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I started the teen class not realizing that I'd had a Shamanic experience
with John of God eight months before...

I could say that one day it dawned on me to have a teen class, but it was much deeper than that in the beginning. There had been a few teenage deaths near to the hearts of my children and their friends. Bewildered and confused, I started answering a lot of questions from my experience with death, dying and the other side. Someday I would like to write further on this as I had many psychic experiences with the deceased and their families.

My goal is to build the self esteem and self confidence of our future generation; the upcoming guardians of our planet. Helping them realize their own personal power and psychic ability.

Each of us has psychic ability, an opening of intuition and gut reaction. What is that feeling about a person, place or thing? Is depression, futility, drugs or self destruction a denial of the inner voice? My class is learning to listen to the inner voice, knowing when to step forward in their lives and when to hold back...to wait for the right timing in all things: whether it is love, success, happiness, health, safety, wisdom or understanding.

My intent is to teach them to focus and hear not only others - but to hear themselves, and not only to see others - but to see themselves. Listening on a deeper level to see their daily motivation, activate their lifeforce, awakening curiousity in school, learning empathy, being centered and whole prosperous people.

We do take new students from time to time, you can email or call my assistant to inquire.




An Experience With John of God

By Tara Sutphen

After hearing for years about the renowned healer John of God, my son Hunter and I found ourselves in the position of being presented to him. He walked up to me, shook my hand and spoke in Portuguese. An interpreter translated his words to English. Hunter and I looked at each other with a "we've-been-activated" look.

I'll explain that in a moment, but in case you do not know the back story, let me share some information about this man they call a "living saint."

Joćo Teixeira da Faria was born in Brazil in 1942, and at age 16 an entity entered Joćo's body and performed a miraculous healing. After this experience, Joćo wandered Brazil offering healings to all he came in contact with. Then 27 years ago he established residence in the small village of Abadiania in remote, central Brazil and became known as John of God.

At this time, 34 different discarnate doctors can enter John's body and temporarily take control. "They are the ones who do the healing," he claims. Some of the doctors lived on earth in ancient times. Their entry the "incorporation" takes place in an instant. John's body jerks and he takes on the personality and even the eye color of the entity who inhabits him.

In a website article, Robert Pellegrino-Estrich says of John, "He will scrape away cataracts and eye tumors with a knife, remove breast cancers with a small incision and cause the crippled to walk with just the touch of his hand. In a meditation room a ceiling-high stack of crutches, wheelchairs and braces pays silent testimony to his success. He is acclaimed as the greatest healer of the past 2,000 years.

"The poor and the famous are equally welcome. The famous include actress Shirley Maclaine who was told she could never dance again until Joao cured her stricken legs caused by a tumor in her stomach. Thousands of written testimonies are filed in the office along with piles of newspaper clippings and personal letters of gratitude. It is estimated he has cured more than 15 million people in his 38 years of healing. Reports by scientists from all over the world support claims of miraculous healings of every malady known and unknown, including incurable cancers, lupus and AIDS. Many come with their white coats of skepticism, but all leave totally convinced that he is a genuine paranormal phenomenon of medicine."

And I want to point out that no one pays for John's treatments.

For the first time, John of God came to America---to Atlanta, GA over the weekend of April 1, 2006. The day we met him, he had flown in from Brazil. Hunter and I were attending this special meeting with my best friend Marla Maples. Also in attendance were her parents Ann and Stan, her grandfather Arnold, Joy Brown a local producer and psychic, and five more friends. One was a young MD with a rare form of cancer. He had been told he had a short time to live and had come to John to be healed..

John explained that he would like to offer more services to us (the surgeries), but America is strict about medical laws and he must obey the rules. He said we would see his real work in videos at the event which would start the next morning Sunday April 2. He then allowed us to look through a photo book filled with documents of healings from all over the world prominent people acknowledging his healing ability. We all enjoyed his gentle presence and ease.

I sat directly across from him, and I noticed that when he looked at me and his eyes rolled back a little, I felt tingles throughout my body. I watched him do the same thing to Hunter, and my son looked at me again with that knowing look. We have often worked with Fatima, a Brazilian healer Richard and I wrote about in "Soul Agreements" (Hampton Roads Publishing 2005). Fatima first released my kundalini and I have been activated to her energy ever since. So has Hunter who went on to take in-depth healing classes with her. Fatima told us that Hunter is one of the most natural healers she has ever taught. To this day, whenever Fatima is within a few hundred of feet of us, we become "activated."

