moonchampagne-strawberries-on-mo-river-004“Every day has been so short, every hour so fleeting, every minute so filled with the life I love that time for me has fled on too swift a wing.”
 ~Aga Khan II

 Tara Sutphen



I have been going to Tara Sutphen for psychic therapy for years and she has changed my life forever. Its the best investment I ever made. Without my weekly sessions and her guide Abenda's advice I'd be lost. Tara truly is a godsend only God could send! ~Patti Stanger - The Millionaire Matchmaker


       I received my first Abenda channeling in June of 2002 which impressed me as to its' validity.
       Abenda contacted my maternal grandmother in spirit,who passed on 5/19/1929 at the age of 21 years.
       The confirming factor was her name Letitia which is quite uncommon,let alone, her description of her appearance which matched the time period when she was here in the physical plane.
        Tara and Abenda have an unusual ability to work in both the physical ,and spiritual planes, to assist those who need confirmation of loved ones on the other side,also,karmic connections from past lifetimes.
                   Thanks once again,
                     Dick Buchanan

  • I have known Tara Sutphen for almost twenty years, first meeting her as a student in one of her classes. She is an excellent teacher, a skilled hypnotherapist, a gifted shamanic healer and an all-round kind, generous and wonderful person. I continue to consult her for shamanic insights and for healing purposes. I have spent thirty years working with great shamans, and Tara Sutphen is the "real deal." Mark Plotkin, Ph.D., L.H.D. President Amazon Conservation Team


"Tara has consistently been an intense and effective spiritual guide and inspiration to me and others I've witnessed.  In conducting spiritual meditations, she unfalteringly invokes vivid visualizations and connections to the other side that have meaningful relevance to peoples' lives and answers that are being sought.  I've seen her guidance and its delivery carry an otherworldly serenity that consistently draws wonderment from the groups she works with."
:o)   Phil Parmenter
      Fountain Hills, Arizona


Working with Tara
Hi, my name is Lynnette.  My husband Bob and I started working with Tara.  We have attended many, many seminars through the years always loving Tara’s work.  When we heard Tara was doing personal counseling we decided to take our exploration to a more personal level and work directly with her.
 I had been struggling with an issue, which caused me a great deal of anguish.  I felt people especially loved ones just didn’t hear me.  It really made me buy into feelings of low self-esteem.  I felt mute many times because I was afraid to speak.  I needed to find my voice and speak my truth without reservation.
As we worked together each week, I found such comfort and assurance in activating and connecting with my higher self, guides and masters.  I love to feel the sentinels around me and to experience the healers working within me.
I have begun to use many of the phrases Tara uses in my everyday life.  When anxiousness and apprehension cloud my mind, I hear my inner voice saying “CALM AND PEACEFUL, RELAXED AND AT EASE” and immediately the mental chatter calms.  My self-talk has taken on a more loving and supportive feeling.   Hooray!
 The most interesting fact we discovered was that actually those around me not only heard me but also listened to me on a very deep level.  I began to feel the love of my family and friends and acknowledge that I was truly being heard.
 We continue to activate me each week and I now realize my truth is valuable.  I have begun to internally ask for the right words to come when speaking with others.  I want to be led to say the right thing…the thing that the other person really needs to hear.
 Tara’s loving support and guidance has changed my life.  I am calmer and feel more grounded because of the work we have done.
Thanks Tara,
Lynnette Fusaro
Sacramento, California


“Straight from the heart, connected with the soul” that’s how I’d like to describe Tara in short. Her mere presence has a warm effect on the ambiance she finds herself in and when the eyes meet, a feeling of recognition becomes of you. At least that is my experience.

The fact that Tara is a quarter Blackfoot Indian may well explain her connectivity to the Universe and her ability to tune in with the universal energy of individuals that connects us all.

