Love Spell by Tara Sutphen

2 Red Candles
 Choose a candle for you & the other candle is for your Beloved (Known or Not Known)
Wand (optional)

Repeat after me
 I Bequeath My Heart for Thy Love
Pour drops of wax into your Beloveds candle
Repeat after me
 I Call Forth My Beloved
Pour drops of wax from Beloveds candle to your candle
Repeat after me
 Ebodiment of True Love, Come to Me
 Epitome of Real Love, Come to Me
 Beloved, Beloved, Be the Ideal
 Connection of The Souls
Wave your hand clockwise over the candles (creating movement)
Repeat after me
 I Cast Intent, I Mark It, I Beseech It, I Ask It and So It Is……
Point your finger or wand -North

Overcoming Loneliness Spell

Overcoming Loneliness Spell

1 white candle
1 mirror
1 wand (optional)

Look into the mirror and say aloud each sentence

I,my name, open myself to receive goodwill from others
I, in turn, deem goodwill on others
I know to listen, I know to speak
I ask questions
I am without judgement
I, in turn, deem compassion
I know when to say yes or no in all situations
I set out to be a friend, as well as make friends
I recognize my worthiness in the mirror

Point North
I Cast Intent, I deserve friendships

Success Spell

Success Spell

2 Gold Candles
(Gold = Real Money)

Wand (optional)

Repeat after Me

I, your name, will unblock my path to success
I will build my confidence
I will dream real dreams
I will voice my solutions
I will take necessary steps to make my dreams a reality

Drip one candle into each other

Point North – saying:

I Cast Intent – I Deserve Success


Release Spell

1 white candle

repeat after me

I release confusion from my mind
I release ailments
I release complaints
I release issues surrounding love
I release issues surrounding prosperity
I release guilt
I release sorrow
I release doubt
I release disquiet deep within
I release all confusion
I release intellectualizing
I release justifying
I release resistance
I release procrastination
I release laziness

Place left hand over heart & raise right hand upward to higher elevated consciousness of the God Light. In your Crown Chakra: Feel the Divine Download Healing lIght coming from the great source of being to your Mind, Body & Spirit filling you with replenishment & rejuvenation.

Progress forward with Ease & Grace


Clear Mind Spell
1 mirror
1 white candle
1 Crown for your head, leaves from any tree (tape/tie branches)
Light the candle
stand before the mirror (northward)
place the crown on your head
repeat the words:
From the Tree of Life, I create clear mind –
Clear Thoughts
Clear Expression
Clear Heart
Clear Actions
I Live without Fear
I Live with Love
I Live with Peace
I Love….
I Ask it, Beseech it, Mark it and So it is….

New Years Spell

New Years Spell

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