Journal questions:
Future plan/outline. What is stagnant in my job? What is stagnant in my lifestyle? What is stagnant about my health? How can I improve my health? Do I need to change my eating habits? Do I need to exercise? Do I need to make a learning effort to achieve a job or career I want? Am I afraid to risk? Am I afraid of being different? Am I afraid to believe in myself? Can I create more energy for my future? Mental energy? Physical energy? Do I even know what I need? Am I ignoring or living in a fog about my future? What works for me personally. Knowing a game plan I can start to follow. What should I consciously choose and really be mindful, reading what I write. What am I willing to really do? What best advice would I give another? Can take I my own best advice?

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Tara Sutphen's
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March 14-15, 2009          July 18-19, 2009
 (Seminar 2009-11)                        (Seminar 2009-12)
           Limited to 15 People               Limited to 15 People       

 October 31-Nov 1, 2009 (yes, Samhain)
 (Seminar 2009-13)
Limited to 15 People


An occult power class to learn "Sorcery" -- how to "sorce" answers and awareness as in the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools. You will learn to use the power and energy of the Universe and to be at one with that power. Tara will help you unblock your psychic centers and assist you to make contact with you Spirit Guides and Higher-Self, to channel, automatic write, use unique Tarot techniques, and access the path of your true destiny -- opening to the deepest and most powerful part of yourself.

This will be a magical, mystical weekend that will change your life. Join Tara and a small group of fellow travelers who will work together to manifest their power and create their own reality.

Tara is a modern Master of the occult sciences, having proved over and over again her ability to communicate with the dead, to obtain psychic answers, and predict coming events.

Fees & Location

The fee us $495 per person. There is a non-refundable (but transferable) deposit of $75 to ensure your place in the seminar. Seminar hours at 10-5 PM both days. Final registration is 9 to 10 AM on Saturday morning. The seminar will take place at the Sedona Creative Life Center, 333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona, AZ 86336. Phone 928-282-9300. Website: The center is the ideal New Age gathering place, but it is not a hotel. So stay at any Sedona area hotel you like. They range from reasonable to four star-elegant.

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March 14-15, 2009

$75 per person deposit only:   

$495 per person full fee:  


July 18-19, 2009

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$495 per person full fee:  


October 31-Nov 1, 2009

$75 per person deposit only:   

$495 per person full fee:  

Samhain (Mara Freeman)(Scots Gaelic: Samhuinn) literally means “summer's end.” In Scotland and Ireland, Halloween is known as Oíche Shamhna, while in Wales it is Nos Calan Gaeaf, the eve of the winter's calend, or first. With the rise of Christianity, Samhain was changed to Hallowmas, or All Saints' Day, to commemorate the souls of the blessed dead who had been canonized that year, so the night before became popularly known as Halloween, All Hallows Eve, or Hollantide. November 2nd became All Souls Day, when prayers were to be offered to the souls of all who the departed and those who were waiting in Purgatory for entry into Heaven. Throughout the centuries, pagan and Christian beliefs intertwine in a gallimaufry of celebrations from Oct 31st through November 5th, all of which appear both to challenge the ascendancy of the dark and to revel in its mystery.


