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I have known Tara Sutphen for almost twenty years, first meeting her as a student in one of her classes. She is an excellent teacher, a skilled hypnotherapist, a gifted shamanic healer and an all-round kind, generous and wonderful person. I continue to consult her for shamanic insights and for healing purposes. I have spent thirty years working with great shamans, and Tara Sutphen is the "real deal." Mark Plotkin, Ph.D., L.H.D. President Amazon Conservation Team amazonteam.org

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    I received my first Abenda channeling in June of 2002 which impressed me as to its' validity. Abenda contacted my maternal grandmother in spirit,who passed on 5/19/1929 at the age of 21 years. The confirming factor was her name Letitia which is quite uncommon,let alone, her description of her appearance which matched the time period when she was here in the physical plane. Tara and Abenda have an unusual ability to work in both the physical ,and spiritual planes, to assist those who need confirmation of loved ones on the other side,also,karmic connections from past lifetimes. Thanks once again, Dick Buchanan

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    Tara’s caring compassionate nature coupled with her physic ability have been invaluable in my life. I highly recommend her sorcing/healing/psychic sessions. Tara and her spirit guide Abenda consistently shine light in my path.

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    I have been going to Tara Sutphen for psychic therapy for years and she has changed my life forever. Its the best investment I ever made. Without my weekly sessions and her guide Abenda's advice I'd be lost. Tara truly is a godsend only God could send! ~Patti Stanger - The Millionaire Matchmaker


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