Before the evening with John was over, he asked us to join him to meditate in the morning at 7 AM. We were to wear white and would sit near him in the "current" room. By sitting in deep meditation we would generate a strong healing current in which John would receive the 1500 people a day who will come to him over the following three days.

We had lost an hour to daylight savings time, so the idea of returning at 7 AM elicited a few groans over dinner. But Marla pointed out there isn't a schedule on healings. She said we needed a mind-set that said, "This is the time¾a time for healings." That statement played over and over in my mind throughout the weekend.

Before bed that night I decided to do some automatic writing with my spirit guide Abenda. I asked her to tell me about John of God:

Dearest Tara,
The path of magic and grace, you are walking forward in utter strength. You are being shown the way of your life, the newest gifts on your journey. You needed to come and clear out some body blocks, it's good for all humans to work on their physical health and well being. After all your body is the temple of your life and is to be treated well. It is only common sense for most humans to eat fresh and close to alive food for nutrients and refreshment.

We will work often with the energies such as John of God, the Compassionate. He has a very hard job this life. He is of service to hundreds and thousands. He is a gift to the earth plane and will continue to be for some years to come. He'll retire and there will be other healers who have learned his ways and energy strength. There was by far more healing done in those rooms without the surgeries than with....when faith is brought into the minds of man, there will be healing on all levels of mind, body, spirit. He is a kind and loving soul John is...he must be honored for such greatness, a Mother Teresa on another level, a devout human willing to make a difference. I find nothing wrong with John of God. I only see the wrong of men working to take the faith of healing away. It is the easiest form of belief for the body - Health. I recommend everyone tap into the belief, they can be well and stay well. The way to get their earth mission accomplished. What it will do for you - spark you into keeping up the adventure and magic. Same for Hunter. It is a wondrous gift - there are many more to come!
I Love You, Abenda

While in Atlanta, we stayed with close friend and medical intuitive Patti Conklin, who has often provided healing support to John of God in Brazil. We checked on Hunter. He was fast asleep, and Patti said his body was already "in process"¾meaning the magic of John's energy was already working upon Hunter's energy.

Taz, Patti's cat slept with me that night and for six hours she purred in my ear. Maybe she was basking in the John of God energy, but I got little sleep. I got up at what was 2 AM Los Angeles time, but my sleep deprivation was overridden by my excitement about the event I would be participating in.

At 7 AM In the current room, we sat to begin our vigil¾to pray with John of God as throngs of people arrived. So many were sick. They were worried. There was so much sadness. In addition to our group, many others prayed with us. The rules were a bit rigid as executed by John's handlers. They were demanding, and it broke the flow at times. But then there was John, naturally extending his healing energy to the hundreds and hundreds who came before him. He touched and greeted every person. Marla and I noticed that the instant the sick children entered the current room, they started to wail and cry. We witnessed this over and over again.

My job for the day, was to remain deep in meditation. I was not surprised when my spirit guide Abenda joined me. I had never seen her as I did this day. She was kneeling before a stone altar, golden light bathed the area and she was dressed in a gold mesh. She asked me to kneel beside her, explaining that she would help me to maintain the high vibration of John of God. We prayed and sorced like this for five and half hours. After lunch, we connected again with John, and concentrated upon our own emotional and physical healing.

At Patti's house in nearby Stone Mountain, GA that evening, she scanned me with her medical intuitive gift and said I was releasing out of my stomach. I had not told her I was working on the middle of my body. She is such a seer.

Hunter had Areata Universalis (a loss of all body hair) when we first met Patti. I had taken him to both Eastern and Western medical specialists, whose methods did little to alleviate the condition. We knew his glands were not working to optimum, and his blood needed to be cleansed. Patti did a cellular healing with us in the summer of 2003. Hunter improved dramatically. A few weeks later, I met Fatima Abates from Brazil. She came to Los Angeles every few months, and Hunter, Cheyenne and I attended her healing sessions. Today, Hunter has a full head of hair. We've recently joked with him about needing to get his back waxed because he is getting so fuzzy.

Since attending John of God's event. I have had dreams in which we are greeting children in the sunshine. He is touching them and I am smiling, happily going along. We are both dressed in white, as are the children. He turns to me every so often, looks into my eyes, touches my forehead and says, "Spiritus Sanctus." I feel truly blessed. Thank You and Bless You Dear John of God.



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