April 23-May 6, 2009


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essense of life - hands

New Years Re-do Resolution
by Tara Sutphen
New Years Resolution. Maybe it should be Re Soul-ution.... a re-do. Do we need a wake up call? Ever so gently...
Try this for a few minutes:
Settle yourself in your chair and slowly now.................take a deep breathe, breathing gently and easily, feeling calm and peaceful, relaxed and at ease..........calm and peaceful, relaxed and at ease. letting worries or sadness drift away from you............drifting have become unlocked and unblocked allow all worries to drift away............
(take a moment to really feel it)
Quietly and easily...........ask your body, mind and spirit to wake up to your life. Reviving your spirit, your mind, your body. Breathing deeply and feeling relaxed. And on the count of three: 
Number 1................... Number 2......................... Number 3..............
Feel your mind and your brain  ----- awakening.............your body, your blood, your cells and  your organs --- awakening........................ your spirit ---- awakening.............allowing yourself to awaken on all levels
(take a moment to really feel it)
And now........
Put your hand on your forehead - ask yourself to awaken your mind............Say aloud or silently in your mind:
I am clear thinking, there is no more confusion. My mind and brain are working at optimum level. Awaken my mind. Awaken my brain. Rekindle my zest for life.
(take a moment to really feel it)
And now..................
Put your hand on your heart - ask yourself to awaken your heart........Say aloud or silently in your mind: 
My heart beats strongly in my body and my love activates on all levels.......... Real Love, True Love, Unconditional Love, Self Love and Romantic Love. Love on all levels. Awaken my heart. Rekindle my zest for life.
(take a moment to really feel it)
And now.................. 
Put a hand on your solar plexus area ---- your trust center --- Say aloud or silently in your mind:
My trust center is intact, I don't always know where I am going but I trust that I have a beautiful life. I activate my trust center, my inner knowing, I access all situations, and have the foresight to know when to take a step forward and grace my life in prosperity. I understand on a deep level what is good and right for me. I want to fulfill my purpose upon the earth. Rekindle my zest for life.
(take a moment to really feel it)
And now..................
Put a hand on your abdomen area----Your strength center---Say aloud or silently in your mind:
I consciously make an effort to strengthen my body. I live on the planet to enrich my life, there is no fear. I am courageous and capable. My Spirit is Strong, My Mind is Strong, My Body is Strong. Activate my strength center. Rekindle my zest for life.
(take a moment to really feel it)
You will create the life you want to live. Your expectations turn to an optimistic viewpoint. You no longer live in fear. For the journey is not always a mystery, it is how you play the game of life. Love, Success, Health, Wisdom, Accomplishment, Harmony, Security, Time, Knowledge, Attunement and Understanding is your bounty on earth.
Awaken on all levels.......AWAKEN
(take a moment to really feel it)
You have been born at this time in history to experience what life has to offer. Do we panic when things change? Remember you have instincts on what is best for you and your survival. The environment, the economy is changing....your ancestors survived. You are living proof. Change which happens every minute of every day lends opportunity, new experiences and new jobs. How are you personally viewing change in your life? Will you be one with regrets? Or will you be proactive toward a successful wondrous life. It is only up to you, taking into consideration prosperity comes on many levels. Success, Money, Security, Happiness, Wisdom, Understanding, Health, Love, Time. These are all yours by birthright...easier said than done some might say, and again.... it is only up to you.
Lets leave the junk and icky karma behind. Remember the wonder you had as a child, before puberty and hormones. You can refresh and clear away your problems, worries and frustration by reactivating your life force and reawakening your body, mind and spirit. Many people become neurotic with a "me,me,me drowning in the sea of life syndrome". It's not necessary to feel alone, afraid, incapable, or unmotivated. It's about becoming balanced.
Balance is your mind and ideas come into sync with what you talk about and then, become in sync with your actions. Small steps create the life you want to live.
A 22 year old man contacted me yesterday and is going through relationship trauma. He's been living with a young woman and she told him to get out of their apartment within a few hours. He asked me if he should go to small claims court to win some money from the girl. I asked him some key questions to where he felt the relationship had taken a turn and whether he would like to continue the romance if she chose to change her mind. He said, "he'd choose to continue the relationship".
We know that life isn't always fun or fair. Break ups are a time to be gentle on yourself. The first question to ask yourself is "what am I deserving in life?"  and your answer with "your optimistic - new viewpoint" is: "I deserve love". As this is not practice, this is real deserve real love and true love.
My advice to him was that you can never be mean spirited toward someone and ever bring it back into true romance. Taking someone into court doesn't lend itself to frolicking love. Contempt and meanness creates more separation.  No matter how you might want to control someone's actions or want their love back, this behavior doesn't match Mind=Speech=Actions. I told him he could fill his life with regrets or he could work on his personal success and make more money. Healing his heart instead of creating pain.  I told him that Love is Beauty unto itself, once it is ugly it can take a long time to become beauty again. And maybe when his heart feels a little more intact to be on the lookout for a woman that is right for him.
New Years's time for a fresh view point and small steps. Creating the life you want to live. Awaken............(take a moment to really feel it)