- Camille van Gestel – The Netherlands


"Tara Sutphen is not only beautiful on the outside but her insights are just as awesome...she is someone to really know.  Anything Tara touches is magical" 
- Toni Attel
Professor at USC-School of Film and Television, Chapman College, UCLA Extension, author of the stand-up comedy book for kids of all ages "Just Kidding" - Los Angeles, California


"Having known Tara Sutphen for some 18 years now, I can attest to several things. There are few people in this world that are as kind and loving as this talented healer. Her depth of spirituality is unsurpassed. Her connections to world's and life beyond this one that we know are truly inspirational. I have and will continue to turn to her for guidance in many areas of my life."
- Kelly Ann Moore
Founder & Artistic Director
The Roundtable Ensemble, Ltd.
New York, New York


"Tara's insight, patience and accuracy with me/my life still gives me comfort years after my reading with her.  Her talents are truly amazing."

- Melanie Roberts, GA


"I would be most happy to say, I have met Tara a number of times, She is a great teacher, and makes every one around her feel warm and maybe even fuzzy--even when they do not feel that way."

-Clara Gemmet,
 Placerville, California


"Tara Sutphen is one of the most gifted Metaphysicians I've ever met.  I've known her for 33 years and from the very beginning, she showed promise and then proved that promise was real.  What is important about Tara is that she helps others to improve their lives in a realistic manner.  She's down to earth, while touching the stars with her fingertips, thus inspiring others to do the same."
- Barbara May
Astrologer & Shaman
Sun City, California


I took the Mystic Training class with Tara in Sedona a couple of years ago and I have been experiencing a magical life ever since.  I opened up and connected to my abilities on a much larger scale and learned to trust what I receive.  I was able to connect with my Spirit Guides and am now operating my own Energy Balancng Center.  I know that it is Spirit that works through me to offer healing to others through sound, scent, and crsytal energy work.  I am guided to use certain stones and I follow that guidance.  I give information if the recipient is open to receiving it and I trust that information.  I am sure that this is my path and would have eventually advanced to this level because I feel like I am part of the "shift" taking place in the Universe.  However, I am so thankful to Tara for assisting me on my path.  She is truly an incredible teacher.  Thank you Tara.

In Light, Love and Healing Energy,
 Mai Drake-Calev


I was hoping you might convey to Tara how very much I appreciated talking with her earlier.
Probably not an understatement to say I have been vibrating like a ringing Tibetan Bowl since we concluded the
reading…Wonderful! Thanks for the cordial email exchanges…you all will be hearing from me in the near future.

Rick Redcay


I had the extraordinary opportunity to work directly with Tara in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Although this is a huge understatement and goes without saying, Tara is an extremely gifted Psychic. I was amazed at how accurate she was with events surrounding my life as well as those who are close to me.
 Almost effortlessly, Tara guided me into an altered state and then proceeded to introduce me to my Spirit Guide. Later, during another deep hypnotic session, we were able to confirm my Spirit Guides’ name and how she is tied to me.
 Tara has a mystically charming way about her and throughout our enlightening conversations, I felt as though I was catching up with a long lost friend. I knew there was something very special about Tara the very first time we met. She is a gift, and if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her, do not hesitate. Tara can only enhance your life.
 I’m really looking forward to our next session.
Christopher Wilkinson
North Carolina
PS - Please exercise caution, though - she’ll also melt your heart


Hi Tara,
 I hope this email reaches you. I wanted to tell you how thoroughly I adored the seminar and would love to do another one in the future so I absolutely will keep my eyes posted on the schedule for the coming year.  I think your "people skills" as well as your psychic abilities are most impressive.
To give you a little chuckle, as you may recall, during the
final or Akashic record meditation, I had a vision of a book with atriangle, Eye of Horus, and ankh on the cover.  With this in mind, on our trip to California a couple of weeks later, I purchased a small statue of Horus at the Rosicrucian-Egyptian Museum in San Jose. When we were going
through security, I got pulled out of line.  The inspector made a beeline for the box in my carry-on with the statue of Horus inside and subjected it to those tests to make sure it wasn't a bomb.  Afterwards, he said that Horus made a "very interesting" picture on the x-ray equipment!!  If I ever have a need to travel with Horus again, I'll put him on the conveyer belt
uncovered before my shoes go through.
I also wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying the CDs & Mp3s. They help keep the momentum and spirit of the seminar going for me until the next time, and it is so comforting to hear your voice. Again, thanks for the wonderful experience in Sedona, and hope the rest of your year is filled with joy.

Regards, Leslie

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