It is with wisdom and mercy we carry compassion to reinforce the hope of change and growth for ourselves and for others. ~Tara Sutphen

Awakening Spiritual Unity

 Alaska Tribes Non-Profit Organization

For centuries, the Indian way was to seek balance and harmony among the natural elements of their culture. With change they became displaced and traumatized, failing health and social issues in their communities suggest a need to re-establish mental and physical wellness. According to studies 1 in 5 Alaska Natives and American Indians have chronic health problems.  More than 4 to 10 American Indians and Alaska Natives have no access to IHS – Indian Health Services and without learning the risks of bad behaviors to avoid or which lifestyle changes to make to lower risk of disease and personal failure. Awakening Spiritual Unity, an Alaska Native based organization would like to educate the people on what behaviors to avoid as well as lifestyle changes toward embracing healthy traditions for themselves and their families. Working toward sound body, mind and spirit ensures educational focus, safety conscious communities and employment opportunities and success. 

Mission Statement
Awakening Spiritual Unity is made up of Alaska Natives and American Indians who believe that healing Alaska Native people must come from the people themselves rather than from those who have not “walked in our moccasins”.  We are a group who offer healing to those seeking healing by various holistic methods. The mission of this organization is to help re-establish wellness, wholeness and dignity in mind, body and spirit. We are all related. The healing of one promotes the healing of all.


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Awakening Spiritual Unity


Board Members:






Tara Sutphen


Tara Sutphen CCHT is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She's known as a "Way Clearer" to reprogram behavior, fears and limiting beliefs.

A Master in the Psychic Sciences, Tara's abilities have been documented since 1981. She is a Clairaudient, Clairvoyant and Clairsentient and her Automatic Writing with her Spirit Guide Abenda is recognized throughout the world.

Tara is celebrated for her Books, CD's, Dvd's and Radio Show as well as her Therapy, Gatekeeping, Psychometry, Sorcing, Handwriting Analysis, Esoteric Astrology (Eastern & Western), Soothe Saying, Palmistry, Tarot, Psychic Tracking, Shamanism, and Mysticism.

Tara is in private practice, offering therapy for depression, change, lack of change, reconnection with spirituality, health, purpose, success, goals, money, love, and learning -- for singles, teens, parents and/or marriage counseling. Tara is also available for psychic and channeled readings, Astrology and lessons on any of the modalities she studied. She conducts seminars, workshops, Shamanistic Rituals and Blessings.












Inez L. Larsen Ph.D. - Vice President

I am a child of the Killer Whale House, eagle
moiety, in Alaska, I am also a member of Kluane First Nation Killer Whale clan,
Wolf moiety in Canada. I have five children, ten grandchildren and two

Dr. Larsen is a clinical psychologist, Reiki Master and hypnotherapist.   She is a member of Kluane First Nation (KFN) of Canada and Tlingit and Haida Tribes of Alaska.  She is Vice-President of Awakening Spiritual Unity.  Dr. Larsen introduced the Gathering of Native Americans (GONA) to 42 substance abuse programs she monitored for Indian Health Service.   Dr. Larsen was a clinical supervisor for SAMSHA funded programs in Alaska.  She coordinated national conferences addressing substance abuse, domestic violence, suicide, HIV/AIDS and Indian Child Welfare.

Dr. Larsen works about 20 hours per month on ASU issues such as prevention programs for youth and healing methods for youth and adults. She will participate in cultural and traditional healing events promoting wellness and healthy lifestyles.






Sonia M. Vent - Secretary

Sonia Vent was born and raised in Huslia, in interior Alaska.  For the first 6 years of her life she lived a traditional lifestyle with her parents and younger siblings trapping and fishing on the land. She trained as a Physician Assistant.  She also trained as an apprentice in Healing Touch and traditional medicine.  She donates approximately 10 hours a week to ASU as Secretary/Treasurer and coordinating fundraising events.  She believes that ASU has much to offer by way of helping the Alaskan native population find their own healing through specialized wellness gatherings.







Vonice Larsen Bailey - President

Vonice Irene Larsen Bailey, I am a daughter, sister, auntie, wife, mother, and as of December 12, 2014 officially a grandmother. I embrace all these titles with honor and feel privileged to have them. My parents are Leverrett and Inez Larsen through them I am blessed with Tlingit, Scottish, and Scandinavian heritage. Through my parents I have a foot in two worlds and countries. Through my mother I am Eagle Killer Whale on the American side of the border and Wolf Killer Whale on the Canadian side. I am a member of Kluane First Nation and love to spend time at Kluane Lake. I am a student of life enjoying the process of learning about people and the world. I have gained knowledge through listening to elders, attending school, and listening. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Georgia Southern University and MBA specializing in public administration from Northcentral University.

My natural empathic and intuitive abilities began in childhood, due to social stigma and a perception of danger; my grandmother said that these abilities must be kept secret. I became a Reiki healer nearly twenty years ago. In the past twenty years with a change in societal conditions, I can openly share these gifts. I have been active with charitable organizations and honor societies since my youth: Native American Club, Gamma Beta Phi, Honoring Our Wisdom Keepers, Anchorage Tribes of Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska, and Mat-Su Vintage Racing. Within the various organizations, Ihave served as President, Co-chair, secretary, treasurer, and team builder. I believe it is important to be a team builder and give service to the community. I believe in accepting people where they are at and building them up. By building people up we can facilitate healing and make our world a better place.

Board Members:
Phoebe Proudfoot
Ila McKay


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