Box 38
Malibu, CA 90265
310/770 6454

December 2008

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Deep Within

New Moon 6* Capricorn
By Tara Sutphen
6*Capricorn New Moon on December 27, 2008. Only 5 degrees from 1* Capricorn Pluto orbiting in our universe. Pluto is your personal jet fuel, lets say you use that extra earth/universe energy and create your dreams? Since the extra-extra energy is tied so closely with the new moon (total darkness) and Pluto, go really "deep" this month. Deep within your mind and brain for answers.Try to unlock what holds you back in areas of learning, growth, work, career, goals, accomplishing those goals, and success. This is a month of are to meditate and journal on what is your purpose and your service to others on the earth.
Questions could be. When do I feel most alive? When do I feel I am helping others? When do I find peace? What job do I like? How would or does my job help others besides me? Does my job now make me feel whole and worthy? What would create more worth in my chosen career? Am I making enough money to survive? And why am I happy or unhappy with my job? Do I hear what others tell me? Do I ask for their opinion and take it openly what they feel is best and right for me? Am I living my truth? And how can I best live my truth?
Homework should be on my desk by January 27. haha

snow moon

The Full Moon is 21* Gemini culminating at 12.38 pst, December 12, 2008. I love to sorce with this powerful time of the moon, basking in it's glow. When it culminates in daylight I usually light some candles and sorce at the time. And if you happen to be at work, take a few minutes to sorce. *Sorcing is prayers, you are praying for real things in your manifest reality. Be it great health, love in your life, real friends, money, security, success, wisdom, prosperity in all things.
The moon in Gemini opposite Sagittarius this month. This moon is about opening up your communication skills for the month. Thanking others for the help and advice they share with you. Learning to be gracious. Being more open to ideas and using advice and knowledge to put your goals into action. Write out details, discuss your worries, discuss your game plan. Outline your ideas into successful interplay. Your mind meets your speaking ability meets your actions. Be true to what you want in life and speak your truth. Know your truth.Act your truth. When you are in harmony and balance you flow into a prosperous life. The earth is full of bounty and blessings and they are yours by birthright.
Happy Full Moon
Tara Sutphen
ps. okay to repost to friends.

November 2008

full moon 5

Full Moon 21*Taurus
Current mood: vibrant
Goals, Plans, Hopes

The Full Moon is 21*Taurus culminating at 15:18 pst, November 13, 2008. I love to sorce with this powerful time of the moon, basking in it's glow. When it culminates in daylight I usually light some candles and sorce at the time. And if you happen to be at work, take a few minutes to sorce. *Sorcing is prayers, you are praying for real things in your manifest reality. Be it great health, love in your life, real friends, money, security, success, wisdom, prosperity in all things.
The moon in Taurus opposite Scorpio this month. You are to work on being "seen". Taking your best foot forward, securing your finances, improving your appearance, improving your health, improving your manners, improving your articulation, prepare and become organized, creating a plan for yourself. This moon is about "you" and how you secure your place on this planet. Write out your plan in a journal. There are only small steps toward a goal, no leaps. The earth is full of bounty and blessings and they are yours by birthright.
*Sorcing how to: - oracle - moon sorcing

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October 2008

My brother interviews Kevin Costner


Scott Alexander and Kevin Costner

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You can hear my brother, Scott Alexander's interview with Kevin Costner now on MySpace.  Part two coming up next week!  Thanks for listening!

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Mystic Training
October 18-19


Room still available
under the Seminar/Mystic Training Key

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Hunter Moon
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This full moon is at 21*Aries culminating PST 5:03pm according to my ephemeris. Aries bringing you back to yourself, your energy level, your essence in life - the passage of gaining ones strength to ready for winter. A time to act in your own best interest, learning to be reliable, level headed and accountable. What changes would make your world into the life you want to live? This is a time to stop thinking "things" over and take the necessary steps to achieve what will help you survive your life. Be it love, security, goals, happiness, good health, wisdom. Remind yourself that there is no more confusion, you are clear thinking. It is a time to be in balance with your wishes and your actions, to communicate in a right way instead of an old way. On the lowest level it's a time to be clear in your life and create change. Take the step.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Become a Mystic
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Category: Dreams and the Supernatural>

Tara Sutphen's
Mystic Training in Sedona
2-day workshop.

An occult power class to learn "Sorcery" -- how to "sorce" answers and awareness as in the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.  You will learn to use the power and energy of the Universe and to be at one with that power.  Tara will help you to unblock your psychic centers and assist you to make contact with your Spirit Guides and Higher-Self, to channel, automatic write, use unique Tarot techniques, and access the path of your true destiny -- opening to the deepest and most powerful part of yourself. 

