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Tara Sutphen C.C.H.T.
 Psychic & Hypnotherapist to the Stars
Tara Sutphen Ccht is the author of "Blame It On Your Past Lives", "Soul Agreements" and "The Abenda Chronicles", audio CD/Mp3 series: Metaphysical meditations, Life-Force Activation series, Temple of the Mystics series, Zappers and Sleep programming. Tara collaborated with an Emmy Award Winning Director and with her best friend Marla Maples on dvd's. Tara is a Master in the Psychic Sciences: Automatic Writing, Hypnotism, Sorcing, Palmistry, Psychometry, Handwriting Analysis, Esoteric Astrology, Shamanism, & Mysticism.

Tara has her own radio show on
http://ctrnetwork.com/profile/TaraSutphenHOST The show airs live in Seattle and it can be heard on the web. She is President of Awakening Spiritual Unity, a non-profit Corporation of an Alaska Tribes Project by the Tribal Elders/Leaders -- The Mission of this organization is to help re-establish wellness, wholeness, and dignity in accordance with our traditional ancestor's teachings to all our relations who are suffering in mind, body or spirit. We are all related, the healing of one promotes the healing of all. 

Tara was raised in the San Francisco Bay area and Anchorage, Alaska. Psychic awareness began at infancy, she underwent two surgeries, one lasting for seven and half hours and another surgery a few weeks later. From that time on she was cognitive of everyday life where they lived on a pretty lake and she could remember past lives. Her father would rock her to sleep most nights as she would try to explain where she had been before. Than as an eight year old she was involved in an accident that lead to another near death experience in a hospital operating room. There she saw the bright guiding light of God and her spirit guide, Abenda consciously talking and telling her to return to earth to work together.

Following high school, she went to work for British Petroleum on the Alaska Pipeline above the Arctic Circle. She saved money to buy a house and returned to California where she worked as a model for the Adrian Agency in Pasadena, and in the movie industry for Warner/Columbia at Burbank Studios.

Moving to Malibu, California in 1983 and during her ownership of Malibu Shaman, Tara wanted to learn more about the subjects she loved most -- horses, art, hypnosis and metaphysics. She had a chance to study and research many books and modalities. She took University classes in equine science, studied for three years at the Brentwood Art Center, and continued privately with Palmist/Seer Helene Kayal, Famous Metaphysical Author Jess Stearn, and Shaman Astrologer Barbara May. Tara had natural talent for all things psychic and she was soon devoting full time to these abilities. Today, she often demonstrates her abilities in professional trainings, and has written articles for national magazines.

Tara's CD's/Mp3's are among the most popular in the Valley of the Sun line and at MoonSorce. She has often used automatic writing in the books, Earthly Purpose (Pocket Books) and With Your Spirit Guide's Help (Valley of the Sun, 1998). Her "Cause & Effect" column was a regular feature in Soaring Spirit magazine. Using automatic writing, Tara communicated with her spirit guide Abenda, who set up ethereal connections for readers asking questions -- connections that have been verified by the questioners time and time again.

Tara is in private practice and conducts seminars, teen/adult -- retreats, classes and workshops. She instructs a Teen Psychic Class every week, one of the only classes like it in the world. In September 2016, Tara was Guru Dev's Personal Psychic Reader and Entourage. Guru Dev is a Modern Saint in the Sikh Tradition. She makes appearances at festivals and TV such as Millionaire Matchmaker, Henry Tyler, the Hollywood Medium, Home Cleaners, Mind Body Spirit (England & Australia), Holistic Health & Healing (Ireland) Whole Life Expo (USA), and for organizations such as The Healing Heart (New Zealand) The Learning Annex (USA), Conscious Children’s Network (USA). Tara has recently completed the first grant for Alaska ASU, a world project she hopes will lead to integration within us all.

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