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Clouds come from time to time
and bring man a chance to rest
from looking at the moon
Matsuo Basho

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Moon Incantation

By Tara Sutphen

As I stand before you Moon

I am in your spot light

As your beams cast me in your glow

Hear me, See me, Feel me, Know me

I feel the earth beneath my feet

And the power of this time

I stand on Gold Coins

I open my hands to receive

In Beauty I am

In Health I am

In Wisdom I am

In Love I am

In Money I am

In accomplishing I am

In Success I am

In Understanding I am

In Higher Knowledge I am

In Happiness I am

In Trust I am

My Body, Mind and Spirit are in tune with my life

Balance, Fortitude, Courage, Endurance, Trust

I go where True Love goes

I go where I Accomplish

I go where I Flourish

I go where I am Strong

I go easily into my Destiny

I stand upon gold coins on the earth