The fee is $495 per person.  There is a non-refundable (but transferable) deposit of $75 to ensure your place in the seminar. Seminar hours at 10 am-5 pm both days, taking place in the Art Cabin at Sedona Creative Life Center.  Final registration is 9 to 10 am on Saturday morning.  The Center does not have lodging so stay at any Sedona area hotel you like.  They range from reasonable to four star-elegant.  If you'd like to join Tara, please e-mail and registration information will be sent, or click Here to register online.  For more info about Tara visit  The training is available on the following weekends:> ..table>



This will be a magical, mystical weekend that will change your life.  Join Tara and a small group of fellow travelers who will work together to manifest their power and create their own reality.

Tara Sutphen

Tara Sutphen is a modern Master of the occult sciences, having proven over and over again her ability to communicate with the dead, to obtain psychic answers, and predict coming events with techniques such as automatic writing, palmistry, and astrology. She is co-author of Soul Agreements, (Hampton Roads), author of Blame It On Your Past Lives and dozens of audio CDs, which include guided meditations and mind-programming.  Tara writes articles on metaphysical techniques for major woman's magazines, and her "Cause & Effect" column is a regular feature in Soaring Spirit magazine and on the web.

One-quarter Native American, she draws upon her roots to specialize in Shamanistic techniques in her seminars and workshops in major cities all over the world.  Her newest offering is a Mystic Training In Sedona, in which you will learn to "source" what you desire.  She also teaches Tarot and Automatic Writing classes. Tara's "Destiny of Peace" video is a meditation on peace.  She recently interviewed Native American Shaman in The Pacific Northwest for a video to be titled, "Whispers On The Wind."


 For further information please contact
 Sedona Creative Life Center

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Tara Sutphen's Mystic Training
2008 Sedona Schedule

Sat. - Sun.  May 3 and 4  in the Art Cabin.

Sat. - Sun.  July 26 and 27  in the Art Cabin.

Sat. - Sun.  October 18 and 19  in the Art Cabin.

Final registration is 9 to 10 am on Saturday morning.

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September 2008

How to Tarot

Tarot Cheat Sheet by Tara

Sedona Psychic Seminar
September 26-28

Sedona Creative Life Ctr

conducted by Dick Sutphen & Tara Sutphen

August 2008

bulletin to my lists

Malibu, CA

My general note off my site, but thought I'd send out to you :) about Nuskin. I am primarily an author and sell cd's/dvd's. But I use to own a trendy store in Malibu and when I see great products, I want to share them. There is not only good products available through Nuskin but also money/reward benefits. I am of the belief that beauty and self esteem starts within the home.  I'm excited especially about the galvanic device and you might be too. :-)

I was introduced to the Galvanic Spa II through my best friend Marla Maples. Marla has lots of integrity when it comes to beauty. She is on the cutting edge....nutritionally and product wise. You might have seen her recently in the press. Just look at her incredible natural beauty. Over the 16 years we have consulted each other and resisted the quick fixes and concentrated on natural products, meditation, eating well and drinking 9.5 water. (We drink Kangen water)

The Galvanic Spa refreshes and vitalizes my appearance. And many of you know how old my kids are....shhhhh. haha My fun motto is: "If it's good enough for Sophia Loren, it's good enough for me." Sophia is known to use  only galvanic current for many years to enhance her beauty. And gorgeous she is...

Please email or call my office to learn more about Nu Skin enterprises and how I can help you benefit from a closer connection with your inner and outer beauty. I'm also a distributor for the Kangen machine,  you can sign up for both of these things without purchasing...become a distributor, sell and then gain the products. If you want to just become a distributor at Nuskin. Click the site, click discover the opportunity, fill out the form. And you have a # to distribute and that is it. 

Resonate in earth's energy as beautifully as you can. The earth is full of bounty and blessings and they are yours by birthright.

In Oneness,
Tara Sutphen

P.S. What is Galvanic Current?

Druid Pact
August 8-9
Room still Available
under Druid Pact/Seminar key


Happy Lammas!

August 1

July 2008

Mystic Training July 26-27


Room still available
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June 2008

Lake Arrowhead Retreat
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Luminous Moon by Tara
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Summer Solstice in Finland by Sanna Vesterberg-Veikkari
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May 2008

Tara on the radio under MEDIA/PRESS

Tara's best friend Marla Maples to be honored w. Humanitarian Award

Mystic Training in Sedona - Creative Life Ctr
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April 2008

Beltaine under FEAST DAYS key

Client helps convict a murderer under THE DIG key

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