Soul Agreements

Soul Agreements, Tara Sutphen
ISBN: 9781571744425
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
192 pages
April 25, 2005

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Re-create your destiny

While in spirit, before you were born, you wrote a script for your life on earth that included soul agreements establishing your relationships with your parents, lovers, children, and others who would affect your life in meaningful ways. Your career directions were planned out, as well as the major challenges you would encounter. This karmic road map was programmed at a soul level and can be examined by psychic Tara Sutphen.

Explored is the concept of destiny through romantic relationships. In Soul Agreements the investigations expand to a variety of cases: a woman born with a severe disability; a couple who came together to experience tragedy; and others who incarnated to be famous, or influential, or to become healers.

Once you understand how soul agreements work, Tara teaches how to make the most of your destiny. The more self-actualized you are, the less likely you will be adversely affected by negative life experiences. This awareness shows you how to best override fate and create your own reality of love and success.


Tara Sutphen is the author of Blame it on Your Past Lives, The Abenda Chronicles, and Many meditation CDs. One quarter Blackfoot Indian, she draws upon her Native American roots to specialize in shamanistic and occult techniques such as vision quests, automatic writing, and astrology.


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Blame it On Your Past Lives


Blame it On Your Past Lives

by Tara Sutphen

Your Past Lives Are Often Responsible For Your Present Problems. 

Tara Sutphen has developed automatic writing into an art. With the assistance of her spirit guide Abenda, she answers questions of troubled seekers who write to her for help. After many years of spirit contact, she can point to an astounding track record of proven accuracy. 

In Blame It On Your Past Lives, she shares real letters from troubled people and the spirit-world responses relating present-day suffering to a past-life cause. To obtain the information, Abenda calls in other spirit guides or the deceased loved ones or friends of the person seeking awareness.

Among the replies, you will find inspiration and wisdom that can be applied to your own situation. Some will make you smile, many will bring tears to your eyes. The communications will help you better understand the long-term karmic effects of your own words and deeds, while providing hope for resolving your own problems through expanded and spiritual awareness. 

Tara also provides advice and detailed instructions on how to do automatic writing using her powerful techniques. 

Tara lives in Malibu, California with her two horses and two dogs.

Cover Photo/Art: Jason D. McKean

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The Abenda Chronicles - Volume 1 1992-1997


The Abenda Chronicles

Volume 1 - 1992-1997

By Tara Sutphen

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This is volume I of the letters Tara Sutphen has made public over a long journey exploring Automatic writing and the worlds of the spirits.  This first volume covers 1992-1997.

From the author's introduction:

"The Abenda Chronicles have become a reflective journey. Tara didn’t know when she started exploring Automatic Writing it would lead her and Abenda into being conduits of heaven and earth. Tara set out to find a solution to a problem, and be curious. Why did she have to experience certain events, enjoyed or endured. She realized time-honored questions stay relatively the same,
everyone worries about many of the same things. Often soul questions have timeless answers. Everyone would like their earth-expedition to be a thoughtful and pleasant one. But it seems all of us are to be at a specific somewhere in time with a schedule of destiny or fate. Good or Bad.
These letters were printed publicly, the first pages of allowing the world to see Tara's psychic-medium ability. Abenda and Tara are still promoting psychic phenomena and supernatural answers. There is quite a track record now as Tara offers these beginning letters… "

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